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  1. PLEASE READ It is now LYLO! There will be no more trials. You are still voting to elect an accuser! Whoever is elected as accuser will select the person to be lynched and they will be flipped without a trial. ALL VOTES ARE LOCKED! DAY WILL END IF A MAJORITY IS ACHIEVED! It is now Day 5! You may now post!
  2. The foxy ex-intern walks briefly into the breakroom to put a sign in front of the courthouse door before fading from sight. The sign reads, COURTHOUSE CLOSED FOR HOLIDAYS. THANK YOU FOR YOUR BUSINESS! Looks like this is in your hands now...
  3. Walking back to the breakroom, you notice Illian Tear is no longer among your numbers. Now used to this, you don’t even bother looking for his body. Illian Tear has disappeared! He was... DO NOT POST YET!
  4. By a vote of 5:1, Nynaeve has been declared... GUILTY! She was... Yes: AJ, Darc, Ilian Tear, Kat, Lenlo No: Cass DO NOT POST YET!
  5. It is now Night Phase! You have 24 hours to submit night actions. You have 24 hours to submit your vote on the case of Nynaeve.
  6. From our defendant, Nynaeve “My defendant has prepared a written statement. Dearest Lenlo, You should opt never to set a foot in a casino, mate 😉 ”
  7. The prosecution has no comment.
  8. It is time for REBUTTALS! 
  9. We will now take a short intermission! @Lenlo @Nynaeve If you would like to make a rebuttal, you have 12 hours to do so.
  10. The defense has elected to be represented by Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer. "Jury, let me ask you this. What is mafia? I'm just a caveman. Our societies were little more than small tribes staying together for survival. Your uninformed majority and pluralistic societies frighten and confuse me!" "Sometimes the little drumming of your fingers on your magic glowing boxes gives me a headache. My primitive mind can't grasp these concepts. The first time I saw one of your 'movie films' I thought I was hallucinating staring at one of the ice walls of the crevasse I fell into! But there is one thing I do know - my client has never been a member of any organized body of criminals."
  11. From our prosecutor, Lenlo Look people, Im not gonna be fancy about this, Im not going to provide quotes. Mostly because there are none, you need activity for quotes to exist. All I am going to do is spell out the situation and what has been and needs to happen. Fact is, there are maybe 3 consistently active people in this game. The odds of a wolf being in the less than/inactives is staggeringly high. If both wolves are in the active posters, then good job, you earned the win. But I am willing to bet that is not the case. So now you will probably ask why Nyn over Kat, or why am I putting away my fight on AJ. The answer is simple. This lynch either lynches a wolf, or outs one maybe two. This lynch, where we don't lose if we are wrong, one way or another finds us a wolf. If she is a wolf, great, thats one down and we can find the last. If she is town, then you know exactly where to look. AJ/Kat become the obvious remaining members. Does it suck to basically be lynching for info? Yes, yes it does. But if she flips town, are we losing anything worth more than outting the remaining wolves? I say no. And really, with the play up until now? A lack of fire, of any meaningful fight or push or defense? I don't really expect her TO flip town. Is this a convincing argument? Probably not, I am not a charismatic poster. I only accepted this position because I didn't trust AJ with it. But what it is, is a huge gamble, and by god do I enjoy gambling in mafia. I win a decent number of them to. So I am willing to bet this game on a gamble and I hope you are to. If you want more detail, just re-read the start of this day between me and AJ as we hash this out. You will find everything you need to know there and more. Good luck. Don't let me down, I don't expect to survive the night.
  12. It is time for OPENING STATEMENTS!
  13. Nynaeve has been called to stand trial for the crime of... being a wolf! @Nynaeve you have the right to a fair trial. You may defend yourself or be defended by our court appointed public attorney Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer. @Lenlo @Nynaeve Opening statements are due in 12 hours. (10:30 AM E/ST). A failure to submit will be listed as "no comment".
  14. D4 Final Vote Count Lenlo (4) - Leno, Nyn, Illian, AJ Cass (1) - Cass  Not Voting (3) - Darc, Kat, Cass Lenlo has been elected accuser! 12 hours for a suspect.