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  1. This also pleases me greatly! I think our next generation is in great hands!
  2. @Maera Welcome! I haven't been good with checking on all the thigns this month, but welcome to the club! ❤️
  3. What kind of brand and such is the tablet? Honestly, starting with basic lines, circles and other things that helps build strong muscle memory is the best way to get started. Software wise, i've never used Sketchbook and only have a Wacom Intos that I use with Photoshop. I'll see if i can locate some for you, but may take me a bit to weed out the crap ones.
  4. *dances around in just her Red Sash* Becuase that's what old Kin ladies do. >.>
  5. Looks like i've adopted yet another Titten. ❤️
  6. I think the break down is specific to the use of his characters. Writing Egwene, Rand, etc. Those lines are more "fanfic" while writing "Arie Sedai" for me would be Roleplay. At least in that regard, what you are describing are 'kinda' okay, but definitely leans more into our Roleplay area.
  7. *Approves of Lava's tool of stabbing*
  8. I feel this is very well fitting. 😄 Congrats Lii on your new title and eliite-ness!
  9. *allows herself to be pampered* Three days of dayquil/Nyquil combo is helping some. Tea is also a godsend. Taeadra of the White. Her Mentor is Kathana herself. (I think....) Taya once had the train of mentors listed somewhere.
  10. I'm not sure if I should mourn or celebrate. JKJK!! 😄 *Hugs her Mentee* I remember my first mentor fondly, and the many mentee's i've had since. It's a good and healthy tradition. NaNo has been kind! The head cold.. not so much.
  11. Always talk to me! Though i don't see why i can't answer and help and guid. I know everythign, after all. 🥃
  12. NaNo is hitting, and general mental health, so while I'm available on Discord I may be less observant on the forums for the next month. ❤️
  13. Apologies, they should be posted up this evening. Although you are always welcome to snage one of the older ones.
  14. That's a great start! My brain, yesterday morning, decided to plop an entire new novel idea in my head.. I may write two at the same time if i get stuck on one. Dumb brain.
  15. That is a thought. Though it fascinates me that my Bond is one of the oldest, though Daemon is no longer around as life has done for so many. But we still talk and he is still mine. Since 2002! ^.^
  16. I know i need to figure out how to re-calibrate my wacom tablet. It's brand new and i'm not remotely used to the drag-delay or whatever on it.
  17. *hugs* I am quite please by your choice and suspect a few great options for you already. But i'm sure you will be steadfast in your path.
  18. Oh, I intend to abuse you in return for a long time! *hugs*
  19. Chaos of a spam thread cleverly hidden as a mistake. niiice.
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