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  1. I mean, luke is obviously gonna be back as a force ghost, its a gittdarn star wars movie
  2. so when's the ethnostate revolution / "peaceful resettlement" happening? need to get my properties in order and all the RRs won't talk to me anymore, be a friend
  3. but trying to fight strawmans is way easier than tackling actual positions len this is america bub
  4. an airheaded prettyboy floozy during day a heroic vigilante at night aj is batman
  5. I made the best damn Bella the worlds ever seen punk ❤️
  6. diva has been telling me that aj is the vig most of the day kind of feel like i cheated by having her on board 😛
  7. Verb i think this is the first time we’ve ever been v/v! was a lot of fun bruv, gg
  8. Was a pleasure playing, thanks for carrying me wifi/diva, sick vig shot aj really fun playing with this village ❤️ Who was the n1 save?
  9. More of nyn/darthe’s interactions im guessing tho limited
  10. diva & i are overlooking the darthe/nb thing and landed on it being slightly v-ish for notbob krak/nyn look worse that "u r woofin?" darthe post WiFi quoted was directed toward nyn actually, and had no follow up
  11. me and diva literally discussed darthe on our car ride back from the airport with me taking a "this is just darthe, it's how he is" and her taking a "darthe is wolfy" stance which is a lot of why my immediate response to his flip - which happened like, 20 minutes after we got back to my place, was "LOL" i had some delicious crow for lunch 😄
  12. He's my 4th but diva think he's a villager ~always and I'm fine sheeping her bc she's quite good at this game XD
  13. In context I think Darthe was just apeing on AJ's problem with the sudden Crush wagon that was me/WiFi/beads I don't think it was a rule of 3 type thing, just trying to increase the view some people had that it was a sketchy wagon (NB & AJ talked about it to some extent before Darthe)
  14. Krak/NB I think are my biggest problems spots Nyn a distant third Think pretty much everyone else is a villager
  15. Darthe's response to my Krak vote Bit of a chainsaw-type defense on Krak worded intentionally to make it seem like he doesn't care about 'who' I'm voting and with a Darthe!wolf PoV his reasoning is rubbish
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