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  1. lolololololol Pretty sure it's the other way around... I would never mentor anyone in this game... I'm awful
  2. I'm not sure I can find them.... *finds a closet* this will work *starts feeling guilty* *takes the booze back to share* I'm sure all you admin types need it at this point lol
  3. *crashes the party* <.< *steals the booze* *takes it back to her private quarters* *not sure which ones.... I'm in the band and the WT.....* >.>
  4. There are so many things... I'm a nurse and I work in IT and my main job is babysitting i mean... negotiating... i mean... ummm appeasing the physicians at our hospital and there are so, SO many things... Today we had a MD call and say he couldn't sign off on his transcriptions and when I went up there they were opening minimized... but he couldn't figure out how to get it unminimized (by clicking the blinking icon at the bottom of the computer screen) and then wanted it fixed RIGHT THEN. which I can't do... lol and I'm full of responses like: "I don't know why it does that. Nope it's new.. ne
  5. *Kat curtsies before Mother then looks around worried* Darn it... I forgot the Kaf... DANG IT! I knew I was forgetting something..... <.< >.> Anyone else bring some??
  6. I wish I could have seen his face reading this. :D Soooooooooooo much this!!!!! lol haha
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