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  1. I also realize you get to be in charge of my two Mentee's. So, um.. good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. A face I have not seen in a very long time. Welcome back. 🙂
  3. 666. it is mine. because. yellow. person. Strawberry Shortcake with fresh berries. Fruit Tarts are also up there.
  4. Mother! *waggles eyebrows* You speak my language! Yum! nothing like a little red with some fresh meat. *waggles*
  5. Our April lasted a month or two too long, is all. Oregon got a lot of rain. >.> I finished the little Mum!
  6. Very nice James! I can really appreciate the work in those clean lines! I have a commission on my table atm. A 24x30 pour. there is a story behind it and it's pair. 😐 When i can take pictures to share i'll be sure to post it and it's story. I'm futsing more with writing, but I may try for those mini's again now that the weather isn't so wet and miserable and i can open the windows. (omg, oil paint fumes)
  7. That's fair. I have rum. and wine. and cider. So a small collection of a few different things that fit my mood. XD I like a good Red beer, flavor is important.
  8. Those are some very lovely slippers, thank you Lii! Though you should join me and have Ale too. Better to share a drink than to drink alone!
  9. P U S C H K I N I A no: E, L, M, O, B, D, R, T, F You guessed the final letter. ^.^ I decided not to go too easy on this one. @LadyWordsmithis next. 🙂
  10. Welcome @Aleita!! @PaigeJohnson and @Panchi, I am sorry that I missed you guys join. Quarantine is the worst!
  11. I'm bi and equal opportunity, so...... (i'm also having a hard couple personal weeks and focus aint one of them)
  12. P U S C H _ I N I A no: E, L, M, O, B, D, R, T, F
  13. *swoons* Yellow on dark skin is just so damn gorgeous!
  14. _ U S C H _ I N I A no: E, L, M, O, B, D, R, T, F
  15. I love these, especially with the pride bit of flair. 😄
  16. _ U S C H _ I N I A no: E, L, M, O, B, D, R, T
  17. _ U S C _ _ I N I A no: E, L, M, O, B, D, R, T
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