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  1. I wish I could have seen his face reading this. :D Soooooooooooo much this!!!!! lol haha
  2. sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep....... need sleeeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppppp......

  3. A picture's petname and where children love to be are things which will lead you to this clown. The letter is B

  4. I have been doing a re-read and one thing I noticed in it is when Taim comes to Rand in Caemlyn and Bashere sees him, he doesn't recognize him.. In fact he has to prove that it is him by telling deeds he had done... At this point I would not be surprised to find out that the real Taim was killed when he "escaped" and SOMEONE replaced him, but before doing so tortured all the information out of him. I also find it peculiar that as soon as Rand sees Taim that Lews Therin starts ranting, not about men channeling, but about the Forsaken, specifically Sammael and Demandred, though we know that he is not Sammael. This is in Chapter 2: A New Arrival in Lord of Chaos. Bashere took advantage of the silence. "You say you're Mazrim Taim?" He looked doubtful, and Rand looked at him in confusion. Was this Taim or not? Only a madman would claim that name if it was not his. I find this very peculiar... he goes on to say that he's shaved and that is the reason for his difference in appearance, but shaving should not have changed his look THAT Much... Just a thought.
  5. that's what happens when you try to mess with him... it was self defense *nods*
  6. Katiora


    Welcome to DM!!! I hope you have an awesome time here!! And I do hope you'll come check out the social groups!! We're all a fun group!! If you decide to, be sure to stop by the Band, White Tower or Wolfkin and say hi!! We love to meet new people
  7. Welcome to DM!!! And watch out for your countrymen.. I figure one will be along shortly (his name is dicetosser be wary...) And while you're pestering, be sure to stop by the Band of the Red Hand, the White Tower, and the Wolfkin
  8. Welcome to DM!! I hope you have a great time here! Definitely ask questions if you need some help! We're all nice here (well pretty much ) And we don't bite hard!!! Always nice to see new faces and meet new people
  9. Welcome welcome welcome!!!!! Hope you have a great time here!! Come check us out in the Wolfkin, Band of the Red Hand and White tower if you are interested in joining our social groups. I can't speak for the rest of the social groups (though I hear they're all great) But I know these three are great!
  10. Well Leafy, Welcome to DM!!! I'm Katiora, aka Kat, Kati, maker of mischief, etc... Very nice to meet you!!! I hope you have an awesome time here! As you have probably seen there are many aspects to our site depending on what you want to be involved in. There are the general chatty boards, the social boards and the RP boards. Honestly I only know about the Social boards, and I do hope you come visit me there! I am a member of the Wolfkin, Band of the Red Hand, and the White Tower and I hope you come check them all out!! On another note, What Sci-fi books have you read?? I was a HUGE Star Wars fan growing up. I have also read a good many of Orson Scott Card's books. But I'm mostly a Fantasy type person.....
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    *huggles* HEY!!! Welcome to Dragonmount... make sure to check everyone out!! :D
  12. Thanks to all who worked so hard to get this place up and running!!! You did a great job! :D
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