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  1. *hugs Tay and Lav* I'm sorry Tay. I'm glad that your family is healthy. *plops down on a stool* The past 2 days in the ER wasn't bad. I'm off for the weekend.
  2. Welcome to the WT! My name is Cairos Sedai and I'm a gray brother of the gray ajah. A little about me is.....I'm currently an ER nurse in a small hospital in the Bay Area Cali. It is a hit or miss during the Covid outbreak. I'm also an EMT and work on the 911 unit in the Bay Area. I'm excited to start this journey with you and to help you find your path and journey. Tell me about yourself before we start the class.
  3. Hello banders! I'm just checking in on everybody! Sorry that I've been MIA. I've been working tons at the hospital and we got tons of COVID patients. Also i've been busy with online schooling for my Bachelors in Nursing. How is everybody doing?
  4. Sweet! I'll be right on it! Hopefully i dont scare them away lol
  5. Good morning! Sorry for not being around that much. Work and school got me busy and tired with the whole COVID thing. Hope everybody is doing well and staying safe and healthy. Here is the roll call for July 2020. 1. Cairos - MG
  6. Today, i'm at work right now in the ED checking DM lol
  7. Woot Woot. Welcome to the Grays! Those are some lovely goodies!
  8. sorry... Our hospital is kinda closed partially. We have a covid outbreak upstairs so people have been going home early.
  9. You might think its MG brew but you wouldn't know lol. *runs out and accidentally knocks lava into jea and see jea spill her brew* You're in trouble now Lava! *runs out*
  10. *gets surprised by Jae and Lava* oh I’m doing swell! You know this whole nurse thing is great. I love it. Some people come to the ER for the dumbest thing lol. *continues to hide the MG brew* how are you ladies doing?
  11. Thats some good news! How is your son liking being an EMT? Also congrats on your other son being cancer free. Oh what are you gardening and cooking? Also what type of paint are you using for your paint?
  12. omg that looks so good! *drools on Lava* whoops!
  13. As the official chef of the Gray Ajah, I present to Mother and the members of the WT some dessert goodies! *channels in the buffet of dessert goodies* Hope you are all doing well! Please stay safe and healthy!
  14. I'm doing well. Work has been picking up again. Tons of sick people coming in. Also been doing online classes for my BSN and its a lot of work but i'm doing well. How are you Ryrin?
  15. ***comes running into the Yellows with goodies*** Lemon meringue pie tartlets!
  16. ***comes running into the White's with goodies***
  17. ***comes running into the Greens with goodies*** Deconstructed key lime pie!
  18. ***comes in with goodies for the Brownies*** Smores tartlets!
  19. ***comes running in with lovely desserts for the Blues*** That is a blue velvet cake.
  20. *hugsnugglebites Tay* I'm so sorry Tay! If you need anything let me know! *brings in goodies for the reddies*
  21. ***sneaks into the Inn and drinks tons of bandies*** ***leaves a trail of possible MG brew behind the counter***
  22. *lays head on the counter* Ugh i hate doing online posts for school. Its so brutal....I have to do research and tons of papers. I'm trying to get my bachelor of science in nursing and it sucks lol. So far I'm in my 5th and 6th classes. I'm trying to take 3 more classes so i can be done by 10/31 of this year.
  23. YAS! I love pride! I dont think Pride is going to happen around the world because of the Corona! I know they canceled Gay Pride in SF.
  24. Well what other hobbies do you like to do? I think you like to cook and bake! What about gardening? Thats right you like crafting like sowing and knitting. Hmmmm what else do we have in common?! What is your favorite color HAHA!
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