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Who is still around?

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Life got crazy in 2022, ngl. Long story short is I'm getting divorced and am now a single mom since my ex has proven that he's going to do the bare minimum in being a dad. Sigh.


But, he's out of the house and I actually feel better now. I wanted to make things work at first but he's now living with a different woman so .... he's never getting me back no matter what he says/does because like hell I'll give him the chance to do something like this to me again. In the process of everything, he blamed me for him deciding to leave, blamed me for his depression, said it's my fault he never got his art career off the ground, said it was selfish and narcissistic of me to ask him to create artwork for my books I wrote, etc. etc. So, it's nice to come home and not have that dialogue being spouted at me anymore.


So, I suppose I can say I'm back around - I've been lurking a bit since I still get the digest emails sent to me but just didn't have the brain space to do anything but be a mom and survive work.


Hope everyone's 2023 is starting decent! Starting ha it's March so maybe I should say I hope everyone's 2023 is *going* well so far!

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On 3/5/2023 at 1:22 PM, whiskey delta said:

Sorry you’ve been having a rough time lately @Jeannaisais 


At the end of the day you’ve got to do what’s best for you and for your children and it sounds based on what you said that you’re doing exactly that


welcome back 🙂 


Oh for sure - I'm going to provide my (not so) little boy with the best life I possibly can! He and I have been having a blast at home together - we're silly, we learn, we make mistakes, we cook together, last night we did laundry together 🙂 Kiddo is about to turn 6 so he's at a super fun age imho!


On 3/6/2023 at 1:27 AM, Cairos said:

*hugs @Jeannaisais* If you need anything just let me know. I'm glad you are back! Everything is good so far. 


Thanks @Cairos! I'm blessed to having amazingly supportive parents and family that have helped me keep all the pieces of my life together through this transition. I'm also extremely grateful for my church community group - they helped me clean up my yard last weekend and have just been treating me like me and that's honestly the best.


Now all I truly need is more adult conversation because going from teaching high schoolers to evenings with an almost 6 year old don't leave much time for adult chit chat lol I get some with my coworkers but it's limited to our lunch time, which is never long enough.

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6 is a really fun age! They’re capable enough to take on some independence and also eager to learn more. You’re doing great 🙂


my daughter turns 5 this month and my son just turned 10 so I have them both going thru transitions of personality right now lol

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