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  1. I'm around...kinda. I think with the show in development, hopefully we'll get some new people in
  2. Around. I have a cold mostly due to the huge winter storm this past week and now it's mostly melted. But, we're supposed to get more snow again by next weekend. Welcome to southern Alberta(Canada)! A place were we get a ton of snow and it's gone in a few days because of chinooks.
  3. It was lovely really. I think we archers were able to keep up "activity" with our hangman games. *laughs* I've heard the opposite, that American beer is the worst. Given I'm not a beer drinker, more of a rum or whiskey kind of girl, so I don't really have an opinion.
  4. *raises eyebrow at WF* May I ask why Canadian beer specifically? I'm not judging, the more people who drink our beer the better, I'm just curious
  5. Oh he loves to get into everything. We've kept the baby gate up in the kitchen to keep him out and we're going to have to get more for the bedrooms. He has figured out that he can reach the handles and can open them. The guards don't fit our handles because they are tiny and we can't switch them out. I'm kept quite busy with everything but I love it!
  6. You can't blame me for nothing! I don't recall who I have updated so you'll get it all. _wolfbrother_ and I had a little boy about a year and a half ago. He's taking after his father's height and is huge! He is only 18 months but fits 2T clothes, in fact we were asked if he was 3 or 4 years old. He loves to chase after our cats to give them hugs and attention. They mostly tolerate it and run away if they don't want him bothering them. His favourite chore is feeding them, to the point of going to the cabinet their food is kept every time we get home. I discovered that I'm a workaholic but I love my job so I don't mind one bit. Ownership of the bakery I work for changed last February and my new boss has put me in charge of doing the Christmas trade shows taking place in the city. Lots of paperwork, which I don't have time for currently, at least when I'm at work.
  7. ...Zander what have you done to get called out?! And what in the world did I walk back into?
  8. First off, love this idea! And I love reading everyone's posts about why they joined where they did. When I first joined, I was actually on the Warder path. Offline, I'm a bit obsessed with weapons and have identified with women in reality and fiction who are/were fighters. However, overtime it didn't fit for me. When I switched paths, I spent a lot of time between the Greens and Reds. Both embodied what I consider central parts of my personality and I found a place with both of them. When time came for me to choose my Ajah, I ended up gravitating toward the Greens. Greens are fiercely loyal to one another, give support and comfort to anyone who comes to them with whatever problems they are experiencing, and support each other with their battles. Each sister has their own battle that they champion, whether it is mental health awareness, social justice issues, climate change activism, etc. The list goes on and that is where I felt most at home. Whether that is because I'm the oldest of 4 and I will protect them from most anything or because it's a part of being Canadian and seeing the injustices done to those around me and wanting to make them right. I feel like there are always going to be things that can be fought for to better the world and I plan to in whatever way I can. As I've gotten older, started a family with _wolfbrother_ and having Michael James, I want to leave the world a better, more peaceful place for him to grow up in and it just reaffirms why I am a Green at heart. I do however also have a Blue and Brown streak. I'm a big nerd, love Harry Potter, and lots of fantasy. I also love history and learning more about other cultures and peoples.
  9. *walks in and looks to the bar* Double of whiskey please! *finds the closest empty table and takes a seat*
  10. Hope everyone is safe and warm. Southern Alberta got hit with the cold snap last week. I've been watching it hit everywhere in the States and reading about the extreme heat in Australia. All I can say is ugh! Stay safe everyone!
  11. Why thanks! But you did a much better job partner @Zanatron Great game everyone!
  12. Thanks Ben! He's getting so big. He's only 3 and half months old and is already fitting into some 6 month clothes. He's going to be tall like his dad I think
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