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  1. NFL Discussion

    They have been dead to me for many years.
  2. NFL Discussion

    Jets trade up to #3. Colts get the following: This year picks First round #3 Second round #37 Second round #49 2019 second round This is a big win for colts. Three additional second round picks to move down 3 spots and possibly be able to pick same player. Jets will certainly pick the wrong QB. But Bridgewater will save them, LOL. Bills willing to go to #1 or #2?
  3. NFL Discussion

    I must be getting more British cause I just can't stop supporting these underdog Browns. They gonna become my AFC team. Lions are my NFC team. they strengthened their QB, RB, and WR positions. I didn't know but they also had signed to tackles just before Thomas retired so that isn't as bad as it could be. I think they might actually be best seeing what they can get for the #1 pick (especially if they think they can get Barkley at #4) . The draft value thing says that #1 is worth 3000 points. if someone (say Buffalo cause it works by the maths) wanted the number one overall it would add up to... #12 - 1200 #22 - 780 # 53 - 370 #56 - 340 #65 - 265 total: 2955 maybe they swap some lower picks to make it work or throw in a "future considerations" or a player of modest value to make it totally square. That makes a lot of potential in this draft to upgrade/reinforce a lot of positions. they would have 9 picks in the top 65. biggest problem might be too many too young players. Browns round 1-3 draft board would look something like this: #4: Barkley/Chubb?/ QB?/Nelson #12: OT/ DB? #22: Would Jackson still be there? I think he might. I think I like him better than most tho. #33: Best Player Available #35: BPA #53: BPA #56: BPA #65: BPA Bottom line is I think they are making a mistake if they are locking themselves into picking a QB at #1. Especially if they don't LOVE one of the big4 (Darnold, Rosen, Allen, Mayfield). Note: I don't think that Buffalo makes that move unless they are totally sold on one of these guys. but the numbers add up cleaner for them than anyone else as it gives more picks in this draft as opposed to future picks. It is time for the Browns to get some players. not more future picks. just some random thoughts... Where do Suh and Mathieu land? Will Kaep get a job this year? Which rookie QB plays right away and who has the best year?
  4. NFL Discussion

    You never know. NFL people do stupid things on draft day. Especially when QBs are involved. I was kinda thinking that some of these QBs might drop a ways and then get picked by people not expected to take them just due to being value at the point. TBH I don't have a great handle on who the stud defensive players are in this draft. I've only been really hearing about Chubb and Fitzpatrick who are looking like top 5-10 picks. Joe Thomas retired yesterday. Do you think that puts pressure on Cleveland to rethink #4 and look at an OL. I haven't heard about any star LT in the draft so it might just not be an option. The guy from ND is a guard I think.
  5. NFL Discussion

    I was reading that the #4 pick would be worth (using the draft value chart thingy) exactly the #12 and #22 picks that the Buffalo Bills currently possess. those could be two valuable players. Buffalo trades up to 4 to take one of the Big QBs? Free agent QBs going to new homes. do these moves make it less likely these teams prioritize QB in the 1st round? Bridgewater to JETS Cousins to VIKINGS Keenum to BRONCOS Bradford to CARDINALS Brees resigns w/ SAINTS Taylor to BROWNS Who is now seriously in the market for a QB? Browns?? I don't think they should use either #1 or #4. maybe trade down and get L. Jackson? would be interesting. Giants. Definitely need to think about it. Bills. Yes. also heard rumour they looking to trade shady to NYG for #2. I don't think that makes sense form NYG POV but who knows. Cards? Yes. There are some maybes out there and of course if a team is CONVINCED that a particular guy is a certified "franchise QB" then they take them anyway. Current QBs Seattle: R. Wilson SF: J. Garrapolo?? LA: J. Goff ARI: S. Bradford Detroit: M. Stafford GB: Rodgers Chicago: Tribusky? Minn: K. Cousins Dallas: D. Prescott Philly: C. Wentz (and N. Foles) Wash: A. Smith NYG: E. Manning Carolina: C. Newton Atl: M. Ryan NO: D. Brees TB: J. Winston? LVR: D. Carr LAC: P. Rivers KC: P. Mahomes Den: C. Keenum Cle: T. Taylor Cin: A. Dalton Pit: B. Rothlisberger Bal: J. Flacco NYJ: McCown ( T. Bridgewater) NE: T. Brady Miami: Tannehill? Buffalo: ??? Houston: D. Watson Tenn: M. Marriota Ind: A. Luck Jax: B. Bortles
  6. NFL Discussion

    I like what the Browns did. I don't really know what the "experts" dislike about Taylor. If I were a Browns fan I would be very disappointed if they don't take Barkley first. I would even consider not taking a QB at 4 and helping fill a different need. Maybe even trade down.
  7. More mass shootings...

    Holy false equivalence Batman!! Also, you actually agreed with AJ re the damage caused by high velocity rounds Vs larger slower rounds.
  8. When does spring start?

    I just saw this cool new book it was called Celsius 232.778
  9. When does spring start?

    We already have a system that has the seasons match up to a specific date on the calendar (accounting for leap year). You need it to start on a 1st of the month? Why? Is it so hard to remember? Your idea for Spring on March 1 doesn't make it simple, it makes it inaccurate. But then it was made up by meteorologists which everyone knows aren't real scientists Heck they can't even tell us if it will really be raining tomorrow half the time. (except here because it is ALWAYS raining) I'm fully versed in Metric as well. Don't get me started on Stone tho
  10. When does spring start?

    Ley, was your mission to attempt to argue a nonsensical position to engage in deflection and water muttering? That seems to be what you are doing. BTW, I just spent about 20 minutes outside clearing Ithi's car of what must have been imaginary snow since it is now spring according to you and therefore it could not possibly be snowing Your confusing or incorrectly taking as the same two different versions of "seasons". The Seasons are Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. They are set by the previously mentioned soltices and equinoxes. A period of time when the the weather may be relatively constant (locally) can happen at any time for any length of time. They are not the same.
  11. When does spring start?

    Weather is variable based on many many things. The seasons are constant based on the relative positions of the earth and sun as a result of earth orbit. Having lived in several different places on this earth I can confirm for you that the individual local weather is not the same at a certain time of year. In March (or any other time of year) the weather will be quite different in Southern California than from Yorkshire UK or from Florida in the USA or from New York/Pennsylvania or from Chicago area. If you used the weather to determine seasons then different places would have seasons of different length and start/stop times. It just wouldn't work.
  12. Marvel Universe - need some help here

    Just watched Thor: Ragnarok. Enjoyed it immensely. Korg rocks!! CWIDT? Very miffed that I can't find my Led Zeppelin discs cause I will need the immigrant song on my new phone.(plus other songs)
  13. When does spring start?

    The seasons are directly related to the solstice/equinox events. The weather may not be exactly relatable to the seasons. Winter solstice: shortest day of year Spring equinox: day/night equal Summer solstice: longest day of year Autumn equinox: day/night equal The new season starts at each event. Period. This is true no matter where you live, even Australia. Their seasons are inverted from ours so I can guarantee that Spring doesn't start on March 1st there. But it will start on their spring equinox.
  14. Black Tower Roll Call - March 2018

    Here. Happy that the latest batch of snow has melted. Waiting for the next one. Yay. June here in UK. April/May in SoCal. Fave thing about spring is putting up the "big coat".
  15. More mass shootings...

    My question was to ascertain reasons, and attitudes about willingness to violate "the law". I guess it leads to a philosophical question, if you only follow the laws you agree with are you really a law abiding citizen? I have no qualms with having the appropriate weapon to deal with predators. I say that is one of the few valid reasons to possess a gun. I don't know that you would need a gun with a quick change high capacity (>6rounds, or decide on a number) magazine for that though. I am aware such a thing is unlikely today but I think there may be a day that changes. The youth that have had to grow up with active shooter drills all thru their school years might orchestrate change on this front. Oh well, I guess I will just go on not worried about being shot. Cheerio!