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  1. Flirting and mother should never ever be in the same sentence imo.....
  2. No Lav!!!!! This is our new theme song... Now use this to think of a better name!!!!!!
  3. Alright trainees, get Zander some Proper 12!!!!!
  4. 1st things first, this is an awful name for a Warders Bar!!!!!!
  5. I dont really remember much about the Discipline other then it represented me the most...lol and ofc the coolest!!!!
  6. I dont know what you guys want from me?!?!? I barely remember my own name... lawl
  7. Then one for all and all for one When you see the Band, youd best run You see the Red Hand and your done. I roll the dice with Jak o the Shadows We dance, we drink we love to fight Battle all day, chase girls at night Raise our glass to our fallen might I salute the dead with Jak o the Shadows Whether its man or shadowspawn The fight against evil rages on Night is darkest before the dawn I watch the sunrise with Jak o the Shadows So mount your horse or draw your bow. Unsheath your sword, its time to go Upon the Winds of Time we flow I fight again with Jak o the Shadows
  8. Challenge a whole reg, none come forth So many wins, im King of the North Valar Morghulis, you look....hoarse I rewrite and reflim season 8 with Jak o the Shadows
  9. Its time for your discipline Challenge me, a cardinal sin Smoking foes, be like Machin Shin I rollup Padan Fains remains with Jak o the Shadows
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