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  1. [GotAK] Great Mythical Beasts

    Annnnd, that was fun! Thanks for the wonderful conversation, everyone, and may you all see a unicorn someday!
  2. [GotAK] Great Mythical Beasts

    Oh, definitely! It looks wolf-like, but it's not a wolf or a dog. I don't know what that is, and apparently, they don't either. I wonder if this is how theses legends get started? A shepherd in the Carpathians kills some sort of weird thing that was eating his sheep, and within a generation, you have tales of werewolves running rampant in Romania or something.
  3. [GotAK] Great Mythical Beasts

    My first thought looking at it was werewolf! Glad to see that option made the article.
  4. [GotAK] Great Mythical Beasts

    It's my personal thought that it is evidence for the existence of Atlantis, that the idea of a dragon came from Atlantis. That, or the Biblical dragon, Lucifer, has visited and revealed himself a time or two to ancient peoples in various locales. But why would they think of the same thing? Why would they think of dragons or sea serpents that live in a lake? Yes to both.
  5. [GotAK] Great Mythical Beasts

    Is the chupacabra cross-cultural? I know that Bigfoot is (Sasquatch, Yeti).
  6. [GotAK] Great Mythical Beasts

    In some of those translations, it looks like what we would call sea serpents are being referred to as dragons. Again, on the origin topic, how did sea serpents come about? Why giant snakes or dragons living under water? Whales do not look like serpents, and those are the largest beasts that sailors were likely to ever come across. Are there, or were there, prehistoric fish still living in the oceans that people might have seen? I know they caught some ancient fish that was believed to be extinct for millions of years in the Philippines a long time ago, and Nessie, the Loch Ness monster, looks a lot like some sort of plesiosaurus, so is that what the sea serpent is based upon? What do you think?
  7. [GotAK] Great Mythical Beasts

    Cthulu for the win! So I guess what I'm getting at is questioning the root of some of these creatures. Dinosaurs are the usual knee-jerk explanation for dragons, but I think that's lazy and inaccurate. Giant fossilized bones could be the bones of any giant creature; I don't think the average person would determine that the bones belonged to a huge lizard, and presumes that lots of fairly intact fossils of large dinosaurs were available all over the place, as dragons are a common mythological creature in many cultures. We see the Coatl in the Americas, and we see different-but-similar types of dragons in Europe and Asia. Why did all these different cultures all imagine dragons? What was the basis for this? At some point, have people actually seen real dragons, or was there really an Atlantis, and did it have a dragon as its symbol or god or something? Is it just a natural response of the human psyche to imagine a giant serpent?
  8. [GotAK] Great Mythical Beasts

    On the other hand, his arms aren't long enough to put any other pair of pants besides #3 on, and since he can't reach back there anyway, #3 is the only pair that will allow him to relieve himself. Unless of course, the back is just open on the pants, and that defeats the whole purpose. Maybe this is why we never see them wearing pants? These are wonderful pictures and wonderful choices! Unicorns and dragons (or at least one dragon) are mentioned in The Bible. Are there other mythological beasts mentioned in the scriptures of other religions?
  9. [GotAK] Great Mythical Beasts

    As you can probably guess, dragons are my favorite mythical beast. I have numerous dragon figurines in my home, I was born in the Chinese Year of the Dragon, and I have a dragon (I believe technically, a wyvern) tattoo: I love the way they look, both regal and sort of creepy. I love their wisdom and cleverness, and their ferocity and seeming invincibility. I think it would be terrifying to meet one, but to have one as a friend or a partner, such as in Dragonheart, would be exceedingly cool. What are some of your favorite mythical beasts, and why?
  10. [GotAK] Great Mythical Beasts

    Welcome! Who hasn't wished to see a unicorn, a dragon, a sea serpent, or a griffon? In this thread, we will be discussing creatures of legend, lore, and mythology. We'll talk about our favorites and discuss what makes them great--why they fire our imaginations, why they are still popular centuries after we've become fairly certain that there are no dragons or unicorns lurking in the bushes, where the ideas for these beasts might have originated (for example, it's a popular notion that the mermaid was derived from the manatee), and whatever else crosses our minds, as I have done little to no preparation for this discussion. We will just wing it, like dragons... I can think of no better opening than this:
  11. Avengers Infinity War

    I just got home from watching it, and I liked it, especially
  12. RAGNAROK Sign-Ups

    Aw, I don't have time for a mafia game right now. Thank you, though!
  13. NFL Discussion

    I like Sutton's sticky hands. Keenum throws a lot of 50/50 balls out there, and Sutton looks like he's good at grabbing those. Rosen will probably turn into a good quarterback, but yeah, I think they had to take Chubb. That was pretty much the consensus on the Broncos' SB Nation blog, anyway.
  14. NFL Discussion

    I think my Broncos did quite well. I really wanted Hernandez (most of us did, including Elway), but we couldn't get past the Giants to grab him. I think the line will be improved with Veldheer though (hope he stays healthy), and Keenum, who is savvier than Siemian and should get rid of the ball quicker and have better pocket awareness and movement. This is the first draft that they didn't take boom-or-bust, low floor/high potential players early on or reach at positions of need early on. The first few rounds, they arguably took the best player available, and they primarily took guys who are football-smart, high-motor players with good attitudes and work ethics. That should pay dividends in team culture and locker room dynamics down the road. They also coached three of their draft picks at the Senior Bowl, so I assume those are guys who should have a good chance of succeeding. Sad to see that they don't have a ready replacement for Roby; they should have kept Talib another year, but improving the pass rush should help the corners, and Su'a Cravens should be able to cover tight ends. Tired of Kelce having big games against us. I thought the Giants did well getting Barkley and Hernandez.
  15. Black Tower Roll Call: May 2018

    I'm here. The last movie I saw was Ready Player One, but I intend to see Avengers: Infinity Wars tomorrow night.