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  1. Some human tribes have a coming of age ritual for the boys where they get stung by bullet ants...multiple times! Just to prove they are men. ,_, Aliens beware...or just wait till we drive ourselves to extinction
  2. btw I couldn't kill anyone else this Day. I have to wait another Day to use it again.
  3. Exactly, I can do whatever I want with my vig. shot. But I would appreciate input.
  4. Either way, I will go for my next suspect just based on my feelings. Vote Darthe.
  5. So it seems my gut feelings show that that particular player is significant, but in what way, my radar if you like isn't that refined, unfortunately.
  6. Yep. I killed EP and Basel Gill. Unfortunately I killed town instead of scum. But I was trying to aim for scum. Basically I'm a poisoner and can poison one person during the day, and I can only use the power 3 times in the whole game. I've used it twice so far. So I still have one more vig. shot. Technically I'm a vigilante. As I've said I am town, so lynch me and you will be one townie less.
  7. And as a side note, I find it hilarious that you role-blocked me when I have a day action and not a night action. hehehehe
  8. Wait and see, unbeliever. (Btw I don't mean that to be offensive at all, just a joke about you not believing me.)
  9. Yeah it's kind of obvious now isn't it? So I could not have been role-blocked as my role works during the day.
  10. Yeah please don't hammer yet, until this goes through. You'll know when it goes through. You guys can lynch me if you want, but personally I'd like to survive and continue playing a bit more.
  11. Firstly I am town and I do in fact have a role. Which I'll demonstrate just now. Hopefully I've picked the right person, if not, at least you get proof for what I'm saying.
  12. Well glad you are happy LZM. What I'm hoping is the guy who hammers you gets something special due to your role. Is that why you wanted to be lynched so that a townie can get something from you?
  13. If LZM's apparently not scum, and Rand is apparently not scum, then Andrew MUST be scum? o.O Another math I do not understand. Well yes I'm voting you because you have a train on you. What was interesting when I was playing as mafia in the monopoly game is that the townies were suspicious of each other at first. So to be honest it's very possible that all the people active now and who are being voted for(LZM, Rand and Andrew) are actually all town. But I didn't have a train on me. I didn't have a single vote on me until you switched over, and then Darthe right after you. So if your reason for voting is because of a train... which is a terrible reason in the first place, voting just 'cause someone has the most votes... this does not make sense. Look get over it man. I really haven't a clue who's mafia or town. I know I'm town so I'm reluctant to lynch townies, but LZM really wants to die, so I say ok.
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