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  1. Right?! He's starting to be too heavy for me to carry He asks for piggyback rides a lot now. _wolfbrother_ has started talking about names and such if we decide to have another one, which won't be for at least another year. I would like to be at my job for a year first before thinking about having another child. Michael has started to say he wants a little sister or brother though
  2. Congratulations to your son Ryrin! *snuggles Dar'Jen* Hopefully your training goes well and you're able to find time to destress. *hugs everyone else* Michael turns 3 next month and he's driving me batty. I'm so glad we have a backyard now so I can send him outside as it starts to get nicer out. It needs some major tlc though so that will keep me busy on my days off.
  3. Happy holidays and a fantastic New Year! I hope you all have a brighter 2021. Lily, that sounds like a very fascinating class! I'm glad you found a new vehicle and that you'll be welcoming a new member to your family. Started a new job last month, manager of a clothing store, that hasn't been doing well the last few years (not just because of COVID). I'm really excited to make it my own and show what I'm capable of.
  4. *pokes head in and looks around. dashes to the bar and grabs a bottle of whiskey. Casually pours herself a glass* Hello all. Hope you've all been well.
  5. When this all started, he was getting his 2 year molars...it was not a pleasant time. Some days are better than others, as with everyone. With _wolfbrother_ and I still working, he's still going to day care and playing with other kids. Hasn't really been out other than a few times but he's doing well. He grew out of his shoes so we had to get him new ones. He just turned 2 and is size 9 already. He's also in 2T/3T clothes and is already over 3 feet tall. I really shouldn't drink and type, this took much longer than it should have 😄 But I finally found a wine I like! Naked Grape Blu
  6. *wraps herself into a burrito with the soft blanket and gratefully accepts the tea* So tired and stressed. Didn't think it was possible. But it's starting to get better. The bakery is considered an essential service so we've remained open. We're starting to get busy again, more than before all this started. The last few weeks I've been opening by myself which has been where most of my stress has come from but I got approval today to schedule more people in the morning. I'm very excited, 1) less stress for me, and 2) less stress for my staff since they're able to work more. Hopefull
  7. Congratulations on the new house Lily! I'm sorry it was such a roller coaster to get it though. *falls face first into a couch and groans* I'm just going to stay here for a bit
  8. If I've posted any of the designs/costumes I've made, it was probably my son's Halloween costume. Once I get the cloak finished, and attached to the wedding dress, I'll probably post it because I'm very proud of how it turned out.
  9. I'm around...kinda. I think with the show in development, hopefully we'll get some new people in
  10. Congratulations Lily! I'm so excited for you and your new house! Hello Lava! I'm sure I've met you before but I'm not quite sure. I have a bit of a tendency to disappear/appear at random due to work/family. Surprisingly I haven't been here more in the last few months since my son broke our television and I've been on my computer a lot, mostly for work though. I, like Lily, am a very compassionate person but I work in retail 😐 Not always the best combination. I was in school to be a psychologist however, I had a mental breakdown and have not gone back to school since. I
  11. At most 10. I know I have the 2002 Olympic Swimmer Barbie, Princess Rapunzel Barbie and Prince Charming Ken, Astronaut Barbie...those are the ones I can remember. They're in storage though, all still in their boxes.
  12. Lessa Nikia, Green Aes Sedai Anything peppermint really but my ultimate favourite is my grandmother's whipped shortbread cookies with candy cane pieces
  13. Hi Maera! Love your answers and you have some beautiful tattoos! 1. How did you find Dragonmount (what is your DM origin story!)? Shortly after my mom introduced me to the series (I was in high school and wanted something similar to Tolkien) I found DM and joined. Started reading the threads and was wholly confused so I decided not to get involved until I finished the books, that was in January of 2010. Fast forward 9 months when I had finished the series and rediscovered DM because I completely forgot I had joined it. I then joined practically every SG (or Club as they
  14. I only have one bonded and that is my Warder and husband _wolfbrother_. I met him here when I had finished the books and had joined the Tower. I was actually on the Warder path but ended up switching to the AS path. Even though I knew I wanted him as my Warder, just like I knew I wanted to marry him when we met in person, a year and a half later after meeting on here, I still put quite a bit of thought into it. Most of it was overthinking but it was a highly emotional decision for us. I'm sorry to hear that your bondeds have been inactive Lily. *hugs* I can harass Thorkin to stop i
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