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  1. I can't wait to see Moiraine tell the story of Manatharen. I really hope they give us glimpses into that past when she does. Galad (I just want to see someone so pretty) OOOH speaking of a whitecloak!! How about that Dark Friend gathering where you discover that one of them IS a Whitecloak and inquisitor!!! Igtor coming back to the Light at the last moment and giving his life so that the others can escape. I bawl my eyes out every time I read that part. Dumai’s Wells, Verin's reveal. (another tear fest) . The Malkiri riding to join Lan with the Golden Crane flying again. Or The moment when Rand finally after all that resisting and anger accepts his fate and is at peace with himself and what is destined to happen. His walk back down the mountain and everything coming to life around him. I cried so hard.
  2. My biggest thing that I didn't like about the books is that every single couple lived or died together. If one died they both died, if one survived they both survived. That kind of stunk because it's not realistic on top of that I was robbed the joy of finally having Faile die. I hated her from the first moment she appeared in the series and spent the whole series hoping for her (hopefully extremely painful) death. I was so hopeful after she was captured by the rouge Aiel. But sadly no. Then during the Last Battle it looked promising too. But once again I was robbed of it because Perrin lived (which is good that he did). So we never got to see someone from a couple grieve the death of their partner. Well except Egwene but she died epicly soon after.
  3. That is a pretty awesome card. I would carry that card with pride. (sorry for reviving a quiet thread. but I just really liked the card)
  4. Here is a list of your results: Yellow Ajah: 5 Green Ajah: 5 Brown Ajah: 4 Gray Ajah: 3 Blue Ajah: 3 Red Ajah: 3 White Ajah: 2 I'm good with Yellow or Green. :)
  5. I haven't been here in a very long time. Mostly because I forgot my password and what email I used to set it up. But after a long long time I am back. Since I figured hardly anyone would remember me I thought I'd say hi.
  6. that's for the one that will have a larger more detailed role.. He is also putting people into a group that is fighting during the Last Battle. they appear several times in the book. You only have to pay $20 for that. You wont have as detailed of a part as the silent auction person does.. but hey I think it would be cool. For one even if your name isn't one of the ones picked for the officers names you still get to say that you (or your rp characters) are in that group.
  7. Brandon Sanderson has announced on his Blog that he is holding auctions for parts in a Memory of Light. You can silent auction to have a character to appear in the book named after you (name, description, personality, and you pick Nationality). Or you can contribute money and join a group dedicated to the WOT fans that will appear in during the Last Battle and other times in the book, and possibly have your name as one of the members.. The money raised goes to charity. You can find the article with all the details here I have already contributed :)
  8. That was pretty good. :) Not my normal taste in music but I can appreciate it.. Well done.
  9. I started using the name Kalle al'Tear way back in 1998 when I joined the Wotism.org community. At the time I liked the name Kalle (yes I stole it off of the MtV's Road Rules show, one of the girls had that name and I thought it was pretty) I decided that I wanted it to sound Wotish so I decided to put al' in front of Tear (just because it was the first country I saw when I opened up my book and looked at the map of the Wot world) So then I had a wot sounding name. Kalle al'Tear :) I have used this name for years and still do on several different sites.
  10. very cool.. I also couldn't read the whole article.. But its fun whenever you get that kind of thing happen. enjoy your moment of fame :)
  11. Kalle alTear


    I am very much like Snodge. I can't stand to read a book out of sequence not matter how many times I have read a series. It just doesn't feel right to me. I have to confess that I haven't finished the books that are out for WOT yet. I started reading in 91 when Eye came out, but stuff kept happening and I just never got around to reading past The Shadow rising. (even though I have been highly active in several Wot related forums and rp sites) Last year Skilgannon (one of my Warder's at City of Light) decided that he just couldn't stand the fact that I hadn't finished the series so in the mail from Amazon, I received every single book that I didn't have in Hardcover (which was books 5-12 and the guide book and New Spring). The best Christmas present ever!. So I have been slowly reading the series. I am now in the middle of Winter's Heart. But when I got the books.. I couldn't just pick up The Fires of Heaven and go with it. I had to go back to Eye of the World because it just felt wrong.
  12. I looked around your site. I think it has some potential.. and there are several things that come to mind for suggestions. If you don't mind I'll create an account there and I can just send you a pm with my suggestions, rather than using the DM pm system to talk about another site.
  13. Welcome back (though I didn't know you before) Good luck with your pre-op time. My friend Janet said that time period was very difficult for her. I hope your time goes well.
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