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  1. Yeah I never liked Stannis that much though loads of other people seem to. I think he'd made a very bad king there's a good quote about him when it's said "Stannis is iron. He'll break before he bends". I think that's a bad thing to be when you're king to never compromise. And it's not really going to inspire people to join to your cause if you're not prepared to make any kind of concessions or deals. Robert may have been a bad king but he was very good during the rebellion at inspiring loyalty and making enemies friends. I think Stannis would do well to be a bit more like that. And I hated Melisandre right from the outset. Damn religious fanatics.
  2. I think it was more the dragons and the fire rather than the nakedness that caused them to swear to Dany. Though I did really like that scene and "The King In The North"
  3. I agree with you about Walder Frey, I've always thought of him as a snake in the grass. I did like the bit where Drogo annouces his intention to invade Westeros. It seems somebody definately woke HIS dragon. I couldn't see Arya marrying someone she didn't want to. And any guy who does marry her had better mind his manners otherwise I think she's likely to stick him with the pointy end
  4. Well Actually George RR Martin want them to split books 3 and 4 into 2 seasons each to give him time to finish writing the next books. I'll think the makers will have to take that into consideration because I doubt they'd want to end the series because they've run out of material. If they do split book 3 like this there is a least one major character who we won't see for 2 seasons. There's also some characters from book 1 who only play minor parts in the start of the series but become much more significant in book 3 and I wonder if they'll keep the same actors when showing them again after so long. As for book 5 it was originally meant to be the second half of book 4 (ie: going on at the same time but with the characters who aren't in book 4) but now some of the characters from book 4 do appear in book 5. Book 5 could also be 2 seasons if they get to it. It's supposed to be at least as long as book 3 possibly longer and there seems to be 18 POVs in it. I think they'll have to go with chronology. They could maybe alternate between books for 4 and 5 to some regards but it would be pretty tricky to invent ways to keep a character around who doesn't appear in that book without jumping ahead in the story. They'll just have to hope the actors are cool with it. I imagine Peter Dinklage would be, this is probably his best ever role. BTW: The T-Shirts I've bought were the Lannister one and the Targaryen One. I saw they even have one for House Martel (Dorne) even though we don't even see anyone from that House until book 3.
  5. Yeah blogging the rest of the series sounds like a good idea. There's lots of twists and interesting developments to come in the future books. BTW: HBO seem to think the TV series will do pretty well. They've already green-lit the next season and have a ton of GOT merchandise for sale in their online shop, including T-shirts with the sigils for each of the major houses. I've already bought 2 of them (yes I am that geeky and I'll wear them with pride, while small-minded people mock me )
  6. Well I assume since you've bought the next book you must have liked the first. I'll be interested to hear your overall views on it when you finish the chapter posts. Do you think you'll watch the TV series as well?
  7. Lol I only just noticed what you wrote on my profile. So yes I have your soul but I don't worry I can sell it back to you :smile:

  8. It's pretty faithful so far but the direwolves don't appear as much.
  9. chapter 16 is one of the few times I felt sorry for Sansa. Overall though I hated her in this book. I actually disliked Joff more than Jaime at this point, maybe Arya should have let the direwolf eat him.
  10. I also thought Cat was a bit nasty at that point but I let her off a little because she is very upset about Bran. He is at death's door right now and I imagine it must be swful as a parent to have to watch your kids die.
  11. If you referred to that last chapter as "The Things I do for love" I'm pretty sure most ASOIAF readers would know what you meant.
  12. I must admit I was a bit sad when Asmodean died as I quite liked his character in FOH and would have liked to see more scenes with him and Rand. For some after I had harbored a small hope that he would come back.
  13. Gah, you have my soul. :/

  14. If Lan does die I'm pretty sure Nyneave would too, csuse she'd go to save him and either succeed or die trying. As for Rand having to live for hiss kids. Well yes perhaps it would be sweet to see Rand as a dad. but It would kind of fit if he was not there what with both HIS parents dying when he was born. His presence might also put the children in danger from darkfriends (if there are any left) or people who just hated The Dragon Reborn. Either way maybe Elyane had the right idea by keeping the father's identity secret because a lot of people might not be too pleased by her raising Rand's offspring. I don't really thing it would THAT tragic if Rand did die. I mean this isn't the sort of series where the ending is going to turn into a character massacre. And pretty sure that things are going to turn out well for most of the cast. I'm not saying that the end would be awful if he did live. But there are other series of books that sometimes get a bit rubbish when they get a bit too worried that the main hero has to live at the end. I remember one series where one guy in the group of good guys called Ryan, was sacrified so they could win. Then later in the series he came back from the dead. Then at the end he got sacrified AGAIN, so the "grand noble leader" didn't have to get his own hands dirty. I could help thinking "Jeez give Ryan a break, you only let him do all this dying stuff cause he's in love with your girlfriend..."---- Sorry got a bit off-topic there.
  15. Huh that is weird. There used to be a suboforum just for book 4 A Feast For Crows. But thatt area for first time readers looks fairly new to me so maybe the book 4 area will be up shortly.
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