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  1. Kavanaugh showed who he is in that testimony. Heck he showed who he is in his yearbook quotes. He probably deserves to be removed from his present seat but he will likely still get in because the GOP only want to get that supreme court position filled before the elections in November. His opening rant was right out of Alex Jones/Rush Limbaugh land. He flat out lied about the meanings of some of his yearbook entries. Check urban dictionary for "boof", "Devil's Triangle", and "FFFFFFF". He evaded answering most questions including the remarks when the woman senator asked about if he had ever drunk to the point he didn't completely remember events. His "apology" later on was rubbish as well and straight out of the abusive men's playbook. He lied or at least misrepresented about being legal in Maryland to drink beer his senior year. They changed their legal drinking age from 18 to 21 in July 1982 when Kavanaugh was still 17. This means that in Maryland he was illegal to drink even beer until February of 1986. That he lied about this in the middle of a Senate Hearing on his fitness for a lifetime Supreme Court position speaks volumes about his character, or lack thereof in his case. Honest question for those who think he should be immediately voted on by the full Senate: If the elections were not so close would you think that it would be prudent to further examine these allegations?
  2. Where we at on this? Season starts in less than a week.
  3. Maybe half point PPR? I think that was what we used before. Two flex is okay. Since this looks like it might only be a 8 team league maybe go 2 QB? I've never played that way but it might be interesting. Auto or live draft is okay. If time doesn't work for me I'll just set mine up for automatic anyway.
  4. LOL at Cuba thinking Clov isn't a "real" NFL fan because he isn't up in arms about a peaceful protest. Lmao about Nolder needing a safe space free from trolling. BTW, what does the actual rule say about what is acceptable. Is it just stand and face the flag? #forcedpatriotismisfascist
  5. I'm willing. Need to redeem last year.
  6. Browns did do better in second round. Some of their later picks have high star/bust potential tho. Time will tell. Looking like the Giants are truly commiting to balance on offense. Barkley, Solder, Hernandez all together should improve the run game and potentially give OBJ more room to operate. Bears had good draft too IMO. If Trubisky grows as a QB they could be decent. Lions did okay, I think. I'm reading the "experts" think they stretched for a DB but I'm hoping my old high school teammate can coach him up(or just sees something they missed).
  7. If you don't believe in an afterlife, which is a major part of just about every religion( certainly Christianity which you have extolled here repeatedly) how can you look to religion for your purpose in life?
  8. Black Panther debuts in the late 60's/early 70's. Dr. Strange is much earlier than that. So if anything it is Jordan taking the concepts from the comics. It is historically accurate for the African warriors to use spears. The test is a long standing fantasy staple, think Dune. In fact you could argue that the entire Aiel are an homage to the Fremen.
  9. And the Browns pull a Browns with their two picks? Mayfield and Ward??? Probably could have gotten Ward a little later if they could have found a trading partner. I hope they do better in round two. Good thing they traded for Taylor, LOL. Bills did pretty well value wise with their picks I think. I'm not really sold on Allen tho. I guess we will see. If you are Joe Flacco, how you feeling this morning? Rosen probably couldn't have found a better landing space than Arizona. Pretty happy with Lions drafting O line. Not exciting but I think it was needed. Who didn't get picked that you expected to in round 1?
  10. Captain Marvel only appears in one of the post credit scenes Falcon becomes the new Cap Thanos will not be defeated until Infinity War part 2 next year. Hawkeye becomes Ronin but not until next year. Bucky becomes White Wolf. 5 is enough. Seeing it Sunday
  11. You just gotta figure out what it is. No one can tell you what is your "one thing".
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