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  1. Haha thanks y’all, Parker Bryne Frisbee is the cutest thing! and yeah, Bryne is his middle name 🙂
  2. Yo does anyone want to play this with me? It's very mafia-esque.
  3. Back in 2012 TOR created a series of really cool wallpapers for each of the books leading up to AMOL to promote its release. These featured new artwork and looked absolutely great, and today I got to reviewing my collection only to learn that they never did one for A Memory of Light! Caveat there, technically they did two wallpapers but neither was in the same style as those before it. That fact blew my mind, but I dug around everywhere and could not find it whatsoever. So... I made it. My rendition isn't perfect, for a couple of reasons. First, it doesn't have alternate cover art, I used the one from the books and credit Michael Whelan (though if I need to take this down I absolutely will). Second, I was using the background from A New Spring and only after creating the thing did I realize that all of the previous books did their subheading differently than A New Spring did. All that said, I think this looks nice and am happy to finally complete the collection. I've uploaded it for you all to enjoy and am linking the official art for each of the books below, as well as Michael Whelans page. https://www.tor.com/2012/05/09/download-free-wallpaper-from-a-memory-of-light/ https://www.tor.com/2011/12/27/download-free-wallpaper-for-a-memory-of-light/ https://www.tor.com/2012/12/05/download-free-wallpaper-of-towers-of-midnight-ebook-cover/ https://www.tor.com/2012/10/31/download-free-wallpaper-of-the-gathering-storm-ebook-cover/ https://www.tor.com/2012/10/10/download-free-wallpaper-from-the-knife-of-dreams-ebook/ https://www.tor.com/2012/09/05/download-free-wallpaper-from-the-crossroads-of-twilight-ebook/ https://www.tor.com/2012/07/11/download-free-wallpaper-from-the-winters-heart-ebook/ https://www.tor.com/2012/06/20/download-free-wallpaper-from-the-the-path-of-daggers-ebook/ https://www.tor.com/2012/05/16/download-free-wallpaper-from-the-a-crown-of-swords-ebook/ https://www.tor.com/2012/04/18/download-free-wallpaper-from-the-lord-of-chaos-ebook/ https://www.tor.com/2012/04/04/download-free-wallpaper-from-the-fires-of-heaven-ebook/ https://www.tor.com/2012/03/21/download-free-wallpaper-from-the-shadow-rising-ebook/ https://www.tor.com/2012/03/07/download-free-wallpaper-from-the-dragon-reborn-ebook/ https://www.tor.com/2012/02/22/download-free-wallpaper-from-the-great-hunt-ebook/ https://www.tor.com/2012/02/08/download-free-wallpaper-from-the-eye-of-the-world-ebook/ https://www.tor.com/2012/12/19/download-free-wallpaper-of-the-new-spring-ebook-cover/ https://www.michaelwhelan.com/
  4. This forum in particular got kinda buried. I just thought it was deleted for months.
  5. In chapter 8 of Crown of Swords you'll catch up to the epilogue of LOC. The books have so many story-lines and perspectives that things are starting to overlap, sometimes backing up to give us events from a different POV.
  7. Lol Facebook would've been nice but totally my fault for not checking in like... Two months?
  8. Haha I am doing well, ready to tank whatever wolf team I am on one more time!
  9. Have we considered the concept of circular lives in relationship to this? One of my early theories (that I dismissed because the DM crowd seemed so far beyond me) seems to fit decently here. What if they are two halves of the same individual, a split of sorts created by the need for balance between the Dark One and Creator? I think between Herid Fel's minute talks about breaking down and the various references to both the disparity and connection of Rand and Ishmael that this could be supported.
  10. I always just say WoT names however sounds best in my head. Nin-ah-vae, Eg-weene, Shaun-chan, Ace Sed-I, etc are a few I had trouble with once I heard how the audio books say them.
  11. I thought it was practially known that Lan is going to survive. Their is far too much evidence contrary to the popular view that he is going to die. Really that only comes from his nature and the sticky situation he was in when we last saw him.
  12. And let us not forget Lan's line (probably going to misquote) "Fade's have no eyes but they see better than you or I boy".-EOTW Who else sees better and can feel the world around them better? Channelers. Especially those using the true power. This theory is very likely to me.
  13. My thought on it was always that free will is not a lie in the series. Moraine Sedai, I believe, made it clear that you could struggle against your path and would either be drug into it screaming or break free of it. I consider Perrin to be either the most or the second most divided character in the series (after Rand notably) in his struggles with his fate but in the opposing direction. One who wishes their path wasn't set so that they could do more than the pattern allows for. It seems to me that your first theory was correct here but that Perrin is, by nature, inclined to the duties that he has set on regardless of if the pattern pushes him or not.
  14. I honestly think that Loial is going to die and several of the aforementioned people will be gone. Slayer and Perrin's battle I imagine to be short to the point of near starkness. Perhaps only a paragraph or two where Perrin ducks and obliterates him or the like. Rand, I have always thought, would have to deal with more than the DO alone. I also believe that Lan will pass, perhaps with Nyn. Caddy I am almost certain of.
  15. Darthe

    About me 2.0

    Greetings everyone! I'm Darthe and I am really a 20 year old psychology student living in western North Carolina. I have a wonderful relationship and am generally a pretty happy person. When I was four I half taught myself to read because I really wanted to find out what was on the inside of The House of the Seven Gables and fantasy/fiction have been my favorite form of story since. I made fairly good grades though school and when I was in eigth grade I was asked to become a part time college student in a new program called the Early College system. I did so and got my associates degree a year ago when I graduated high school. While in the program I started playing guitar, which I found I had a true knack for. This has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, as I find that there is nothing that I can't share through the melodies that I sometimes make. I have also always been a pretty avid gamer. Between reading, guitar, gaming, and my relationship I stay fairly busy (which I prefer). That said, I also managed to find time to work as a blacksmith for two summers, to DJ for a year, and to take care of horses. I am beginning to write more often and hope to have my own book out someday. The reason I was inspired to start writing was that I walked into a book store one day, bored out of my mind, and asked one of the workers if they would recommend a book to me the first book that was given to me was The Eye of the World. To be honest, I majorly judged it by it's cover and almost didn't buy it. Needless to say, I am beyond happy that i did! Once I finished it I voraciously read and reread the others several times until I could run through most of the story in my head. When I wanted to find the end of the series I came online and discovered two things; I found out that RJ had passed away about a month before I started reading his series and I discovered that WoT has one of the most devoted fanbases of any series. After being uninvolved here for a few years, I decided to join while reading the cage matches and am really enjoying it so far. One other thing you should know about me, I am driven by the connections I have with people and by my interests. I tend to get bored quickly with everything but people, but the things I mentioned above have managed to keep my interest as well. Because of how much I value relationships in my life I decided to not only become a Psychologist, but also to join a Fraternity. It is not a "frat" and I am not "fratty". As an organization, the fraternity that I am involved in called Theta Xi supports the MS foundation and Habitat for Humanity. Theta Xi is a no-hazing organization. I love the friends and brothers I have gained. I wouldn't trade that connection.
  16. Sadly, this gets no views though the previous match already has passed =p
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