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  1. Black Panther debuts in the late 60's/early 70's. Dr. Strange is much earlier than that. So if anything it is Jordan taking the concepts from the comics. It is historically accurate for the African warriors to use spears. The test is a long standing fantasy staple, think Dune. In fact you could argue that the entire Aiel are an homage to the Fremen.
  2. Galadriel is complicated and it is one of the things I like about her. Also that there is some mystery about her and in the books her possible previous relationships with the wizards. Lothlorien was in no small part about protecting the surrounding area and also themselves. That they survived as long as they did in the shadow of Dol Guldur is a testament to Her commitment and skill. As well as to the power of the elvish rings. Fingolfin was always my favourite elf. I wanted to use his name for my handle here but it was already taken. He was basically a Paladin Elf. His battle with Morgoth was epic. amazingly sad but epic. The fall of Gondolin was also pretty epic as far as heroism goes. Again also amazingly sad. Silmarillion is just so full of awesome.
  3. In the books Faramir was never tempted to take Frodo and the ring to Minas Tirith. I can see they wanted an epiphany for the end scene but it felt cheap and was a disservice to Faramir. Possibly the second worst disservice in all the films. (my first place here occurs in Return of the King so will mention in that thread maybe)
  4. I have felt really drawn to the Elves. Yeah, the elves were my favorite, too. I really liked Galadriel. I don't think Cate Blanchett was the right actress to cast for the role because she doesn't look and "feel" right to me, but her acting was satisfactory. Anyway, Galadriel was my favorite elf in the books, and I thought it was neat that Gimli had a crush on her. Who do you think might have been better? Older or younger? At first I wasn't sure but thinking back about Galadriel (who is a total BA) I think she was a good choice. Galadriel was considered one of the most beautiful elves to ever live. She was chased by Feanor in the time of the trees. There is a rumour that He asked her for a lock of her hair and that it was to be incorporated into the Silmarils. The story goes he asked 3 times and that is part of why she gave Gimli three locks.
  5. I would guess it is geographically generated. They may have lived "along the bottom" of the hill or a fall or sommat. Does that mean Neville's great-great-etc... Was a hobbit? Who doesn't like the Proudfeet? And doesn't snicker when hearing about the Bracegirdles?
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