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  1. What makes you post? Often just having something worth saying or sharing. I have grown out of my 'spam' stage and the usual suspects aren't really around anymore. What prevents you from going into areas that aren't strictly "yours", like maybe other Ajahs' boards? Habit? I think for years going into other spaces felt more like 'raids' or for bondmates. I think my history in general is to avoid places I don't feel wanted or welcome. It likely doesn't apply anymore, but old habits die hard. Would you like to participate in events? I think games are great. I think challenges are fun. I am just not very good at being consistent with them when I login only once a day-ish. What kind of event would you like to participate in? Um... Where do you think events should be advertised? I think "Hall of the Tower" is good for a single post that links all the event threads. I do feel that something should be shared on the general forums outside the club to bring in new people. Other Thoughts? I do feel that the Clubs are at their worst influx of members due to a lack of visible activity on the main forums. I feel that a "Common Room" that is specific for Community Clubs would be a big help.
  2. *beams with deep pride and what she has unleashed upon the Tower in full rank* I am deeply proud, and look forward to even more official shenanigans! Congratulations, Lava, dear. *hugs* Now you may torment the next generation! Oh light, she can mentor others now!
  3. I caved and asked for one around my birthday as a birthday present back in April. (may have guilted husband a little since he literally didn't buy me a thing for christmas this year for under the tree. Which is fine. I got a cricut, but i think i spent double on him.) I stalked Best Buy and Target as they had the best prices, and had it set to 'email when in stock'. I could only get the lite, but I will likely save for the full switch so I can play other games that look interesting that aren't for the handheld. Anyway! I have a Cherry & Hyacinth island. (I was between cherry or peaches, but honestly for me it was more about the river and resident service placement and white streetlamps). My starter villagers are Cherry & Goose, and I am working to kick out Goose because I'm anti-jocks. I also have Sherb, Bubbles, Bluebear, Flora, Kabuki, Goldie, Eunice & Velma. I think I have room for one more villager, but honestly I'm meh about the 5 star. I'll let you know when I have the new island up in the dreamworld, but for now it's just the old one.
  4. meeeeeeee I'm on my second island (i needed a fresh start..) Friend Code: SW-3975-1606-6687 I am Aedrya and my Island is Witchrift OLD Dream Address: DA-9914-3225-0731
  5. I follow some geek culture, specifically the D&D kind, casually. (Though one specifically with some reverence). A woman named Andrea Towers wrote this AMAZING book that features a cast of characters inspired by strong women, and what we can take away from them. It's very good book and I highly recommend it. It's called Geek Girls Don't Cry: Real-Life Lessons From Fictional Female Characters. (link: https://smile.amazon.com/dp/1454933399/?coliid=I3LAB8YIO3OV6G&colid=32U0KIPSD3Q87&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it )
  6. It is like, I appreciate the pool boy look, but there is something sexy about a man in fine silk too.
  7. I will speak for Lavandula. Having the unique, and treasured, blessing of being her Mentor I have seen an immense amount of growth, care, and fortitude that seldom few go through. She has become a light of activity, inspiration, and enthusiasm through her entire journey to not only improve herself, but also the White Tower. Lavandula is a true embodiment of the what we could only hope to find within our ranks, and she will not only continue to be her lively, and kind self, but she also has inspired others to do the same. Who could ask for a better attribute in a Der'Manshima. To inspire others to be more kind. To enthusiastically put their face in the eyes of the Aes Sedai and share their warmth and light. I see this, as a Yellow, one of her greatest assets, but only one of a great many. I, as an Aes Sedai of the Yellow, am envious that the Warder Yard has claimed this one. However, I could not be more proud or know they are so very blessed for it.
  8. A well suited choice, darling. *sniffles* My baby keeps growing up!
  9. I will have those men serve me tea, any day!
  10. *laughs maniacally* *coughs* Having a title like Matron Mother of Mischief for nothing. 🙂 Carry on. (My state is on fire so I'm a little distracted trying to keep the smoke out of my house...) 🙂
  11. There is no such thing as the Black. 😉 *light cough*
  12. arie. quiet little yellow. I love the smell of tree's dying and the colors. Though with the red sun from the fires, i think the red will get old fast.. >.>
  13. Narg has no choice on the bubbles. They must be rainbow and plentiful if you wish me to go in. *tugs braid*
  14. One! *hugs Lily anyway*
  15. Oh join dates.. and needing a second account. thank you for the cake! In my case I joined (i THINK??) early february or march 2001. Granted, I took about 8 years off. XD
  16. oh man, i'm not a movie person, but i'll give it a shot. i'll shoot a PM once i figure a few of them out
  17. Arie can fix all the things. Be it with heals or orders to visit Kaylee. 😄 Cake sounds lovely, thank you children.
  18. Absolutely! You just need to bring your own slippers and sippy cups. *adds some green to her pillows* How are you going? Finding time for some R&R?
  19. I think that would apply to both my mentee's.. but giving Lava something sharp would bring a few stitches to the yard.
  20. I AM getting a little out of practice.... These younglings playing with cake instead of swords.... Burns just don't need the same kind of care as a mortal wound. *deep sad sigh*
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