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  1. Charis! *tacklepounce* 😊 This new layout isn't working for me. I hardly stop by at all anymore. If this is how it will be moving forward, I'll probably just come back once the show's on and post in the TV show threads or something, assuming that I like the show. I had a hard enough time being active when I could go straight to the sections that interested me, but now that I have to scroll through random threads that are all thrown together, it's like sorting through a big pile of laundry to find that one matching sock, and I just don't care enough not to just blow the sock off, wear sandals, and walk someplace else.
  2. I'm so sorry! You and your family are in my prayers!
  3. That's beautiful, Mother! And yes, thank you, Rhea! And all hail Mashi! Finally, Woohoo! Kukaso is here, too! We should bring her "I have a son!" thread over here so that she can continue to update it.
  4. She was reasonable about accepting the title "First Reasoner," so I"d say she's off to a pretty good start.
  5. As far as the books go, I can sympathize with each of the Ajah's missions; I can see how a case can be made for each Ajah being the most important one, and for that reason, if I were a real Aes Sedai, I would be a Gray. Grays are needed in order to smooth relations between the Ajahs, amplify the voices of the smaller Ajahs, and ensure that there is enough peace and stability in the world for each Ajah to pursue their passion in the interest of best serving mankind, although in my heart, I would have always longed to be a Brown, researching and recovering lost knowledge, but my duty would have been to serve as a Gray, and so that's what I would have done. On Dragonmount, I just clicked the best with the Whites, so that's the Ajah that I chose. I also hung around the Browns a lot and the Yellows a bit, but I didn't visit the others that often, and I felt no connection to the Blue at that time (2006). Now, I spend my time in the White and sometimes lurk in the Blue because I had a lot of fun playing some fantasy adventure games with them a year or two ago, and I read some of the Brown threads, as well. I enjoyed taking part in their book challenge a couple of years ago. I don't go to the other Ajahs that often, as I really don't spend much time on Dragonmount.
  6. Dar'Jen Ab Owain has also figured out how to get that coin out of there without breaking the bottle or pulling out the cork. Are they the only two who will have some pocket change, or are you logical enough to get the coin, too?
  7. Seems reasonable. The WoT Wiki says First Reasoner, and I'm pretty sure that First Weaver is for the Yellow, but I could be mistaken.
  8. Wassup, my Sisters? And Brothers, if Aes Sedai Guy and Jeran ever wander back through.
  9. JamesBrown has solved the puzzle! Who else can solve it? PM me about the clever way in which you retrieved that shiny coin.
  10. JamesBrown has solved the puzzle! Who else is going to take advantage of these amazing fruit prices and stock up? Fill your basket, and PM me your answer!
  11. Since I forgot the June puzzle, here's a little puzzle of a different sort as a bonus for July. As always, PM me your answers. If you were to put a coin into an empty bottle and then insert a cork into the neck, how could you remove the coin without taking out the cork or breaking the bottle?
  12. Hi! I didn't realize that I never posted a puzzle for June, so I'll try to find a fun bonus puzzle for this month to go along with our regular one. This month, we'll do one about fruit. I did not design this puzzle, but I solved it, and there is a missing value, so here it is: The missing sale price is 60 cents. As always, have fun, and PM me your answers! Cindy went grocery shopping yesterday and was delighted to find an excellent selection of fruit available. All of it was fresh, and even better all of it was on sale! She ended up buying a bit more than she expected to, but was quite pleased with her purchases. Determine what fruits she bought, how many of each fruit (from four to twelve), the original price of each fruit (priced by item, NOT weight), and yesterday’s sale price. 1. Cindy bought two more apples than the fruit that cost 49 cents on sale. The peaches were on sale for 53 cents, but their original price was three cents less than the original price of oranges. 2. Cindy bought twice as many bananas as the fruit that was originally 69 cents. 3. The pears originally cost 60 cents, but Cindy didn’t buy ten of them. 4. The oranges were on sale for 58 cents but their original price was more than 63 cents. 5. Cindy bought eight peaches. Cindy got ten of the fruit that was originally priced at 66 cents. 6. The fruit, which wasn’t the apples, with an original price of 57 cents was on sale for 50 cents.
  13. Ooh, I'll listen to that one; thanks for the recommendation!
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