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  1. Welcome Liitha, our newest SS member. In case folks weren't aware, the Shadowspawn is the elite of Shayol Ghul, where only the cool kids hang. We created the other 2 factions just to have something to play with, and they've performed admirably in that role. So, yeah. Welcome, Liitha. Let the spam continue.
  2. I used to play a long time ago (when it came out in 1996). I played on and off for years after that, and just haven't found a group to play with. I sold my cards to buy Pokemon cards for my son, who now barely plays that anymore (grrrrr). So, yeah. I love MTG. I just don't play anymore.
  3. I laughed way harder than I should have, but damn....what a cat pic, lol.
  4. Yo! Long time, no WoW raiding, lol. Welcome back!
  5. I'm in. Wait....what are we talking about again?
  6. Attention: it's my fault. Darthe asked me where the mafia board was and in a moment of weakness I told him about the Clubs. I will repay each of you the sums of money deposited into my account for getting rid of Darthe.
  7. I didn't submit that, it was Sooh. She did it while I was camping. Nyn was ok with me D1, so I typically don't shoot people ok with me, lol. My D1 kills are usually people looking to suss me early on. Fair point.
  8. Gotcha. Sometimes it is difficult to figure out whether you're making a joke at my expense, or just being silly.
  9. Nah, no worries. I just thought I was missing something, that's all. Super tiny mistake in the scheme of things, Hallia. I was getting lynched almost definitely at that point, it was a last gasp for me that would have ended the same as it did. All good. ❤️
  10. No, I'm talking about the viewing on you by Crusher. Speaking of reading posts.....heh.
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