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  1. 49ers made running the ball interesting again, it's quite the feat
  2. Meta is like one tool people can use to help discern alignments. There are a lot of tools to be used, and not every one applies in every situation. Zander needs to expand his kit out of "meta", he's got "everything is a nail" syndrome.
  3. Zander you don't know what "EV" means. A villager voting a player and being incorrect has nothing to do with the concept of Expected Value or "negative" Expected Value, that's a risk/reward concept.
  4. i admit there are likely posts of yours my eyes glazed over still havent done a particularly thorough reading of the thread, but working on it
  5. and you've spent most of this game focusing on dice, the one guy you're totally biased in reading, he's like your anti-besie give me something interesting to work with
  6. "but i remember that one time you lynched an inactive as a wolf" yawn
  7. started on my notepad, maintaining consciousness a decent percentage of the time
  8. ill watch it tomorrow, i'll be on social media blackout ty for no spoils
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