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  1. Going to keep giving the show a shot into season 3. The deal breaker for me will be the Stone of Tear. If the show skips all of that and goes straight into journeying to the Aiel Waste then I will be done. The fact that I did not get to see the chase from Fal Dara to Falme and the reflection worlds of the Stone Pillars ruined season 2 for me. The characters ended up being where they needed to be by the end of the season, but the journey was so different that, once again I wonder why these film people try "adaptations" rather than just creating their own unique world. Lazy story tellers.
  2. Yes, I understand that it is difficult to translate something from novel format to television and movies. That being said, if the adaptation is going to deviate significantly from the source material, then it should not be made at all. If you want to tell your own story fine, tell your own story. Don't chop a story into a bunch of pieces and then paste them together while using the name to entice an already dedicated fanbase.
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