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  1. Your boy's always got my positive thoughts cos he's amazing and so are you. I'm keeping everything crossed
  2. Good grief I replied in the wrong thread. Anyways it does seem to be just titles now thank you :)
  3. Yeah I tried that and it still lists all the individual posts rather than just the threads :(
  4. Trickle trickle. Mashi, do you know how to change new content to Topics / Threads instead of Posts. What's everyone been up to?
  5. I think we're gonna try the copycat version. Yellow cornmeal isn't a thing here but we've discovered that polenta is basically the same thing. After doing proper halloweening this year, Thanksgiving is next and we need to make sure we have a good spread, with enough simple stuff for possible fussy eaters ... who don't like turkey lol
  6. Do doo de do doo! Congratulations lovely, I know you'll do an excellent job
  7. The Fear of Elgee is always at the fore of our sign ups. Maybe that's the key to making mafia more nicer, make Elgee the Queen Mod of Mafia everywhere :)
  8. Can someone let the Admins know that someone is posting multiple duplicate posts all over DM? I think they should be banned. #verbalspamover9000 I guess this means we'll have to play our silly awesome blue potter game with the grown ups lol
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