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  1. I think I sort of forgot about posting for a while. Anybody home?
  2. I heard a rumor...that this show was pretty good. 😉
  3. lol your profile gif is epic. I may have to use it!

  4. Blast from the past, what's up?
  5. Tomato is botanically a fruit, but nutritionally a vegetable. Same thing with green beans, actually. I guess it depends on who's making the argument, heh.
  6. I've actually started playing Fortnite once in a while with my son and his buddies, they enjoy when I'm yelling about not being able to build stupid walls and why the game sucks compared to PUBG. Apparently I'm amusing to children. ? Not sure if good or bad (or both).
  7. heh - it is a video game, Lii @Krakalakachkn - he plays Fortnite unfortunately, so I play with some of my old college friends (emphasis is sadly on "old")
  8. I need someone to give me those 10 minutes of my life back.
  9. Welcome Liitha, our newest SS member. In case folks weren't aware, the Shadowspawn is the elite of Shayol Ghul, where only the cool kids hang. We created the other 2 factions just to have something to play with, and they've performed admirably in that role. So, yeah. Welcome, Liitha. Let the spam continue.
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