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  1. Black Panther debuts in the late 60's/early 70's. Dr. Strange is much earlier than that. So if anything it is Jordan taking the concepts from the comics. It is historically accurate for the African warriors to use spears. The test is a long standing fantasy staple, think Dune. In fact you could argue that the entire Aiel are an homage to the Fremen.
  2. Yes. amazon. I can't bring myself to pay so much for it. I mean 2 quid a box. I will be trying the knock off recipe first I think. Thanks again for the great ideas.
  3. Niiiiice!! Thanks Cindy. Jiffy is the bomb. I may give that recipe a go on Friday.
  4. Okay so we had chili tonight and now I really have a hankering for some cornbread muffins. I always just used the little box mix but that isn't an option. Help!!!! *Turns on brown bat baking signal*
  5. Thank James. Privileges: To serve and help The Me'A be all that we as a group wish us to be. I will be in charge of Me'A activities. Helping the Warders in general and trying to make the Me'A boards and threads on the Warder boards as inviting as possible. Responsibilities: I assume at some point I will gain access to the WT staff board and then I will probably have some paperwork to do. Why is there always paperwork. We are warders not a committee. I will also assist in modding the Me'A threads which will be a task since Verb is a Me'A. Nothing is ever easy. That is a bit of a c
  6. Thanks for the kind words everyone. I am honoured to become the leader of those that follow the Me'A discipline. I will strive to here for all current and future members. Thanks Ed, Thank you Rhea. Thank you Ithi Thanks DJ. Get ready for the greatest Battle of wits ever. Muahahahah Thanks Ryrin. Nice sword. Thank you Tress.*salute
  7. Oh Drat I missed the last one. I had a fair set too. Elayne: pretty prat Egwene: jumped up inn keepers daughter Nyn: Mrs. Mandragoran Well played everyone. Thanks for hosting Cross.
  8. Awesome. And true. BT Mat also hates mending his clothes so he is super careful not to get them dirty or torn.
  9. BT Why are you bald Elayne? I like to drive really fast Really though, the Andorian walk of atonement past all the local women's councils whilst they sniff in your general direction with their arms folded.
  10. BT Good or ebil or a little bit of both? All are welcome With the ever replenished pile of BACON!!
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