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  1. Also, I was working on a well service rig (oilfield) and took a blast of H2S. I came too 15 minutes later. When I looked at my H2S monitors history, I had been hit with 311 ppm. H2S is no joke. If my crew hadn't drug me out of there I would not be here today
  2. I've worked with hydrogen sulfide for ten years. The permissible exposure limit for an 8 hour shift is 50 ppm. Call OSHA, file an anonymous report, and they will see that reform is made, at the cost of your employer.
  3. Drink beer, not water! Save the fishes!!  

  4. Me either. I'll make my own path. Never have I ever liked Spider-Man
  5. Quite the schedule. i hope you enjoyed it. That would make the back pain worth it right? As for me....... same ol same ol. Work, work, work, drink beer, work, play guitar, work. I have managed to squeeze in some exercise in there every now and then lol. The only big thing is my mom pulled my arm and is making me let her pay for lasik surgery for me. I tried to tell her no, but she's as mule headed as a Two Rivers tree stump.
  6. *waves* Sup Tress? Haven't seen ya in awhile. How's life?
  7. Same. Seen the ocean one time, passing by it, in the car....... Never have I ever been to a theatre for entertainment. Not the movie kind, but the play kind. I've fixed some leaks in the roof on one once. That was cool. Like six stories above the stage on some sketchy scaffolding trying to find the roof hatch. Good times
  8. I dunno about tv shows ATM. I haven't had tv/cable/w/e it's called nowadays in a few years. If it's something I like, I'll buy it when it comes out on DVD. I think the last movie I bought was the new Evil Dead, and the last series I bought was GoT season 3. I'm a wee bit behind the times
  9. I do, somehow. All can be falling apart around me and I'll manage to hit that right time/right place and whoosh.......alls good. What is Dresden tales? Never have I ever turned down free food. It's one of my rules to living life And quite frankly, I've lost interest in most books other than WoT. Haven't cracked a page of a different book in a few years. I just start over at tEotW
  10. Never have I ever been very good at empathy
  11. I've never read a comic. I've tried, just can't do it. Doesn't interest me.
  12. So many choices......... Ituraldes PoV of the defense of Maradon. Or Talmanes PoV during the fall of Caemlyn. Ok. I've decided. The six story slaughter and the death of Nalsean.
  13. I have, but I don't wanna talk about it. Let's just say my ex wife won fifty bucks that day. Never have I ever drank Cognac
  14. Sounds like a resounding no lol
  15. BT. Not even gonna try. Adella wins this round lol
  16. BT His Highness the Prince of the Ravens detests milking his da's cows.
  17. If this happens I will literally hang myself. Come on BT, we are the spam Org!!!
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