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  1. I'll tell our head of IT about your disapproval lol
  2. Heh when I try to open them by themselves it tells me that Entertainment and Humor are not allowed lololololol
  3. Can't see that one either 😞 Apparently this computer doesn't like the site you're pulling from lol
  4. You didn't retire Zander... And if I'm in you're in write it down AJ lol
  5. πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”
  6. I'm pretty sure the game would implode...
  7. AJ I may or may not be in... depends on the bribery
  8. Nominate all you want I wouldn't go if you paid me πŸ˜› I make a big enough fool of myself here lol
  9. I support anyone who is not me!
  10. I did not!! I even quoted it and made the statement before she died I thought I had caught a hint from Wifi
  11. you notice they DIDN'T kill me... and I was confirmed town 😐
  12. I dont' fault a wolf.. I fault Clov... lol Honestly though I wasn't thinking that Clov and BFG go after each other as scum buddies first thing... I did tin foil over it, and then when I didn't die it worried me, but honestly it was on the weekend and I don't have much time for this on weekends. πŸ˜• I also am on my phone and DM on the phone SUCKS 😞
  13. well... I've got a hankering to head to the midwest... probably around... idk... I think Indiana?? Maybe...
  14. Ok I'll be back later... I've got to go on a road trip... thinking of heading up north... <.< 😐 Thanks for the game Darthe.. And Clovypoo next time you die. Period.
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