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  1. The very last question... I went by book and she was going by movie... lol >.> I think it's debatable lol but It's just fun lol It was the which spell did he learn first one
  2. Thanks Adella!!! I loved it!!! <3
  3. If you're not full of...... ..it Then good game Marsh....
  4. Nope... pretty sure it's over... Scum wins... which one of you is it??
  5. Honestly.... I'm not scum. Not lolcatting... I'm neville longbottom. Vanilla town.
  6. not gonna happen but a girl can hope..
  7. Vote: Zander Just in case iron comes to his senses last minute... literally
  8. Nope... I'm lynched... and still town lol it's ok... I shalt be confirmed soon enough... gg scum team
  9. I love how zander is basking in his moment of scummy triumph...
  10. Zander if you are town... which i know you're not we're so screwed lol
  11. Gg Zander... you scum butt.. Go ahead and win it for the wolves.
  12. I wish I could give you some kind of solid proof... All you can do is go with your gut. And if you are miraculously scum, I will hunt you down in RL and personally stab you in the big toe..... :flat: I feel like I know who is scum.... but you have to make the decision you feel best. No worries... game's just depending on you lol
  13. yeah... Iron.. find that game... Note on there that I don't think I've done any AtE this game. That's all been Zander....
  14. Zander go ahead and tell him the last game where I was scum..... Cause I don't remember. Which game is it you're looking at??
  15. wth is a kivam gambit? lol it all comes down to, do you think that I would put the lynching vote on my team mate as scum. And what has zander done to help town this game? He didn't case lessa at all. All he's done all game is get stuck on me being scum. And hasn't cased me that well. He has said I don't read well. Both Chris and Dice, who have played with me a good bit and know me well both said I was pretty town. Why in the world would I have killed Chris? Let me tell you, If I had been scum, Zander would have been dead before Verb. WAYYYY before verb. If I'm scum I kill zander. Let Verb go after and lynch chris. Then I NK Verb. As scum I'm scared to death of Zander. I don't antagonize him. I don't fight with him. THIS ONLY HAPPENS WHEN I'M TOWN. I'd have just killed him by now. And I would have done it early. This game Zander has failed to see obvious things. Very unTOWNzander of him. He's also had a LOT of AtE. The whole thing of "I'm just leaving for the night so people will quit biting my head off" for saying he's missing obvious stuff. TownZander would go back and re-evaluate or find stuff to prove his point and shoves it down our throat. He didn't want to cause he knew he couldn't. He didn't have an answer to it he knew we were right so he threw a fit and left. Also, do you think as scum I go after Verb right before I kill him??? Do you not think that if I knew verb was gonna die I go silent and "get busy" or something?? Why put for the effort if I already know he's going to die? I don't make sense. Zander does. He's only a deep wolf because you're like me and always want him to be town. He has done nothing this game to look like town. He keeps saying my vote doesn't clear me when he didn't even vote and he had been there earlier in the day and could have. Unfortunately he did not rand town this time. Makes me sad but it's true.
  16. I would be opposite. I would kill iron. I don’t know how he will react if he’s still alive. But I know you. It would be a much better bet for me if I were scum.
  17. Because he will kill you tonight. I’d bet money on it. Your mason. You know me better. He will think he has a better chance of convincing iron than you
  18. It’s Zander. Look who didn’t vote on the scum lynch. Iron does it make ANY sense for me to kill my own team mate. I could have voted for ANYONE but clov and not been overly suspicious as scum and my scum mate would have had a good chance to survive. Why vote my scum mate and be the lynching vote. That. Makes. No. Sense. Unless you’re scum trying to push the vote on anyone else. Please for the love of everything think it out.
  19. Dice my thing is, is he really this thick or is he scum?
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