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  1. Hope everyone is safe and warm. Southern Alberta got hit with the cold snap last week. I've been watching it hit everywhere in the States and reading about the extreme heat in Australia. All I can say is ugh! Stay safe everyone!
  2. Congrats Talmanes! It's been a busy year for us here. _wolfbrother_ and I had a baby back in April. He's now 6 and half months old and he's currently teething, which means he's screaming pretty much nonstop. I've been having horrible headaches the last few days because of it. When he isn't screaming, he's absolutely adorable and a very happy kid. He was a very easy child for the first 3 months and by that, I mean he slept through the night. Since we got back from Ireland, back in August, he been up every few hours at night but thankfully, I can get him to go back to sleep easily
  3. Going to pick from the first book, otherwise I wouldn't be able to pick. Really looking forward to when Rand meets Queen Morgase or when Lord Agelmar telling Nynaeve and Egwene about Lan and the history of Malkier.
  4. Apparently the new expansion is awesome. I always manage to get drawn back in. My family play a card game called Shanghi. It's sorta like rummi but with different hands
  5. Seeing _wolfbrother_ playing with Michael. They adore each other and it makes my heart melt everytime
  6. Don't really get lazy days with a 3 and half month old but when I have time to myself, I game. Getting back into WoW specifically...I was doing so well before it dragged me back in with the newest expansion
  7. Why thanks! But you did a much better job partner @Zanatron Great game everyone!
  8. Thanks Ben! He's getting so big. He's only 3 and half months old and is already fitting into some 6 month clothes. He's going to be tall like his dad I think
  9. Loving them! Some of the questions are some I had at trivia night on Tuesday
  10. Here kinda. My 3 month old is teething and isnt sleeping :( @Katiora other than tone, why do you feel you aren't ready to vote Clov?
  11. I can understand that but I still dont like it and I dont have to. I can understand lynching someone for lurking, I've been lynched that way due to exams, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. Tress was clearly trying to be posting and that she would get to her reads when she was able. I understand not wanting a random lynch as it could have landed on youself. Also, I didnt know that Tress hates being mafia as I don't play often. I'm aware you can't all be scum and I didn't say you all were and I apologize if it seemed like I implied that. I think at least one of you are though. I still think Clov rubs me the wrong way, even if Tress hadn't been lynched. I don't have my notes with me as I'm not home but I'm leaning scum for Iron as you jumped all over. First you were sus of Clov then you weren't and I don't remember if you ever said why other than feelings. There were others that you commented on but atm I dont recall. I'll reread before dl hopefully. Zander I'm not too sure about as he's literally all over the place. Lots of questions could be town probing everyone to get reads or could be scum covering all bases. Again, I'll hopefully be able to do a reread of the thread.
  12. My feelings so far: I'm still sus of Clov for your interaction with Kat during D1. Also during D1, you sussed Iron/Tress/Verb and Hallia but votes Tress (claims random). Why not vote Hallia as you sus'd her first and included in your top 4? Did you find the others, at the tine, more scummy than her? In regards to Tress' train, you voted her first then you note she's clearer frustrated but still vote for her. Did you keep your vote there because it was guaranteed and wouldn't result in a random lynch? During N1 you became more sus of Verb, Dice and myself. With the NK of Verb, I agree with Dice, it doesn't look good for you. Unless it was meant to look that way but we could go around in circles about it. I don't like how Iron voted Tress and didn't add anything to what Zander stated about her not providing reads on others. As I already stated, I understand that it's frustrating but I don't agree with it being a reason to lynch someone. She clearly had said it was an overview and didn't have any reads/analysis. I don't like Zander's vote for the same reason. I still am leaning toward town on Kat. She appears to be responding genuinely to questions and comments directed at her. She expresses the same frustration as I do about Tress' train and I respect the fact she won't vote just to vote if she doesn't find it necessary. Nothing has really jumped out at me about Hallia and Dice so I'm not too sure. Vote Clov Now to get some sleep while the little one does. Otherwise I won't get any myself
  13. The above quote. Sorry I thought I was clearer. At the time of dl I didn't, and still dont, like the push for Tress. She made it quite clear that she was at work and unable to post more until she was home. I've used notepad to do summaries of games and copy/pasted them into game which is how I think she did her big post. Understandably it's frustrating that she didnt have a chance to post an analysis/break down of her thoughts but I think it's a horrible reason to lynch someone. I didnt vote clov either as I only had a slight sus of him and I think it's almost as bad as no reason to vote someone. If I had voted him, it would have tied the vote which would have resulted in a random lynch. Sure it could have randed on one of the wolves but that's a big risk to take on chance. Once I'm back on my computer, I'll be going over who pushed for Tresses lynch as it rubs me the wrong way.
  14. Sorry to say but I've never heard of you either but I do get the feeling that you're a really experienced mafia player. I'm not too sure about lynching Tress as I don't have a read on her but I do get what you're saying about the big recap post and no anaylsis.
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