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  1. Pralaya

    Heavy Metal

    You need help, lol It is like Type O Negative who have a lot of songs about death and dying !
  2. Hehe, don't worry. Just grilling you. Pralaya is a sanskrit word from our mythology - that should have been a big clue. If that didn't help you, you should have seen my location as India right below my profile pic
  3. Finally, someone who understood my name :) Yes,although I use this name in all the forums I go, I thought it was a perfect match in DM because of that.
  4. I have not ridden one but have fed them bananas, lol. But, yeah, there are a lot of opportunities to ride elephants here. Ask her to plan a vacation in Kerala and you can practically see an elephant everyday.
  5. Lol, what the hell, man? Don't tell me you didn't know me and Panchi were Indians.
  6. Hey, welcome. You can see that I am also from India, heh. Have a great time in the site :)
  7. So, that was a pretty good chapter. It is titled "Mercy"
  8. One more chapter released. Don't think the book is anywhere close to being complete :D http://www.georgerrmartin.com/excerpt-from-the-winds-of-winter/
  9. Pralaya

    Heavy Metal

    Have you listened to this? :) Though this is from one of their newer albums, after Jari left
  10. Pralaya

    Heavy Metal

    I'm guessing you like the folk metal with clean vocals. Imo. the best folk metal band is Ensiferum but they don't dwell on clean vocals. I would recommend In Extremo, a german band similar to Rammstein but they are folk metal. Oh and any Rammstein fans btw. ? :) He likes Korpiklaani, so I don't think he specifically need clean vocals ☺. That said, WildTaltos, you should definitely try Ensiferum. Like skuggar said, they are the best in folk metal
  11. Pralaya

    Heavy Metal

    Oh, I love European metal - especially that are melodic and linking to fantasy -- like Power Metal, Melodic Death, Viking Metal, Folk Metal etc. Europeans are the best at this. Bands like Falconer, Ensiferum, Korpiklaani, Amon Amarth, Candlemass, Summoner are my favorites. Turisas is more power/folk metal than viking. They are like vikings telling a fantasy story. "The Varangian Way" is posiibly their best album.
  12. Sorry, I totally missed this. Anyway, the previous one was LEX LUTHOR
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