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  1. You responded too Jaccsen yesterday about the 5.9 million viewers. I was adding some perspective to the numbers you posted and showing that they are probably not too separate to those posted by Jaccsen. There are rewatch parties organized on twitter by various parties (including DM i think) I see multiple people saying they have watched episodes multiple times and I have often rewatched previous seasons prior to new seasons for shows that I have enjoyed. This IMO would have been particularly prevalent considering the extended break between season 1 and 2 for WoT.
  2. So thats, 103,000,0000/8 = 12,875,000 individual watches of each episode if we only assume that all watches are of S2. This is obviously not the case there would be considerable S1 rewatches and multiple rewatches from dedicated fans contained in those numbers. If you divide it by the full 16 episodes its close to the 6 million viewers number listed above.
  3. It's hardly a stretch if you use our civilization as an example. Take any period of 3000 years prior to industrialization occurring and there is not the explosion of advancement that has happened since that would indicate a marked difference.
  4. Helen Mieren would be awesome she is a little thin but would be awesome apart from that.
  5. Bollocks Some parts are 100% open to factual objective analysis. If you break your own established world rules that is bad writing. If you write your characters to do something that is completely against anything that character would ever do then that is bad writing. Are you telling me that if Rand pulled out a rocket launcher at the start of S3 and used it to kill Egwene that we could not objectively analyze that as bad writing.
  6. I have no idea what its from I found just that passage reposted on a discord thread I think a few years ago.
  7. Not really Perrin was scouting the black tower because they suspected that a trap was being placed there. You could make the same exact argument for Nynaeve saving Rand from Rahvin.
  8. Look I don't know the book starts in a conservative rural town in a feudal/agrarian world. Does that really need to be updated for modern audiences. It fits with the World that exists in the books and it's not like we don't get more cosmopolitan settings continuing on in the series. Did we really need Rand and Eggy to have sex in the common room of her parents Inn. Not everything needs to be updated or changed to fit modern values. If the content fits the story then allow it too.
  9. I really liked Androl gave us an insight into the black tower. You are aware that he opened the tiny gateway prior to Perrin removing the dreamspike. Then was hiding till he felt the spike barrier being removed.
  10. I agree the book could have done with a reduction in the number of bosom usages. However I don't believe that the constant use of the folding arms beneath the breasts is an overtly sexual thing. It's more a writing device that RJ got over reliant on to show how a woman was thinking at certain times.
  11. Slightly off topic and contains sexual descriptions but one of the weirdest sexual literary scenes I have ever seen. Always makes me laugh. Again language warning before opening.
  12. There are a lot of descriptions about men being well built across the shoulders and upper bodies, especially like an axehandle across the shoulders, arms as big as legs and such.
  13. Cannot agree with most of this. Morgase came to the throne as a weak monarch, nothing to do with her being female, and had to work hard to set herself up to reign in complete control. Lol really Ebou Dar being odd as the only place woman have real power. Sea Folk are a female led society Aiel have both Wise ones and Clan leaders but i'll doubt that you will find anyone who will say it is not the Wise ones who are the true leaders. Far Madding militantly run female city. Womans Circles in the two rivers in the books were considered by most to be the real power in the towns. Andor before Rahvin. Tar Valon. Seachan dominated by the Empress. Suroth in control of the return. Ebou Dar is such an odd choice for her to pick as the most interesting in terms of female empowerment, it is nowhere near the most female power in the books, it also where their ruler rapes one of the heroes of the book. Aludra I cannot think of anything that would have changed had she been male. She appeared to be a senior member of the chapter house, and then through unfortunate events outside her control was ousted and was pursued because they believed her selling guild secrets. I can't believe they would have reacted any differently to a man selling their secrets. Tuon is never a petulant child. Some who initially see her believe her a child purely based on her size and some have views on nobility however these views are always wrong and immediately dispelled. As for nakedness the cultures that embraced it like the Aiel, Borderlanders and a lesser extent the Seachan seemed to do it for all rather than one sex or the other. Yes the use of the word bosom is excessive. However there are also lots of descriptions of how broad men are built in axehandles, how they have well turned calves and talk of backsides as well. Galad is constantly talked about in terms of how beautiful he is. As for the woman stay at home trope that you complain of. There are constantly business's run by females in all the cities.
  14. My knowledge of New Spring is not as strong as for the rest of the series. I did not think the secrets where secret weaves but things like eyes and eyes secrets and emergency codes and leaders of the Ajah. It would also be very hard to hide this weave as its use is remaining in place and would be seen by anyone able to channel if used. But again this is just complete unfounded guessing to fill a plot hole. The information we are provided is Aes Sedai cannot tie off weaves.
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