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  1. At most 10. I know I have the 2002 Olympic Swimmer Barbie, Princess Rapunzel Barbie and Prince Charming Ken, Astronaut Barbie...those are the ones I can remember. They're in storage though, all still in their boxes.
  2. Lessa Nikia, Green Aes Sedai Anything peppermint really but my ultimate favourite is my grandmother's whipped shortbread cookies with candy cane pieces
  3. Hi Maera! Love your answers and you have some beautiful tattoos! 1. How did you find Dragonmount (what is your DM origin story!)? Shortly after my mom introduced me to the series (I was in high school and wanted something similar to Tolkien) I found DM and joined. Started reading the threads and was wholly confused so I decided not to get involved until I finished the books, that was in January of 2010. Fast forward 9 months when I had finished the series and rediscovered DM because I completely forgot I had joined it. I then joined practically every SG (or Club as they're called now) and was heavily involved (ie very active). I later found out my mom was also a part of DM way back when it first was launched. 2. What Country are you from? The Great White North, or Canada. 3. Who is your favourite WOT character and when did you first start reading the series? I think my favourite changes with each reading, currently being Nynaeve and I started the series January 2010. 4. What is your favourite book series outside of WOT? Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. 5. What is your favourite fantasy universe outside of WOT? Book/film: Middle Earth Games: Thedas (Dragon Age) 6. What are your hobbies? Depends on how stressed I am. If I'm needing to think things through I cross stitch or sew, and if I'm annoyed/agitated I game, usually blowing things up via magic. 7. What is your favourite home cooked meal? Anything pasta based. The amount of carbs I eat is not helped by the fact I work in a bakery. 8. As a child, what did you 'want to be' when you grew up? A teacher. Parenting kinda counts right? 9. What makes you laugh the most? Myself...I'm kidding, I'm not funny. Usually my toddler or my husband, they're very good at cheering me up. 10. What do you think are the best and worst parts of your personality? I think I'm a very open minded person and very compassionate, however sometimes that can be a bad thing as well especially when I was growing up and people took advantage of that fact. 11. Do you Collect anything? I have quite a few collector Barbies from when I was growing up but I haven't contributed to it in many years. Does fabric count as a collection?
  4. I only have one bonded and that is my Warder and husband _wolfbrother_. I met him here when I had finished the books and had joined the Tower. I was actually on the Warder path but ended up switching to the AS path. Even though I knew I wanted him as my Warder, just like I knew I wanted to marry him when we met in person, a year and a half later after meeting on here, I still put quite a bit of thought into it. Most of it was overthinking but it was a highly emotional decision for us. I'm sorry to hear that your bondeds have been inactive Lily. *hugs* I can harass Thorkin to stop in if you like though.
  5. You can always check out our instagram account @cobslethbridge I post photos all the time! She's been having tons of appointments lately so hopefully something will start helping.
  6. Hello Maera! Welcome to the Green's! I myself am just stopping by quick. Not sure when I'll be in again as work is about to get crazy with the holidays coming here soon. Quick update: Been super stressed as our bakery manager has had some health tests come back and they don't look good. I can't quite talk about it but I'm hoping she'll be alright. With that happening, I've been promoted much sooner than anticipated. As my boss says, "It's a crisitunity" (crisis but an opportunity). But I am now on salary and with it comes all the paperwork. I feel like I'm the brain for the bakery because I'm the only one who can keeps things straight.
  7. Around. I have a cold mostly due to the huge winter storm this past week and now it's mostly melted. But, we're supposed to get more snow again by next weekend. Welcome to southern Alberta(Canada)! A place were we get a ton of snow and it's gone in a few days because of chinooks.
  8. Oh no, everyone is sick! I hope you ladies feel better in the coming days. *hugs*
  9. It's mostly gone now weather can't make up its mind. I love how Twitter and the Facebook WoT groups have all collectively lost their minds about the video that was posted yesterday. I'm glad I was home when I saw it. Started to hyperventilate when I watched it I was so excited.
  10. It was lovely really. I think we archers were able to keep up "activity" with our hangman games. *laughs* I've heard the opposite, that American beer is the worst. Given I'm not a beer drinker, more of a rum or whiskey kind of girl, so I don't really have an opinion.
  11. I'll be going through all the paperwork I need for them tomorrow. Was going to do it today but didn't end up going into work because we got over 2 feet of snow in the span of 36 hours. Digging my car out this morning was fun...
  12. *raises eyebrow at WF* May I ask why Canadian beer specifically? I'm not judging, the more people who drink our beer the better, I'm just curious
  13. Oh he loves to get into everything. We've kept the baby gate up in the kitchen to keep him out and we're going to have to get more for the bedrooms. He has figured out that he can reach the handles and can open them. The guards don't fit our handles because they are tiny and we can't switch them out. I'm kept quite busy with everything but I love it!
  14. Gladly! So the first one is a Holiday Artisan and Gift Expo and it lasts only for one day. It has a lot local vendors with everything they hand make. From clothes, toys, decor, baby stuff, food, etc. They also have people who represent Avon, Airborne, Mary Kay and that sort of thing. They've only had one home baker there in the past and it is going to be our first year there. My mom helps run this one and that's where most of my information comes from for it. I'm not sure how many to expect so we'll probably make too much and if we have anything left over, just take it back to the bakery to be sold there. It's on a Saturday so I'm expecting quite a few people. The other one is much bigger. It's at the same location, a few weeks later, and takes up the entire building instead of just one pavilion. It is also a Holiday and Gift Show and has not only local vendors but also businesses. The organizers try to keep it balanced so that not the same product isn't within close distance to each other. Last year I was able to be at that one for work and it was really busy. It takes place over 2 days and we pretty much sold out of everything both days. I didn't get a chance to wander around for that one to see what else was there but it has pretty much everything. There was a spot for Christmas skits to take place and there were carolers last year as well. It will be our third year this time around and we're going to go a bit insane on our social media posting to get more people aware of it as well. Probably going to have one of the bakers making more product for us and bring it to the show about midway through to keep us stocked up.
  15. You can't blame me for nothing! I don't recall who I have updated so you'll get it all. _wolfbrother_ and I had a little boy about a year and a half ago. He's taking after his father's height and is huge! He is only 18 months but fits 2T clothes, in fact we were asked if he was 3 or 4 years old. He loves to chase after our cats to give them hugs and attention. They mostly tolerate it and run away if they don't want him bothering them. His favourite chore is feeding them, to the point of going to the cabinet their food is kept every time we get home. I discovered that I'm a workaholic but I love my job so I don't mind one bit. Ownership of the bakery I work for changed last February and my new boss has put me in charge of doing the Christmas trade shows taking place in the city. Lots of paperwork, which I don't have time for currently, at least when I'm at work.
  16. ...Zander what have you done to get called out?! And what in the world did I walk back into?
  17. Hello! Things are good. I've come to realize that I'm a workaholic but thankfully it is with a job I greatly enjoy. Still at the bakery but we're doing some Christmas trade show's this year and I have been put in charge of them. Hopefully I'll be up to salary come the New Year Michael James is getting huge! He is 18 months but fits 2T clothes. He has all 8 front teeth and 4 molars, however he is currently teething all his canines at once. To say he's cranky is an understatement. His current chore that he loves to do is feed the cats their dinner. As soon as we get home, it's the first thing he tries to do. It's really cute. He loves his books and loves cars. _wolfbrother_ still is working for the same company but is more in with the construction/renovation half of it. We've started saving for a house and, finally, got life insurance policies. August was a very productive Adulting month if I say so myself!
  18. First off, love this idea! And I love reading everyone's posts about why they joined where they did. When I first joined, I was actually on the Warder path. Offline, I'm a bit obsessed with weapons and have identified with women in reality and fiction who are/were fighters. However, overtime it didn't fit for me. When I switched paths, I spent a lot of time between the Greens and Reds. Both embodied what I consider central parts of my personality and I found a place with both of them. When time came for me to choose my Ajah, I ended up gravitating toward the Greens. Greens are fiercely loyal to one another, give support and comfort to anyone who comes to them with whatever problems they are experiencing, and support each other with their battles. Each sister has their own battle that they champion, whether it is mental health awareness, social justice issues, climate change activism, etc. The list goes on and that is where I felt most at home. Whether that is because I'm the oldest of 4 and I will protect them from most anything or because it's a part of being Canadian and seeing the injustices done to those around me and wanting to make them right. I feel like there are always going to be things that can be fought for to better the world and I plan to in whatever way I can. As I've gotten older, started a family with _wolfbrother_ and having Michael James, I want to leave the world a better, more peaceful place for him to grow up in and it just reaffirms why I am a Green at heart. I do however also have a Blue and Brown streak. I'm a big nerd, love Harry Potter, and lots of fantasy. I also love history and learning more about other cultures and peoples.
  19. *walks in and looks to the bar* Double of whiskey please! *finds the closest empty table and takes a seat*
  20. *pokes her head in and looks around. Recognizes the faces she sees and breathes a sign of relief. Slips onto the closest couch and collapses*
  21. Lessa Nikia Green Aes Sedai Not sure who should be Lanfear honestly but I would like to be able to love to hate her (like with Cersei in GoT)
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