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  1. I mean, luke is obviously gonna be back as a force ghost, its a gittdarn star wars movie
  2. so when's the ethnostate revolution / "peaceful resettlement" happening? need to get my properties in order and all the RRs won't talk to me anymore, be a friend
  3. but trying to fight strawmans is way easier than tackling actual positions len this is america bub
  4. an airheaded prettyboy floozy during day a heroic vigilante at night aj is batman
  5. I made the best damn Bella the worlds ever seen punk ❤️
  6. diva has been telling me that aj is the vig most of the day kind of feel like i cheated by having her on board 😛
  7. Verb i think this is the first time we’ve ever been v/v! was a lot of fun bruv, gg
  8. Was a pleasure playing, thanks for carrying me wifi/diva, sick vig shot aj really fun playing with this village ❤️ Who was the n1 save?
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