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  1. Relevant username :P lmaoooo Also as a Niners fan, that was the most BS OPI call ever, wtf
  2. There's a bracket tournament where one of each pairing advances. The faction that ends up as the winner of the whole bracket wins the game. The only thing is that scum sets the brackets each night. Also, at the end of d1, scum can take two winners of the bracket, replace them with one loser, which kills both winners and removes them from the game permanently. They also can kill one loser permanently. The rest of the 7 players will remain in the game, and help contribute to who wins the brackets. There's 2 mafia, and 1 symp, along with 7 vanilla town.
  3. Never seem something like this, I'm interested, sign me up! Also first!
  4. The Bills D-line is still fairly nasty now that they're back into a 4-3. They have some solid LBs too, I think the majority of their problems begin in the secondary. On the other hand on offense, they have a great offensive line with Glenn/Incognito/Wood. Pass catchers, especially without Matthews is a problem, but McCoy and Taylor is huge for their running game, not to mention their dual FBs with Tolbert (solid FB weapon, but that only) and DiMarco (best run blocking FB in the league). Dolphins match them fairly well on the D-line, I'd say a little weaker on LBs, but def stronger in the secondary. They also have a great RB in Ajayi, but their OL is more of a ?. Better pass catchers, and better passing QB though. I think Bills and Dolphins finish with a very similar year, not trash, but not wildcard either.
  5. I'm running an aliens game on sg soon so you better play! Sign me up!
  6. Pls. I want to sign up to make one, but the queue looks sooooo long
  7. I was so close with rand lol. And I was so close with youuu, but then Darthe spew, and my 2nd guessing moved me off :( <3 Looking forward to playing with you too, you did a great job establishing that town bloc.
  8. Should be noted that Darthe was voting SK for a good portion of the day after Ben and Nyn were there. Opportunistic? Bussing? It had been discussed at length how SK doesn't really get involved D1 by the previous two so I could see the vote as both ways. Granted SK voted Darthe as well and switched to Rand later, which was fine at the time since he ensured he wasn't the lead wagon. Rand's flip is important to that the theory though. Also lol if the entire scum team is the non-voters. Not as much spread here. Two of the current POE helped to lynch Hallia and Rand is off the wagon. I'm gonna need to go back to his reason for voting SK over Hallia - could've been a clean hands play, especially if his partner was already voting Hallia. The clean hands thing makes sense, but I'm wondering if there are only two mafia left, do they risk going all in on one lynch to make sure it's not one of them? :( Sorry, I hope you feel better
  9. Lmao I'm dying. Not gonna lie though, that Pats-Chiefs game felt so sweet to watch.
  10. Also, I'm going to knock out soon, but I'll be available again tomorrow.
  11. No one should've taken this bet lol, pretty much between him and Dice for today, which seems like the general consensus as well. However, Dice's sudden surge in activity as opposed to Lenlo's surge but after he said he was going to be a little less active for a little bit, plus PoE, and I'm going to go towards Dice for today. [v]Dice[/v] I have to say, I'm suspicious of how your reads all of a sudden came in line with the town consensus. I feel like town!Rand would buckle down on his reads, even if they weren't matching up with what other people in the thread were saying. That's how you acted last game, right up until the moment you were lynched. I think the only read that I changed on was SK, and I gave solid reasoning for that. Trust me, I was surprised as anyone else to read up to the point where you guys were giving reads and see almost literally the exact same reads I have (though I think Im a bit more sus on Nyn than others). pls I mean, just because my scum hunting aligns with your guys' doesn't mean its not scum hunting D'awww. In all seriousness though, there are going to be games where my reads aren't against the grain and just happen to be in the consensus. I just try not to take others' reads for granted and make my own, this time, after my reread, it just so happened to coincide with a lot of other people's.
  12. done any reasons besides inactivity? Yes. Care to elaborate? Id like to point out that my 'activity surge' came right after my DC tour day, which I notified people of in advance. So its less a surge of activity and more that prior commitments had been completely. Considering atleast someone has been voting me for the majority of this game, using an uptick in activity isnt that smartest thing imo. Id wager the same for Dice, cept hes abit more sporadic about when hes active than I am. Yup, and I mentioned that, which is why I'm voting Dice ahead of you. You told us of our inactivity, whereas Dice's activity, although afaik, had nothing outside to influence that, has been that exactly of a lurky wolf.
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