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  1. Aww thanks guys We're still trying to adjust to the hectic schedule, as is the little guy. Nobody's quite sure what the right way to go about thing is just yet, and I have this constant dull headache from sleep deprivation. I'm told that goes away in about 18-20 years....
  2. Yeah that’s definitely the feeling I’m getting. We’re trying to take as many photos as possible before he goes changing too much. He’s already two inches (5 cm) taller... Don’t I know it! That’s definitely his mama’s looks coming through, everything except the chin. Totally don’t know where he got that from... <_< >_> -hides own chin behind hands- ....do you promise it’ll come back? Really truly? ;) Thank you Tress.
  3. Also, not dead! Just strapped with a new baby-child – sleep deprivation just got real – but he’s so totally worth it. Have pictures of the little guy!! He was three weeks early, but still managed to get to 54 cm long and weighing 3.7 kg – that’s 21.25 inches and 8 lb 3 oz – all while being cute as a button and unimaginably expressionable. His mama and I have been thoroughly exhausted leading up to his arrival, but we’re beginning to catch up. Sorry for disappearing for a stretch, but we were basically living at the hospital for almost a month. Yay for going through unread threads again! \o/
  4. Okie doke. I’m just chilling for right now.
  5. Aww congratulations! And yay, someone else gets to go poof around April with me for that reason!
  6. Awesome ty ty And no, I'm not a member yet. Just a lurker, and NaNo participant.
  7. That's exactly what he needs: more attention
  8. E James Todd – "James" Writin' I make food Are there cookies yet? If not, can I supply them?
  9. This is very true. More than anything, though, I’m grateful we have visibility on the street once again; the debris made an innocent turn into a blind death-trap.
  10. Ooh ooh ooh!! If there's a chance to be part of a writers' workshop, then sign me up!!! I've been dreaming of coming back to one...
  11. What’s even more special is the fact that it’s been....6-7 weeks, something like that. Our Irma debris just got picked up today.
  12. They also have pointy sticks and fire-water. Best partiers if given the chance and/or bored. -sage nod-
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