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  1. Just so you know I won't be here... because weekends... lol I will try to check in at least once this weekend, but *shrugs* lool No promises....
  2. Oooo buying a house!! How exciting! Good luck. I don't wanna buy a house... I now want to build. Maybe one day lol
  3. meh I think everyone would just rather tease and torment you
  4. yes well mine is every game like ever...... and if someone is like KAT IS DEFINITELY TOWN. they die. 😐 It doesn't matter how I play. I do something that is scummy and I am accused. Next game I don't do it and I'm scummy because I didn't do the scummy thing I did last game. I talk too much. I talk to much fluff. I'm being too serious. I'm not serious enough. It's very exhausting... And I don't know the last time I was actually scum... It's been a few years I'm pretty sure lol
  5. do they ALWAYS accuse you of being scum no matter what you do ? lol
  6. Darthe, if you get close to starting and stall and NEED someone I will play. I'm just tired of sucking at mafia... so... just be prepared for me to still suck if I play. *shrugs*
  7. I don't think I've EVER seen that happen <.<
  8. I really wish someone would go ahead and tell me how stupid I am... I keep waiting for it. <.<
  9. And I got up in the middle of writing that and then finished. And I probably should have reread to make sure everything made sense but i didn't so if something makes no sense then I'm sorry lol It made sense in my brain.
  10. Ok so now for actual reads... yay... These are in the order they are on the first page. 1. D.VA/Correh - feel decent about. Don't want to lynch unless something changes. 2. Illian Tear - kinda null to scummy on. I just pretty much read the whole thread and I didn't get a lot out of him. He came in and randomly voted Crusher at the end. I mean I get we needed lynch someone but voting with NO convictions besides #info... 3. Verbalicious - I suck at reading Verb so idk. I felt like D1 reading his posts he just felt hung up on stuff. And honestly it's been so long since I played with him I don't know if that's normal or not. 4. NotBob - Every game I've played with him I've wished he would actually come in and give info. He does not. He is like the forever null. He randomly comes in and accuses people with no reasoning or thoughts attached. *shrugs* 5. AJ - honestly I feel like AJ really is probably town this game. BUT MAN THE TINFOIL... I felt that his and Cory's dispute read kinda t/t to me. He's seemed to try to solve. Though he does that as scum too.. I feel good about him which makes me nervous 😛 6. Crusher - lynched - mafia 7. Songstress - I don't know. I'll trust other people's judgement on her. 8. Beadsman - I really want to feel good about but not sure. I think his vote and Darthe's subsequent vote on him looks good though it COULD just have been a super smart scum ploy. *shrugs* 9. Nynaeve - Honestly I think she's town. I could be wrong. But I'd definitely like to go somewhere else first. 10. Wildfire - I feel pretty towny about 11. Krakalakachkn - I don't know. I think it's weird that both him and Darthe distinctly had something to say about the crusher voe. idk. something just feels off. And honestly I feel like a lot of the votes on me yesterday were trying to find an easy alternative train that they thought would find little resistance. Darthe's vote early and then change and then Kraks vote on me.. idk.. it just felt weird. AJ I could understand a bit, but I don't get Krak. And he has been non existant today. Which I know he has a weird time differential thing going on. I'm anxious to hear his thoughts. 12. Katiora 13. Darthe - NK - Mafia RB Honestly my reads probably suck and I"m wrong. but my WTL right now would be Krak, NB, IT. Probably in that order.
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