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  1. @Zander? lets see this week Greenbay 28 beat 49ers 27 Next week? PACKERS WIN AGAIN!!!!!!!!! GO PACKERS!!
  2. We spent NYE playing D&D until 4am so far this year is summed up in one word Bushfires. There everywhere causing havok and we are about to hit the hot month of summer I go back to work on monday
  3. Warning Ive survived Tay AND Mysty for 17 years or so and Zander for like what 6? Careful what game u decide to drag me into.
  4. Youd think "Mr HEAD HONCHO would remember the RAL postion at least ONCE!!! RAL is Red Arm Leader it comes 4th on the position chart and is kinda a half step above CG. You wanna Joust? Read at LEAST the first 3 books and we are good to go. its too hard to try and limit questions to one book The Cav are the GREATEST Regiment!!! drops mic
  5. A Rapier?? pssshh! tosses the Rapier in the garbage pile and grabs a Broadsword from beside Bunyans saddle attacks Zander falling into Boar rushes down the mountain
  6. if u let him know then i shouldnt have to take it up with him... let me rephrase that to BETTER not...
  7. Actually I inhabit the CG role not the RA role. But I AM the RAL LEADER of the redarms but no the Cavs RA
  8. somewhere chanting begins, backed by the joyful neighing of horses "Riva Riva Riva Riva Riva Riva RIVA RIVA RIVA RIVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  9. yeah cause it ounds just like the noises 2mth old babies make....
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