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  1. Welcome to the Black Tower jbarlow1

    Welcome, jbarlow1!
  2. Brown Ajah Chocolate Week - Chocolate Delivery

    Aw, shucks! Thank you so much; it looks delicious!
  3. The Shannara Chronicles S02

    Right? After season 2 of GoT, I feel like I can handle anything
  4. The Shannara Chronicles S02

    I'll dig back into the Magic Kingdom books then, and I'll check out the Jerle Shannara trilogy at some point, too. Thanks!
  5. The Way of Kings

    So far, Stormlight Archive looks to be his best, but I would start with Mistborn because it's less ambitious, and if you like it and move on to Stormlight (which isn't finished yet by a long ways), you will recognize some references to the "gods" of the Mistborn world and perhaps even spot one of the characters in a couple of chapter introduction paragraphs. I thought that Sanderson did some things really well in WoT, like picking up the pace, writing some intense actions scenes (I loved the part in ToM where he bounced between Perrin, Egwene, and Gawyn as they each fought desperate battles against formidable opponents), and making Faile more tolerable while taking Perrin to what I felt were new character heights. I think he did some other things poorly, like writing Mat as if he were still the scamp in book one, ignoring all of the character development he had undergone, and making Cadsuane a two-dimensional strawman to be toppled repeatedly. His misinterpretation of Cadsuane in particular bothers me, because at least at one point in the story, Mat did act more or less the way Sanderson portrays him, but I am tempted to offer him a doll at his next signing and seeing if he can point to precisely where it was on the doll that Cadsuane so grievously wounded him. His own writings are fine. The early works, like Warbringer and Elantris are crude, particularly in dialogue, but at this point in his career, he is a mighty fine author, and his newer books are great. If he were to write the final three WoT books now, he would do a far better job, but I think that overall, he did alright. It is much better than just getting a synopsis would have been, even though he really upset me at several points.
  6. The "I Just Watched..." Thread

    I am Legend.
  7. You had me at squishy balls of taint. Welcome to the Black Tower!
  8. Roll Call February 2018

    I'm here. I mostly just play Castle Age on Facebook (I have a pretty decent cleric), and Game of Stones online, a free WoT-themed browser game that I'd be happy to teach anyone to play if they're interested. There used to be a huge player base with a very large guild from Dragonmount, but I think there are probably only about 50 players now.
  9. Saidin Classes for BT Members

    I was certain that I signed up for this. Maybe it didn't post for some reason. Anyway, I want to learn, please. EDIT: Ah, I found it. I signed up in the actual sign-up thread. I was thrown off because Dar'Jen posted the same thing in both threads, and I thought, "I'm sure I commented too after she said that."
  10. The Way of Kings

    (Mistborn and Oathbringer related)
  11. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    I totally agree regarding Poe. He's completely insubordinate, and while that will fly with Han Solo, who is a smuggler and not a soldier, it would not fly with any soldier, certainly not for as long as it has with Poe. On that note, it really bothered me in TLJ when Poe walked up to Leia, who was conferencing at a table over some maps with her advisors, and interrupted to introduce her to his new buddy, Finn. I understand that these are main characters now, so it is natural to have them interact with other major characters, but there is a command structure, and I just don't see any random soldier in any military interrupting the commanding officer to introduce them to their new buddy. I think Finn is an interesting and likable enough character, though. Poe can die right now. I'm glad that beyond my best friend, I am not the only one who had hoped for Rey and Ren to team up together. The director indeed blew that.
  12. The Shannara Chronicles S02

    When I read the book, I did not see the ending coming despite ample foreshadowing, so I was stunned and saddened and LOVED it! I thought the ending was the best part of that book, and so I was quite disappointed that she explained it all to him before it happened. Other than that, it was fine. They are always going to screw the story up when they translate a book to the screen, but this was at least well-acted. Man, she was beautiful, too. I'll have to dig into season two at some point. I hated the book, as I felt it was a cheap ripoff of tLotR, but I liked Elfstones and Wishsong. I haven't read any of the other Shannara books, but I enjoyed the first two (I assume there are more by now) Magic Kingdom for Sale novels. He's a decent author, his early Tolkien plagiarism notwithstanding. EDIT: I'm talking primarily about The Elfstones of Shannara, season one, here. I haven't seen any of the season two episodes yet.