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  1. Hey, everyone!

    No, no.....Elgee is indeed terrifying.
  2. February 2018 Roll Call

    That's m'boy.
  3. Halp! / ISOs??

    I followed up and I'm waiting to hear back. The solution isn't free, so it is out of my hands on whether the cost is "worth" it or not for the site as whole. We have to remember this isn't a mafia site, so solutions that are going to be 99% for mafia aren't going to always get pushed through no matter how much we wish they would be. Sorry that isn't the best answer, but it is the truth.
  4. User Names that need changing

    updated to here
  5. user ranks

    I'm sorry, I don't understand the question. :-(
  6. No I am not a robot !

    Same here, it only hits me when trying a link or picture.... It eventually works, but it is indeed a PITA. No idea how to bypass that, though.
  7. Offline glitches

    nested/embedded quotes is no longer a thing, so you can't as for the plugin, I'll follow up
  8. Halp! / ISOs??

    Nothing yet, but I'm trying to find a plugin that will restore that functionality (or enhance it).
  9. User Names that need changing

    Updated to here. Nikon, let's hold off on changes like that - we haven't landed on how we want to handle these types of requests (in the past, they were declined without a really good reason). Once we know all the existing users who's names got reverted with the update are all set, we can figure out how we want to handle small changes like that.....
  10. User Names that need changing

    Done to here.
  11. Offline glitches

    No limit that I'm aware of, and the settings are just different now - you'll need to mess around with them to get them to what you're ok with. A few members (Nikon, specifically) have spent some time figuring that stuff might want to reach out to him for some pointers.
  12. User Names that need changing

    Done to here.
  13. BBcode Table Not Working

    Not sure....the warnings I read applied to creating a new button for users - it gives people the ability to add malicious code and I can't make that "on" for certain people and "off" for others - it appears to be a total on or off thing for everybody.
  14. Offline glitches

    I gave Jason a plugin that does this, but it isn't working.....he's looking into it.