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  1. I was tracked, roleblocked by town and roleblocked by mafia that night phase. ... I holstered...
  2. Always great playing with you, was cheering you on from DT! 🙂
  3. Oh yeah I cringed FOR you when I got to DT and saw Crusher had just peeked Z town. That was like second worst thing that couldve happened for you (besides you getting peeked outright). Really hard to see a path forward with them both off the table
  4. > roleblocks me n1 and argues with me all of d2 > says he did it for me skepticalface.gif ❤️
  5. thats not gaming the mod, thats reading the write-up all the way (which i didnt whoops) thankee
  6. Rereading atm so ill be thorough crush Krak/Nini are most obv villas so far
  7. If you were actually defending her i proly woulda thunk that viagery
  8. You didnt really defend her either It was more like you avoided/delayed having a stance on her
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