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  1. Cool stuff, it's the company that let's companies stalk me lol. Nah jk. Pretty interesting though.
  2. I'll generally read indoors but when the opportunity presents itself I enjoy my time outdoors. Where in the country/world are you located Duadhe and I hope your recovery is speedy and without ailment!
  3. That's pretty cool. Not to get too personal but what type of software is it?
  4. Property of the gated community where my relatives live. Visit them for the 4th every year.
  5. I think she meant one of those chairs wher ypu lean back and it extends itself; basically a self reclining chair.
  6. Are you working the department for pushing sales or is a customer interaction thing?
  7. Reading in the summer is the best; spend time outdoors in the shade of the trees, relaxing in the shedding to a great read! Ah the life. I found this great location under a tree by the creek. Anywhere nice for y'all?
  8. We need some games, like I dunno which, but we could use them for involvement.
  9. I'll start a new one! _'_ _ / _ _ / _ _ _ _ [ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ]
  10. Plain ol' pepperoni On another note, I'm back after a year and a half but I dont know if I'm inclined to stay. I feel a real lack of activity especially in the dreadlord sub but I might be wrong. Otherwise I may just permanently retreat from SG or even DM.
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