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  1. You don't need to apologize, he was being the jerk. I've edited his posts and the ones where he was quoted. @DemandredFO an apology to Maedelin would be a solid idea, as the comment was quite literally a movie quote and in no way offensive.....even in context of the movie.
  2. Some beach house vaca stuff here and there, but other than that just business as usual.
  3. Give it a little time 😉 The closer we get to the show, the more excitement will be around and folks will flock back to chat about it.
  4. My condolences, AJ, very sorry to hear that. 😞
  5. Ohh, I was on vacation last week in St. Lucia at an all-inclusive resort, and I drank a metric f-ton of these, lol.
  6. They taste like skittles, just sayin'.
  7. When single, it sucks. When dating, it's awesome. When newly married, still pretty solid. When married for a long time, it's just another day with an obligation to buy flowers, lol.
  8. Only 1 thing on my list: Continue to be awesome. Already done.
  9. FYI I made the changes to the queue and also moved DPR to the backup queue just in case. Also removed myself from the advanced - I was gonna run a bastard mod game, but I haven't had time to really set one up yet that is on the level of the other ones I've run.
  10. Thanks for the game, everybody - it was fun coming out of retirement for another game. Perfect amount of activity for this old geezer to handle. Thanks for modding, Hallia! Told you I'd play your game! gg all
  11. Nice shot, dude. One of the only ones, yeah - gg, thanks to you and diva for talking me away from Wifi early on. I was still hanging on a bit, but diva's posts "today" were swaying me away. In all honesty - I didn't realize you were vig, but I was 100% sure you were town and I didn't want to protect you N1.....I couldn't protect the same person twice in a row. I thought I had maybe made myself look a little too confident by ignoring any heat thrown my way and for people that have played a ton with me, I don't usually ignore heat. So I thought self-protecting N1 would work if I was right, and then going immediately to AJ for N2. Prob Corva N3 as they seemed pretty spot on for town as well. Either way, my protect was prob more lucky than anything, your shot was baller, though.
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