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    January 8, 2013, a day that will go down in history
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  1. Hey RandA where have you been?

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    2. Aiel Heart

      Aiel Heart

      Ah reddit. Haven't been sucked into that void yet, though I am on it.

      Out of college, got a job, looking for one that will be a better fit right now. Life :P

    3. RandA lThor

      RandA lThor

      Haha sorry, I didn't get a notification for this :P And hehehehe, I have a bad feeling it'll get to you eventually, that's what happened to me, and now I'm a mod of a sub with over 600k+ subscribers :| RIP my free time


      And oh nice! What are you working in right now?

    4. Aiel Heart

      Aiel Heart

      Well I'm a staff member here, so that's where my free time goes now :P Which sub?


      The autism field; applying at the various centers that do therapies and such

  2. I'm in a better mood today. I'll be a back-up especially if it takes over a week or twi to fill up. Thanks Arsis!
  3. Sorry To hear that Lenlo, and I know you meant re-signing but it looked like resign-ing. :P
  4. Arsis has been given the character Joffrey Baratheon. Role: PR - Make everyone pissed off at you and hate you.
  5. The setup is created for 24, so that would be nice... I guess if enough people wouldn't join at all then I would shorten it. Do you want to sign up? Probably not. Hit me up if you shorten it or if it's nearly full and I'll think about it. I don't like sitting around in sign ups for giant games anymore unless it's a game I 100% know I'm going to enjoy (usually just DPR games). Can I put you as a backup for now then? Just so I remember.
  6. The setup is created for 24, so that would be nice... I guess if enough people wouldn't join at all then I would shorten it. Do you want to sign up?
  7. Hey everyone, welcome to Game of Thrones mafia! Rules 1. Please do not post outside this thread or designated QTs for the mafia game. If for some reason you feel like you absolutely have to use an outside method, please let me know ahead of time and let me approve, and then add me to the communication. 2. Day phase will last for 3 days, day 1 will last a little longer, night phase will last for 1 day. 3. No personal attacks and all that stuff related to it. Everything in a mafia game should be mafia related. Differing playstyles and playstyle discussion is OK as long as they are both kept within the reasonable boundaries of mafia. If you feel like either something is happening to you which oversteps these, or you want to post something that may border these, please ask me/let me know and I will handle it. 4. Character and role claims are allowed. Your funeral. 5. Storyline will not go beyond the TV Show so that spoilers will be avoided. If you are in the middle of Game of Thrones currently, some of the flavor or roles may spoil some things for you, so beware and finish watching GoT fast. :P 6. Please submit all night actions to me in your role PM, unless you have a QT, in which case you can choose either. 7. This will be a Rand hammer game. If someone hammers, that is final, unvotes and votes won't be counted. However, if no hammer is reached by the deadline, then one of the 3 top players with the most votes will be randomly lynched. If there are any ties with 3rd place, all those people will be included in the pool as well. 8. Editing of posts is allowed. However, I advise those of you suspicious of edits to follow the game, receive e-mail notifications, so that if anyone edits out anything important, you'll see and call them out on it. So edit at your own risk. 9. Some questions will get a PAFO, some questions won't. Feel free to ask. 10. You can't quote what I said in PMs or in QTs, no sharing QTs, no screenshots of roles, and other stuff that are generally bad like that. You can paraphrase though (you can also use the same words I said, just don't quote them or screenshot them). 11. One dead "bah" post is allowed, no game related content there. 12. The voting and unvoting tags are as follows. These must be used for your vote to count. You do not need to unvote before voting. [v]name[/v] [unvote] 13. Have fun! 1. Hally 2. Dawn 3. 4. Pral 5. Key 6. Tress 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. Backups 1. Nolder 2. Arsis 3.
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