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  1. I get how there are some arthurian references but I think you are going a bit over the top, Lilbaz. Aside from being a good swordsman I fail to see the similarity with Lan and lancelot. And how exactly is Nynaeve Guinavere? She has never had any kind of romantic relationship with Rand at usually acts more as an advisor/friend or mothering figure. Again as for Caemlyn being Camelot I don't see that either. Camelot was Arthur's seat of power yet Rand repeatedly says he has no wish to rule it nor does he even originate from there. From Rand's perspective Caemlyn is given no more signif
  2. I thought Dune was pretty good though it is tough to get into. But the 1st sequel is awful.
  3. How is it that Lan is Lancelot? the only thing in common they have are the first three letters of their names. Glad to see someone finally mentioned Arthur Dayne who even Jaime admits was better. What about Logen Ninefingers or Araris Valerion?
  4. Can't pick just one Mat from WOT Tyrion and Arya from ASOIAF Kvothe from Kingkiller Chronicles
  5. Codex Alera: Bernard getting killed in the first book. I like his character but he gets run through with a sword by one of the best swordsmen In the world. I agree with Basel about Blackwater if that is shown how it is in the book it would be more awesome than any battle in LOTR. It should still be quite good though as that episode is being written by GRRM.
  6. For me the most overated fantasy books I've read were several by Joe Abercrombie, particulary Best Served Cold. George RR Martin, one of my favourite authors actually praises the book comparing it to The Count Of Monte Cristo. But we'll have to agree to disagree on that point as the latter is one of my favourite books and comparing that to Best Served Cold is like saying Twilight is equal to Wheel of Time. Also I would say the Malazan Book of The Fallen. There's just way too many POVs and not enough characterisation. The story also has gaping plot holes and narratives left competely unresolv
  7. I agree there could have definitely been a bit more resolution to some of the characters. When I first got the book I expected to see Jon doing his lord commander thing and someting new from the Others to make us go OMG! I expected to see Tyrion meet Dany and while I didn't think she would be heading to westeros I did think we see her beginning to seriously think about going. I also thought we'd see that maester (can't remember his name), the one that Sam met at the end of Feast who who supposedly going to Dany. I thought the Jaime chapter was a bit weird. It seemed sort of out of pl
  8. Thing I don't get is why Varys is supporting/plotting for the Targaryens to reclaim the throne? I mean what does it matter to him. He was one of the few people who wasn't punished or faced any consequences for working for Aerys when Robert took the throne. In fact it was just business as usual for him. So what would he have to gain? Also why on earth didn't he try to contact Viserys or later Dany. I know Ilyrio is working for him but still Its seems odd he wouldn't reveal his plans or that he was helping them even if he kept it secret who he was. I'm also not sure about this whole Aegon t
  9. Yeah I kinda hope Dany doesn't marry Aegon. In fact I'd rather Dany, Tyrion, Jon, Stannis, Jaime, Sansa, Arya and most of the other main characters were king instead of him. He just feels like a johnny-come-lately. There are all these characters that we've gone through so much with, that I'd be pretty annoyed if the throne went to some guy who doesn't show up until two thrids through the series and who's not even seen very much in this book. I mean do people really want to see him king over all their favourite characters that they've known for years?
  10. In repsonse to Elend. Technically in the line of succession I would have thought Dany would come fist. Yes Aegon is Rhaegar's. But he was killed before he ever became king. Surely with Dany being his sister and the king's daughter she would have the closest tie to the throne. But I suppose she is a girl and everyone knows you can't rule Westeros if you have breasts.
  11. Was anyone else disappointed that we didn't have Tyrion meet Dany? I was looking forward to that throughout the whole book. Also I thought Aegon might have been alive because there needs to be 2 more Targs. But I wish he'd been a character we'd already seen in the background not someone completely new. I agree with others the I doubt Jon is dead or if he is that he'll be staying that way for long. I would not be surprised if it was Melisandre who resurrected him. I agree with what has been said about Dany too. She is one of my favourite characters but she really seemed dumb in thi
  12. Yeah I never liked Stannis that much though loads of other people seem to. I think he'd made a very bad king there's a good quote about him when it's said "Stannis is iron. He'll break before he bends". I think that's a bad thing to be when you're king to never compromise. And it's not really going to inspire people to join to your cause if you're not prepared to make any kind of concessions or deals. Robert may have been a bad king but he was very good during the rebellion at inspiring loyalty and making enemies friends. I think Stannis would do well to be a bit more like that. And I hat
  13. I think it was more the dragons and the fire rather than the nakedness that caused them to swear to Dany. Though I did really like that scene and "The King In The North"
  14. I agree with you about Walder Frey, I've always thought of him as a snake in the grass. I did like the bit where Drogo annouces his intention to invade Westeros. It seems somebody definately woke HIS dragon. I couldn't see Arya marrying someone she didn't want to. And any guy who does marry her had better mind his manners otherwise I think she's likely to stick him with the pointy end
  15. I wouldn't be too sure about that I'm pretty sure Jon, Dany and Bran will make to the end of the series. Whether or not they die at the end I don't know. But I don't mind characters getting killed off so long as they've had some good times or epic moments before that. What I hate is when authors set up characters that spend 1000s of pages going from one back-breaking tragedy to the next and then die. It makes look like those characters would have been better off if they'd just slashed their wrists as soon as they enter the story.
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