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  1. Ever since I read this series, I was always exciting to even hear of ANY possibility of it being a TV series. And of course I and so many of us are so excited to see this world come alive. I would not say I am worried per-se at this time, but it certainly is interesting seeing a development like this. As far as the trailer goes, they can be so deceiving in so many ways. I think they are meant to in some ways! I do hope we can have many surprises and enjoy the series!
  2. HAHAh I am here to do some stabby stabs. Point me in the right direction! 😈
  3. You speak on something that has been on my heart and mind for years and especially since I picked up this series 13 years ago: we as fans of what we love, tend to view our love of the thing as the only way we should look at it! Hopefully this makes sense to you since even I cannot grasp the words to express myself. I am finally doing a reread of the series since only reading it once before but it still has captivated me to this day. And when we just let the story absorb us, it is like we are in The Void!
  4. Thank you everyone! It certainly is an exciting time! I will look into joining some clubs! And it is great to back and thanks for the warm welcome! I will have two songs hopefully semi done in a couple weeks where I will share them at that time! Now it is time to continue on my re-read!
  5. Good morning , afternoon, or evening no matter where you are! With all the excitement that has been building for the new WOT series, I felt inspired to rejoin Dragonmount after all these years! I am Giovanni,your friendliest neighborhood metalhead, and I am so very glad to be back! If there is any other fellow metalheads, I will have a surprise shortly with some songs inspired by the WOT series! Much love to everyone!🥰
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