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  1. Black Tower Roll Call - March 2018

    We should grab some coffee sometime! I work graveyards and am off on weekends. I'm actually in Aurora, but I drive. Hit me with a PM sometime if you want to meet.
  2. It would be nice if GIF avatars were animated again. Mine would probably dance for joy...
  3. The Way of Kings

    Yeah well, I’m bogging down on Anna Karenina, but I’m over halfway through, so I’ll keep pushing on.
  4. Black Tower Roll Call - March 2018

    Yeah, Spring is violent in Denver, too. Summer wakes up from its slumber thrashing and kicking. It goes to sleep in the Autumn gently with the temperatures slowly cooling and the winds picking up a bit, but the days remaining nice until all of a sudden, Winter is here, and it is snowing again, but Spring is schizophrenic. There is snow, rain, and hail mixed in with nice sunny days. By late May, it is pretty much just steady nice days broken by some rains, though. I don't really like Spring much beyond the greenery and the knowledge that Winter is over. I love Autumn, though.
  5. When does spring start?

    Wow, look at that--first thing that comes up when you Google it: It looks like lazy meteorologists just lump some months together in four equal groups, while the actual dates for the seasonal changes are the solstices and equinoxes. Can't wait for Spring to get here!
  6. When does spring start?

    Quoted for truth. I didn't even need to read the next two pages, as Turin has quite eloquently stated what I would have said. Also, what a lovely English village you guys live in! That was a beautiful, peaceful picture.
  7. The Way of Kings

    I haven't read Bands of Mourning yet either, so I'm going to reread Alloy of Law and then read the other two, and then read Arcanum Unbounded (so far, I have only read Edgedancer, because I want to avoid spoilers). Right now though, I am halfway through Anna Karenina, my first real classic, or at least, the first one that it looks like I might finish. Nineteenth Century novels tend to bore me, although I love Poe's and Arthur Conan Doyle's short stories. I think I will try to tackle The Old Man and the Sea next because it is short, and I have never read Hemingway. Then it's back to fantasy.
  8. Black Tower Roll Call - March 2018

    I'm here, and it's still winter here until Vernal Equinox in a little over a week, just as Cindy said. My favorite part of Spring is the flowers.
  9. Welcome to the Black Tower jbarlow1

    Welcome, jbarlow1!
  10. Brown Ajah Chocolate Week - Chocolate Delivery

    Aw, shucks! Thank you so much; it looks delicious!
  11. The Shannara Chronicles S02

    Right? After season 2 of GoT, I feel like I can handle anything
  12. The Shannara Chronicles S02

    I'll dig back into the Magic Kingdom books then, and I'll check out the Jerle Shannara trilogy at some point, too. Thanks!
  13. The Way of Kings

    So far, Stormlight Archive looks to be his best, but I would start with Mistborn because it's less ambitious, and if you like it and move on to Stormlight (which isn't finished yet by a long ways), you will recognize some references to the "gods" of the Mistborn world and perhaps even spot one of the characters in a couple of chapter introduction paragraphs. I thought that Sanderson did some things really well in WoT, like picking up the pace, writing some intense actions scenes (I loved the part in ToM where he bounced between Perrin, Egwene, and Gawyn as they each fought desperate battles against formidable opponents), and making Faile more tolerable while taking Perrin to what I felt were new character heights. I think he did some other things poorly, like writing Mat as if he were still the scamp in book one, ignoring all of the character development he had undergone, and making Cadsuane a two-dimensional strawman to be toppled repeatedly. His misinterpretation of Cadsuane in particular bothers me, because at least at one point in the story, Mat did act more or less the way Sanderson portrays him, but I am tempted to offer him a doll at his next signing and seeing if he can point to precisely where it was on the doll that Cadsuane so grievously wounded him. His own writings are fine. The early works, like Warbringer and Elantris are crude, particularly in dialogue, but at this point in his career, he is a mighty fine author, and his newer books are great. If he were to write the final three WoT books now, he would do a far better job, but I think that overall, he did alright. It is much better than just getting a synopsis would have been, even though he really upset me at several points.
  14. The "I Just Watched..." Thread

    I am Legend.