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  1. Yikes! It's like we can't have anything nice without thugs ruining it for everyone.
  2. I loved this thread; it was one of my all-time favorite threads! We probably could have moved it over from the old board and just added to it, but a new one is fine, too. My city hasn't added anything awesome lately, so I have nothing to contribute from home, but when I went to Montreal last year, I really liked their subway system. They have pretty much an entire city underground, so that you can do all your shopping and stuff without venturing out into frigid Canadian blizzards. It reminded me of Mole Town in A Song of Ice and Fire. ? I went to San Antonio in October,
  3. Shopping Cart Arabesque for the win! ? That was awesome, Mashi! I loved your beautiful spin and the fancy, delicate transition out of it. Good job! ?
  4. JamesBrown, Dar'Jen Ab'Owain, and Lavandula have all solved the puzzle! I will try to resume this, but I have grown fondly accustomed to my inactivity.
  5. Yes, I will resume the puzzles now that we have our own board again, but it might be a few days before I get one posted. I'll try to address the solutions I received and post the July answer in a day or two, as well.
  6. I did not see these Ajah boards until today, despite logging in not more than a month ago just to check. ?
  7. Aw, I'm only getting audio on these clips, so I have to imagine the spins and twizzles. In my mind, you are twizzling like Tessa Virtue and spinning like Yulia Lipnitskaya. How's that? ?
  8. I was just here like a month ago, and it was still just a big, jumbled mess of WT Club threads with no Ajah boards. Seriously, it didn't show the boards at all when I logged on. I didn't know it was back until I started getting email alerts today that people were responding to the July logic puzzle. You could have told me on Facebook, Mashi. ?
  9. Charis! *tacklepounce* ? This new layout isn't working for me. I hardly stop by at all anymore. If this is how it will be moving forward, I'll probably just come back once the show's on and post in the TV show threads or something, assuming that I like the show. I had a hard enough time being active when I could go straight to the sections that interested me, but now that I have to scroll through random threads that are all thrown together, it's like sorting through a big pile of laundry to find that one matching sock, and I just don't care enough not to just blow the sock off, wea
  10. I'm so sorry! You and your family are in my prayers!
  11. That's beautiful, Mother! And yes, thank you, Rhea! And all hail Mashi! Finally, Woohoo! Kukaso is here, too! We should bring her "I have a son!" thread over here so that she can continue to update it.
  12. She was reasonable about accepting the title "First Reasoner," so I"d say she's off to a pretty good start.
  13. As far as the books go, I can sympathize with each of the Ajah's missions; I can see how a case can be made for each Ajah being the most important one, and for that reason, if I were a real Aes Sedai, I would be a Gray. Grays are needed in order to smooth relations between the Ajahs, amplify the voices of the smaller Ajahs, and ensure that there is enough peace and stability in the world for each Ajah to pursue their passion in the interest of best serving mankind, although in my heart, I would have always longed to be a Brown, researching and recovering lost knowledge, but my duty would have
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