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  1. YAS! I love pride! I dont think Pride is going to happen around the world because of the Corona! I know they canceled Gay Pride in SF.
  2. Well what other hobbies do you like to do? I think you like to cook and bake! What about gardening? Thats right you like crafting like sowing and knitting. Hmmmm what else do we have in common?! What is your favorite color HAHA!
  3. So i choose the aes sedai tack over the warders because i loved how they are depicted in the books and how awesome they are. Also my mentor and also a friend of mine were both aes sedai and had a huge influence on me. As you know already about me, I'm a person who works in the healthcare field. I've been hospitalized twice lol. One for Rhabdomylosis and one for my gallbladder. Even though i dont have a gallbladder, I still eat what i want lol. I'm trying to be better at making home cooked meals which i am doing now. Also i am trying to stay away from red meats and trying to eat more chicken or turkey. I'm trying to eat a little healthier. I'm a big fan of baking desserts and cooking. I love me some rice because i'm asian and also love me some bread lol.
  4. of course! I am the head chef of this place lol. What is the knightmare and pride about in the blues?
  5. *tacklehugs the incoming Lava* Welcome back! How are you doing?
  6. Oh how i miss this place! *channels some goods for everybody*
  7. *tacklehugs Mills and tacklehugs Dice* Its nice to see you too Mills. Its been too long! Also Dice, dear sarm brother and banded, giving me a light shoulder! Should be nice to me haha!
  8. *snuggles Hayl3y! Yep im a nurse in a emergency department near my house. There are days where its busy and days where its slow.
  9. Thanks @Jeannaisais! I'm alive. Just got home from work. It was busier last night and finally slowed down in the ER. Hope you all are doing well and staying healthy.
  10. *comes running and tackle hugs Hayl3y* Hopefully you remember me! If not haha, I'm Cairos Sedai and a Gray Brother and Sitter! I was summoned by @Lavandula! Also its good to have you back!
  11. *hugs Via and Lava* We are here for you Lava! If you have any questions feel free to ask!
  12. of course you can have another gray visit! we would love that!
  13. *hugs Via and Lava* I'm alive lol! Just been busy with work and school started again online.
  14. Congrats and welcome back Hayl3y! You'll do great and you're an awesome person! The Blues are lucky to have you!
  15. Sorry for the late band roll call! Been super busy working and back at it with online classes! Please sign in! 1. Cairos
  16. SO the ER cleared me early. I was suppose to be on training for 12 weeks but they cut it to 8 weeks since i was doing really well. All my preceptors like me a lot and said good things to my manager and supervisor. Tuesday will be my first day on the job by myself. So excited and nervous at the same time.
  17. Cairos - Gray Sitter and Brother as a nurse in the hospital and especially in the ER in California, we aren’t getting many people coming in. They are staying away which is good. Those in NYC have it worse off. They don’t have enough equipment. I’m okay with talking about it lol
  18. Hey everybody! It’s that time again! Let me know that you’re still here. Sorry that things have been slow. I’ve been busy at work and with online schooling! What has everybody been up to with the whole Corona? 1. Cairos ~ MG
  19. *snuggles his bonded* hello lovely! It’s nice to be off work from this craziness! How are you? *hugs Lava* hello aspie! How are you?
  20. Rhea I didn’t know you were an NP. 🙂 *hugs Rhea* also we have a patient who has corona at my hospital. She came in with abdominal pain and no other symptoms. They took a CT of her stomach and saw the bottom of her lungs and it looked like corona. She got tested and was positive. I was working in the ER that night but didn’t interact with her. Things are going a little crazy in the ER. I’m surviving though.
  21. Cairos ~ Gray Brother and Sitter Just cant wait for the series to start
  22. ive been busy working at the hospital and getting used to the work flow. I just started nights on monday so its hard for me to be on here.
  23. Sorry for the late post. Band Roll Call for March 2020. Please post name and regiment. 1. Cairos ~ MG
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