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  1. Sooh will post flavor when she is awake <3 It is now night 1!
  2. Final vote count: Tress - 3 - Clov, Zander, Iron Clov - 2 - Verbal, Dice Not Voting: everybody else Tress has been lynched! She was...
  3. Vote count: Clov (1): Verb Tress (1): Clov Not voting (7): Tress, Zander, Hallia, Kat, Lessa, Dice, Ironeyes
  4. come rejoin our thriving mafia community and get lunched
  5. Hallia would never besmirch her GOAT DOC reputation as a wolf
  6. BFG slaughtered post-game, imo Haven't seen a post-game performance like that in years
  7. It seems my post count disease has infected another group of innocents :(
  8. Hallia have you ever cried after battle tanks? I have.
  9. Watched it, wouldn't watch again
  10. I opened a villager game up once posting nothing but custom made animated gifs with my reads on them for the first 48 hours. Sometimes stuff gets weird.
  11. Yeah Shad came in and leveled the hell out of you and Eldrick I think mostly for his own amusement. He's such a little troll
  12. I mean, Verbal was pretty on-point about how people react to strong impetus. Zander finds it intensely difficult to "organize" his thoughts to make them look more concise and convincing. He's 100% extroverted intuition. Just as much as everyone has their own approach, he has his. The ADHD is strong. I feel his pain.
  13. I forgot to implement a "chill" button when I built Zander. Even I can't control him anymore. What have I done?
  14. You were great Hallia You're the sweetest person probably in the whole world
  15. I think I was just trying to explain Zander to the non-Zanders, I didn't want it to become anything more than that. I also thought it was humorous how spot-on Zander's reads were and that people were actually adjusting their reads to some extent seemingly to spite him. If I offended anyone, I'm sorry, was seriously not my intent and I tried to make positive comments.
  16. Yeah I feel bad. I should have mediated and discouraged some of it and at times I probably stoked the flames. I'm stupid, forgive me.
  17. I guess we all miss when QTs were just everyone yelling at Darthe.
  18. I apologize for any potential QT misconduct on my part.
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