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  1. Gentled Ben

    Black Tower Roll Call: January

    I'm working on relearning the piano. I haven't played since I was a kid.
  2. Gentled Ben

    Black Tower Roll Call: December

    My grandmother used to make a candy called divinity each Christmas, and I always looked forward to it, but since she died, I guess I look forward to beef summer sausage each year. I always buy one for my son as a stocking stuffer, and I get myself one, too. I like slices of them on Ritz crackers with little hunks of cheddar cheese and dijon mustard.
  3. Gentled Ben

    Black Tower Roll Call: November 2018

    Oh no! I'm sorry that things are going so poorly. ☹️
  4. Gentled Ben

    Black Tower Roll Call - October 2018

    In before the thread is locked and eager to see any scenes that don't deviate from the book. My experience in watching shows made from books is that there will be few. Perhaps the Golden Crane will fly for Tarmon Gai'don without much turbulence, though.
  5. Here we are with a new month, and in my country, we celebrate a holiday of gratitude this month, whereas our good neighbors celebrated the same holiday last month. Since thanksgiving is a hot topic on my continent this time of year, I thought a good question might be, "What are you thankful for?" Right now, I am most thankful for my health.
  6. Gentled Ben

    Black Tower Roll Call: September 2018

    Here! Dungeons and Dragons. I got a bit of a fix for it in the Blue Ajah this past winter, and it looked like there might be more, but alas, I think I got teased. I haven't played canasta in ages! I haven't played cards at all in forever. I would be down for some canasta, although I'd need quite a refresher.
  7. Gentled Ben

    Everyone come meet...

    That's awesome! When one's not around to reach that top shelf for you, the other one can!
  8. Gentled Ben

    Black Tower Roll Call: August 2018

    I'm here! I'm currently reading Bands of Mourning, my first time through it, although I have read Alloy of Law twice now.
  9. Gentled Ben

    Everyone come meet...

    Aaah! I didn't see this until now! He's beautiful, Lessa! I'm so happy for you.
  10. Gentled Ben

    The Way of Kings

    Thanks, Tress! I DO feel like destroying some evil today, so I ordered the shirt.
  11. Gentled Ben

    Black Tower Roll Call - July 2018

    Here, and I'm ready for some mashed potatoes and gravy!
  12. Gentled Ben

    The Stand Mafia [Advanced] [BACKUP/POSSIBLE SUB NEEDED]

    Ah, no time for Mafia now. Thanks, though!
  13. Gentled Ben

    Black Tower Roll Call: June 2018

    Gentled Ben here, and I like camping the best as far as summer pastimes, but swimming is close.
  14. Gentled Ben

    [GotAK] Great Mythical Beasts

    Annnnd, that was fun! Thanks for the wonderful conversation, everyone, and may you all see a unicorn someday!