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    playing and watching sports, reading fantasy (duh), spending time with my new boys, playing LEGO video games

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Hi I'm a 45 yr old father of two boys that first started reading Wot in 1990 when EotW was given to me by a friend. I have read and re-read these books off an and on as each new one came out and can't wait to see it all tied up. My first Fantasy book series was LotR. I must say that I love the tales of the first age even more (Silmarillion). I guess that is somewhat obvious by my name. I have also enjoyed reading the Harry potter series, Dune, Recluse saga, The Sword of Truth(sorry haters) biggrin.gif the Hallows series by Kim Harrison and The Dragon Prince books by Melanie Rawn. There are some other but those are my favorites.

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