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  1. Turbo: sign ups

  2. Turbo: sign ups

    IF u wanna play derf, i can run
  3. More mass shootings...

    alright good talk guys, see you in two weeks
  4. Safari mafia [basic] - game thread

    The upside: reading posts is totally optional. XD
  5. Safari mafia [basic] - game thread

    One time I was in a 172 player game. There were 9,000 posts in the first 12 hours.
  6. Safari mafia [basic] - game thread

    spec buddies? :)
  7. Safari mafia [basic] - game thread

    i hope i was able to strike at least a little bit of fear into your hearts for my short time alive, but i'll settle for having annoyed you :P and while i understand the forum doesn't really prioritize the mafia board, it is a real shame to see so much utility lost in the site update for mafia games. i really do hope the [powers at be] get around to it when other problems get resolved ... this has been my "mafia" home for awhile now, and it has everything to do with the people here being the best and most enjoyable people to play these silly internet guessing games with. i've seen mafia forums die out but i think there's a lot of life left here!
  8. Safari mafia [basic] - game thread

    now where's dat woof chat
  9. Safari mafia [basic] - game thread

    (though i get the frustration as someone who can def get ~emotionally involved in games) (but being able to step back and see it through that lens has helped me avoid frustration in either alignment, which overall makes the game more fun and cause less burn outs ... which can happen to people very frequently, especially in games where you worked as hard you did here <3)
  10. Safari mafia [basic] - game thread

    is only a game :)
  11. Safari mafia [basic] - game thread

    Didnt read it, therefore doesnt exist 0:)
  12. Safari mafia [basic] - game thread

    I miss villaging with dice :P
  13. Safari mafia [basic] - game thread

    Marsh can you try randing villager for once? love, corky <3