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  1. Verbal32

    December 2018 Roll Call

    Eating too many Xmas cookies is my fav
  2. Verbal32

    November 2018 Roll Call

    Buffalo Chicken
  3. Verbal32

    GoT Mafia "A Song of Wolves and Villagers"

    Sorry for the interruption (not really), but this is accurate. I tried to get the good stuff added back, and in 1 case Jason tried and it didn't work, and in another case there was an expense tied to it that wasn't willing to be paid. Sadly, at this point all the "fixes" we need to simply get us back to a spot where DM was before all cost money.....and as this isn't a mafia website, the priority list doesn't line up with what we want. Sorry folks, I really am. I'm basically hoping that with the next update I'll be able to get some newer plugins that will be free and also add back old functionality for us. We'll see, I guess. Carry on. Except Darthe. Please tell me he's dead.
  4. Verbal32

    October 2018 Roll Call

  5. Verbal32

    out of context

    "stop talking and stick them in" - my wife, literally the other day
  6. Verbal32

    user ranks

    all set
  7. Verbal32

    September 2018 Roll Call

    omg you're alive
  8. Verbal32

    September 2018 Roll Call

    I'm pretty neutral on the whole seasons thing.
  9. Verbal32

    August 2018 Roll Call

    hehe, she was born in 2013
  10. Verbal32

    [Harry Potter week 2018] Mafia game thread

    Nevermind, I'm dead. Ninja'd by the mod, lol. glgl
  11. Verbal32

    [Harry Potter week 2018] Mafia game thread

    First bold: Ok, but you first said that you didn't know what I meant. "I don't really get" were your exact words, so I then elaborated a bit. Second bold: And I still don't think you really read it. I am not casing him because he sussed me.
  12. Verbal32

    August 2018 Roll Call

    Sending my son to 4th grade and my daughter to Kindergarten. I'm stoked.
  13. Verbal32

    [Harry Potter week 2018] Mafia game thread

    Go with the flow, don't take chances, and as scum she'll pretty much hide from the thread a bit. As town she'll post thoughts and hold herself accountable if she's wrong. That's my shoddy memory talking, though.
  14. Verbal32

    [Harry Potter week 2018] Mafia game thread

    Yes. Huh? I clearly laid out how Clov said he POE'd me, sussing me for a particular thing, and then I proved that wasn't the case, as he had already put me in the POE before I did the thing that had him suss me (according to Clov himself). I don't see how anybody doesn't get that, unless they: a. aren't reading the game, or b. are scum Which one is it? We all play sloppy games sometimes, it happens. Prob Kat for some of her recent posts regarding my case on Clov, and how he keeps treating his read on her. For example, Marsh wants me to remind him so he can dig in and read my case - Kat just dismisses it as something she didn't understand (calling BS on that, btw). Yikes, that kind of line doesn't really help you much.
  15. Verbal32

    [Harry Potter week 2018] Mafia game thread