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  1. August 2018 Roll Call

    hehe, she was born in 2013
  2. [Harry Potter week 2018] Mafia game thread

    Nevermind, I'm dead. Ninja'd by the mod, lol. glgl
  3. [Harry Potter week 2018] Mafia game thread

    First bold: Ok, but you first said that you didn't know what I meant. "I don't really get" were your exact words, so I then elaborated a bit. Second bold: And I still don't think you really read it. I am not casing him because he sussed me.
  4. August 2018 Roll Call

    Sending my son to 4th grade and my daughter to Kindergarten. I'm stoked.
  5. [Harry Potter week 2018] Mafia game thread

    Go with the flow, don't take chances, and as scum she'll pretty much hide from the thread a bit. As town she'll post thoughts and hold herself accountable if she's wrong. That's my shoddy memory talking, though.
  6. [Harry Potter week 2018] Mafia game thread

    Yes. Huh? I clearly laid out how Clov said he POE'd me, sussing me for a particular thing, and then I proved that wasn't the case, as he had already put me in the POE before I did the thing that had him suss me (according to Clov himself). I don't see how anybody doesn't get that, unless they: a. aren't reading the game, or b. are scum Which one is it? We all play sloppy games sometimes, it happens. Prob Kat for some of her recent posts regarding my case on Clov, and how he keeps treating his read on her. For example, Marsh wants me to remind him so he can dig in and read my case - Kat just dismisses it as something she didn't understand (calling BS on that, btw). Yikes, that kind of line doesn't really help you much.
  7. [Harry Potter week 2018] Mafia game thread

  8. [Harry Potter week 2018] Mafia game thread

    For example, saying "so maybe I'm expecting more overlap in our thoughts/styles if he's town than I should be" it as dismissive as it gets, so I think the ball is in your court to prove me wrong.
  9. [Harry Potter week 2018] Mafia game thread

    Do me a favor, broseph, and read my case. I'd love to have you as town this game, but I can't after that D1 contradiction (imo). I get that townies never play perfectly clean, so help me understand how I'm wrong.....because until you do that and not essentially ignore/dismiss it like you did above, then I'm not going away and I'm going to hound you all game. Neither of us wants that, lol.
  10. [Harry Potter week 2018] Mafia game thread

    That first vote was indeed a joke, which is why I unvoted a while later.....only to revote him once I truly sussed him. Was it less obvious than I thought?
  11. [Harry Potter week 2018] Mafia game thread

    Come morning I'm going to be wanting to know exactly what about my case on Clov was not enough. He literally gave the major reason he's suspicious of me, and I debunked how that couldn't be the case as he had already said he wanted to lynch me......which is a complete contradiction or a lie. As far as D1s go, that was as solid as you're likely gonna get, and almost everybody completely ignored it. I mean, that's cool if you think I'm wrong.....but weigh in and tell me why. That Tress train was silly - she was clearly frustrated townie, and Clov himself even noted how she was prob town (and voted her anyway). C'mon folks.
  12. [Harry Potter week 2018] Mafia game thread

    Sorry, that posted is more clogged up than I expected. tl;dr = - I suss Hallia - Clov susses me and then puts me in a WTL (after talking about he didn't feel any way about anybody) - I suss Clov and vote him - Clov says he sussed me after I didn't understand POE, which is not true and I showed it above My vote stays on Clov today.
  13. [Harry Potter week 2018] Mafia game thread

    Hallia's original post. My response. Clov's response, with a light suss on me. Interesting that right after he speaks about not feeling any certain way town/scum on anyone, here he is with a WTL list and essentially some town reads. But you didn't know what to think on town/scum just before this, so how all of a sudden are you "fairly decent" now? My 3 posts sussing Clov. Clov being snarky re: what POE is. sussed me BEFORE I posted regarding why I was in the WTL, which prompted your response on joking with me about knowing what POE is. Now you say the bold, when I just showed that your timeline doesn't make sense.
  14. [Harry Potter week 2018] Mafia game thread

    As decent as somebody who hasn't played on the site in prob 6 months can, sure. Nobody has jumped out as obvious town to me, and Clov jumped out as I pointed out. Why thank you for pointing that out, you saved me from having to google it. .... Wait.....are you talking about the POE thing? Hold on, let me do a little homework. Back in a few.