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  1. Brid be careful around this one....she is like me but smart and female and possibly...more spammy!!!!!!! Lololololol
  2. Darn!!!! *RETURNS TOM HIDDLESTONE TO HIS HOUSE AND KIDNAPS TOM HIDDLESTON INSTEAD FOR BRID....AND PUNCHES TOM FOR HAVING TO DO MORE WORK THEN GIVES TO BRID!!!!!* Im alive so guess thats a positive....lol! Missed you 2 sadface.gif!!!!!!!
  3. *bows* Your noble Wardjester?!!?!?!? /OUT
  4. BRID!!!!!!!! *KIDNAPS TOM HIDDLESTONE AND GIVES HIM TO BRID!!!!!!* How ya been?!?!!?!?!?!?
  5. But Mother, keeping booze from a Canadian is like keeping insulin from a diabetic!!!!
  6. Dont encourage him....lawl Let the Bodies Hit the floor- Drowning Pool
  7. House of Wolves- My Chemical Romance Is the title. Ill wait for you to go again
  8. It should be called World of Wolves and im the only Villager in it!!!!!!!
  9. Give Zander an XL triple triple from Tim's!!!!!!!
  10. Horses and bows are for the weak, why would i muck a stall??? Sooner kill the horse and make jerky. Lololololol
  11. Mothers kept that on Fort Knox lockdown since i joined!!!!!
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