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  1. Some human tribes have a coming of age ritual for the boys where they get stung by bullet ants...multiple times! Just to prove they are men. ,_, Aliens beware...or just wait till we drive ourselves to extinction
  2. To be honest Ashaman Derouge I was never aware that tellers could charge, but in my opinion, I think that's wrong because the tellers that do charge are basically saying,"Because I'm handing you your money, some of it is mine as a reward" What I'm saying is that if you're not charging that's great, but at the same time I think it would be wrong to charge as you are already getting a salary, and you're(not you Ashaman, but other tellers) taking needlessly from other people's money.
  3. How did you know Marta? It's almost as if we've already bonded. ;) hehehehehehehehehe
  4. Congratulations Marta! Have fun with the Red Ajah! Reds, treat Marta well...or else, muahahahahahahaha. Just kidding of course! ;)
  5. Another kindness is when people greet you,like for example, saying good morning, you greet them back. Or even give people a nod in acknowledgement as they walk past you. Of course, many people just ignore you because they have other things on their minds. Which is a shame!
  6. Hi Kath! Welcome to DM and I hope you enjoy your time here and meet many good friends! ;)
  7. How ironic! I was just thinking about using air weaves to make wings to fly myself and here someone else has come up with the theory! Though I was tinking more on the lines of angel feathery wings. Ever read Maximum Ride? In the story some people have been operated on and given some bird genes and have large bird wings. My point is that the Aes Sedai can fashion air wings on their backs. Ever considered that although the air wings are solid they might also be weightless, so the wings don't have to be taken into account when trying to lift your own weight. Also if they are not going to fight th
  8. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate the welcome. I have just joined the BT and I'm having great fun in getting to know people. Thanks again everyone!
  9. Hi fellow fans! My nickname is David Hermes and I am 17. I live in England and I have just finished my GCSEs! I am fanatical about reading in general but I prefer fantasy. I am also writing my own fantasy book, a trilogy actually, called The Ormrstones trilogy. I am currently reading Lord of Chaos the sixth book in the WoT series and would love to discuss the series with fans!
  10. Hi JenLenMom! I am pretty sure the unidentified A.S. that killed Covenry was Liandrin. My proof would be that she was able to attack Covenry because she was black ajah therefore a darkfriend and so her Three Oths were broken.
  11. Since new Talents and abilities are being rediscovered, Rand or Egwene might be the ones to discover flying in The Memory of Light.
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