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  1. I wouldn't classify Kung Fu Hustle as a kung fu film, despite the name. Its an over-the-top, classy movie that is more fun than adventurous.
  2. Great game DPR. Had fun. If BooBoo was not dead D2, he could have been the lynch D3 because I had peeked him with a weapon. And, that would have caused more confusion. But still, all lynches were demons was awesome.
  3. I mean, I get what you are saying about a traitor in the qt, but whatever Len has been saying is true and nothing is fabricated.
  4. im kinda at the point where i really wanna see a reads list from you please. especially if what u said about alts and game info is true I also told you zander should know and if he didnt say something id expect you to check and BELIEVE your pm. especially after i blow up about it. Amega is correct on the daykill. I still think hes crazy for wanting to lynch me and pral, when Zanders posts after I reveal basically confirm me. I dont care what the PM says when Zanders actions and own words say differently. Once again, if Zander knew I was order, why would he ever push my lynch like he did D1 prior to the reveal? I never said my PM said nothing about the acolyte knowing the members. It does. But based on what Zander said and his actions either he didnt read it, he didnt know or he was playing some weird mind games. len is seriously sketching me out I still dont understand how anyone looking for the acolyte failed to name Zander N1. The dude was basically screaming it to the heavens. When did this turn around to us lying? I dont see how this is a serious question, ever, right now yes Zander was screaming. Posting music even. JUST LIKE EVERY SINGLE GAME HE PLAYS!!!! AJ was my first thought and tress became my guess cause of her knowledge Asw for lying ive been worried about a traitor in that QT all game. Unless you believe me and Lenlo are both scum, this is going nowhere. Zander mentioned it and at the time I didn't give much attention to it. He was also dead within a few hours. As to finding zander, all I did was search for "Order" in the search box and I knew zander was acolyte. I didn't even know what was happening in the game.
  5. Yeah, well. I guess I know where this confusion is from. The PM said so. But, Zander didn't know who the Order members are.
  6. Tell me - i don't get what your doubt is
  7. Yeah, Len is asking something more specific
  8. Alright. Either you or Nolder needs to tell me the power gained when everyone joins the Order QT. Do this and you are a true member. are you for real? I just told you something in our pms that hasnt been mentioned, made it clear i know what the power is without saying what it is and you still want the power outted? gimme a break len Might have missed that. Quote it for me please. Neither do I recall seeing anything about it
  9. You can go ahead. Order is out of peeks anyway. It was 2X
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