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  1. Long Time No See

    I recall the name and the siggy (of all things) but I can't quite place it... In any case, welcome back!
  2. Spilling of booze is blasphemy! Currently enjoying a grape slurpee on this surprisingly nice winter day
  3. The orange monster's are ridiculously good! I drink a lot of tea, currently vanilla Earl grey is my favourite. Been drinking a lot of orange juice too
  4. No, they changed voice actors with the first expansion of Destiny 1 I believe. I liked having him as my Ghost but that's me. The new voice actor is Nolan North
  5. *quietly sneaks into the stands, hoping not to distract the jousters, and takes a comfy seat near the front* Go Chae!!! Make us Archers proud!
  6. @Chaelca Both. As it's the more recent one I've only been on Destiny 2 though. A bunch of our friends are in a clan together, Power of Greyskull. Not sure why they didn't just call them guilds like everybody else but I guess they had to be different. I definitely prefer playing those types of games with other people though. I do hope they bring back the SR races because they were so much fun!
  7. Roll Call February 2018

    Any of the Dragon Age games! I love them and never get bored, no matter how many times I've played them.
  8. I've look at playing but I'm more of a Destiny player right now
  9. February Roll Call

    I'm really looking forward to the birth of my son this spring
  10. WAWC - Favorite Winter Sport

    That may or may not be true I know quite a few people who love curling but I've never found the appeal. I love the costumes worn for figure staking. I feel the sudden need to go snow boarding again though...
  11. WAWC - Favorite Winter Sport

    *throws fists in the air* HOCKEY!!!!!!!! *hurriedly hides all the white and red that was dragged in behind her* I apologize. It is one stereotype that has merit, we Canadians love our hockey. To the point that we may or may not have changed a law for a day for the gold medal game in Sochi in 2014...well at least in Alberta we did. Growing up I did watch a lot of figure skating as well. In our household, if the Winter Olympics are occurring, the TV is on. Doesn't really matter what it is.
  12. WAWC - Winter Olympic History

    Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics were by far my favourite. I loved the opening ceremonies maybe not including the tech issue with torch though. Awkward! I also think it was pretty awesome that we broke the record for most gold medals won by the host country that year
  13. WAWC-Winter Olympic Trivia!

    Canada for questions 3 and 4 We have won some medals in the Summer Olympics thank you, just not as many
  14. WAWC - Winter Ball

    Now if only I looked as good as Olivia Wilde
  15. I can see it! If they aged him properly, he would do an amazing job. Would be interesting to see him with mustaches...