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  1. Welcome back Helike_! What was your previous handle so that I can look up your info and rank!
  2. Sooooo I start my new job in the ER next week. So exciting and nervous at the same time!
  3. @Helike_ welcome back!!! Jea should be around here somewhere. Nikon is around too. Let me see if can find your thread in the archer board! 🙂
  4. All those pics are amazing! Thank you my dear bonded! *snugglebites*
  5. I mean Feb 2nd lol! *tacklesnuggle Cass*
  6. Soooo lol. I went to sign paper work for HR at the hospital yesterday! It’s official! My start date is 2/3.
  7. Mysti! My dear red bonded and sis! Thank you for your devotion and hard work for the Red Ajah. You’ve been a cornerstone for them for so long and have done great things! Thank you for everything and for being a awesome red head lol! *snugglebiteshuggle the red*
  8. Thanks everybody! Now I’m waiting to hear back from Human Resources. Ugh such a waiting game.
  9. Happy New Year Banders! Hope you all had a good start to the new year! Sign in for roll call! Also answer this questions: any New Years resolution? State name and regiment! 1. Cairos ~ MG my New Years resolution is to lose some weight and also get my BSN online.
  10. Cairos ~ Gray Sitter i don’t like the clubs that much. The forums were easier to navigate around.
  11. Thanks ladies! Yeah I’m excited to start!
  12. Hey grays! Got some good news! I finally got a job as a RN in a ER that is near my house! I’m super excited! The training is 12 weeks long and Monday through Friday! I’m stoked about this job! Yay!
  13. Hey banders! I got some good news. I finally got a nurse position in a ER that is near my house and at a hospital that I like. I talked to a few people today when I went to the hospital and told me that I got the job! I’m super excited about it! The manager told me that I have a 12 week training that’s Monday through Friday. Woot woot!
  14. Yeah I wrote that in the weeeeeee early in the morning at work lol
  15. Can I get a gingerbread heart and a flaming ginger shot? are there any unicorn prizes at this carnival lol
  16. @Lavandula where are in the world is Lava lol
  17. I enjoy the current yellows! All lovely and wonderful people! Of course there’s Kaylee who’s awesome and amazing and so is Arie!
  18. Ohhh you’re right. With the egg make it into a thin omelet. After that slice it thin.
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