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  1. Jagen's dark blue eyes went to Viviane as she stepped into the chamber. The young woman who was here to become one of them--truly one of the sisterhood of Aes Sedai--was a bright and thoughtful student, one of her best. But this test could not be personal. The Red was here to push Viviane to her limits, not to give her a soft push in the right direction. JAgenturned back toward the oval ring, taking in a rhythmic breath. It was shining bright, ready for her to enter. Jagen concentrated. She would not be doing the first few tests, but she was ready with scenarios for the potential Aes Sedai... ***** (OOC: I'm sorry this is soooo short, I wasn't sure how far I should go with it, but I am ready to do some testing!)
  2. Can I hop in on your arches thread? I want Jagen to also be helping to administer the test :) I won't write the tests she throws at Viviane though, unless you want me to do so.
  3. I can also have my White show up too. :)
  4. Jagen listened very intently to the Asha'man before her. The more he spoke, she realized, the less he truly seemed like a threat. And while him stating they had a hidden network set up in Tanchico made her feel a bit sick on the inside, she did not let it show. She quietly took long swallows of tea as he spoke. It did not surprise her at all the Seanchan found out about the network, but Jagen saw a few flaws in their plan--assuming a few things, admittedly, but she wanted to learn from their mistakes. Still, they were definitely indeed allies. Against the Seanchan, and against the Shadow. "... Tell me, Jagen Sedai, have any of your Sisters been collared by these foreigners?” he asked. Jagen couldn't help but sniff at that. "Of course they have," she frowned at him, but then realized it was well and good he truly did not know. The White Tower did not want word getting out that Aes Sedai fell prey to these invaders. Her thoughts went to her home country, and of the Aes Sedai sister she knew was captured there. This one she knew about personally, but it was known there were others. Still, she could help this one, and later help others. "As a matter of fact, in Tarabon. Do you know Elmora? Clsoe to there," she said, frowning as she admitted all of this, "there is a sister being held captive. We do not know her name, but the information speaks of an ageless face. She must be Aes Sedai." Setting down the cup, she nodded her thanks when he filled it. Might as well act proper with a potential ally. "Tell me, Merdyn, have you had your midday meal today? I will send for a meal, or two if you wish one as well. And I will tell you more details about this case--but I must make something very clear before we continue. I will be in charge of this mission. Like a proper soldier I will need your full compliance if we are to do this together--and whoever else we may bring in, if necessary." **** OOC: Sorry on the wait. Also, was that incident above RPed out? If not I would totally love to play that out at some point.
  5. Yes, that sounds perfect. :D Thank you! And thank you for the other stuff too. Yeah I'll do the Aiel at some point and call it all done. :D
  6. No problem, I won't touch them. I was going to do the Aiel though, since they seem the only Freelander group that's missing now, and are not part of the Alliance--unless there is a website for them I don't know about o_O
  7. Ah, I see. No BT project then. :p Thanks for the information!
  8. Jagen found herself with her teacup in her lap, and she only remembered it when her leg was starting to get too warm in one spot. Lifting it to sip and placing it back on the table, she nodded. "I see." Now that was a story she did not expect. So, he liked men. That was a plus in her book--it meant she didn't have to worry about this particular male channeler going after women. And, now that she knew this, looking him over again, it somehow made sense. When he picked up the pot, she merely waved it away. "Yes, the time, it is for business now." She listened as he spoke of the Seanchan. "I know of them well," she commented, her tone neutral. Yet he mentioned he was trained as a weapon, as all of them were--so dangerous!--and while she did not approve of that at all, she at once saw the benefit, as well. They must all be bonded and watched. But they could prove useful tools as well. Her thoughts veered. Over a week ago news came in of a captured Sister, from one of her own Eyes-and-Ears. White Tower politics had interfered in even getting a rescue party set up yet, but then there was the obvious, looming issue: all of the Aes Sedai were in danger if they channeled. She had thought that through, of course. Learning to mask one's ability had been recently rediscovered and shared. She could do that, and use a Mask of Mirrors weave to change her face so she could look young, or perhaps a feeble old woman. "It is very possible a man who can channel can slip by them easily," Jagen replied. "Unless they have a means of detecting a man who can channel, and I have not heard of this yet. Tell me about this encounter with the Seanchan and your... brothers. Leave no detail out of what you know for certain."
  9. Jagen listened as the man freely gave information about himself. Perhaps he was being friendly; she did not want to think of him as stupid or silly, as some nobles loved to talk about themselves. Not that she would have seen him that way even if that was the case. He was a channeler. A male channeler. She gave a brief inclination of her head as he offered to pour. She watched his hands, watched his eyes, took in the features of his face. She took the offered cup, breathing evenly. His expression was friendly. I'm having tea with a male channeler. Light help me. She looked down as she took a small sip. What she saw then was not Merdyn, but a terrified man. A courtyard full of her Ajah sisters. The Amyrlin, the Keeper, the Hall. It had been a sunny, bright day. A good day for Tar Valon, but not for him. He was sentenced to gentling, for his own sake and that of others. And all she could recall was how palpable his terror had been. "Olives?" she said almost absentmindedly. Her focus resumed quickly though. "Ah, yes. Of course. It does a wonder for meals, indeed. Perhaps next time I will call for some tomatoes and cheese dipped in olive oil." She realized she strongly implied there would be a next time. Well, it would be ideal, all things considered. Timothan, that had been his name. He had tried so very hard to hide from her and her sisters. Timothan Belian. She had to focus on the man in front of her. "You were disinherited, you said? Gilyard. This House, I perhaps visited it once, many years ago. Before you were born." Timothan came from Andor. Is that why I am remembering him now? "You left not because he knew you could channel, yet something so vile to him occurred, or something he learned, that he disinherited his only heir? It must have been very grievous indeed." She wondered if he'd murdered someone. Or had done another horrible crime... They're all dangerous. The taint isn't the only reason men should be gentled. She sipped her tea again.
  10. Jagen had to admit some surprise when Merdyn seemed to be a man of a respectable nature; thus far, she hadn't cared for the Asha'man she had met. Not that she had expected to care for any of them, but at this the Merdyn seemed like one with whom she could stand his company. She listened as he spoke, and let him talk as much as he wished. Each sentence told her a little more about him. He mentioned the chests; so they were a gift. She would have to make sure those chests made their way to the Hall; it would be their matter to sort out exactly how that gold was partitioned off, if it went to the Ajahs at all. They could reject it, or simply put it toward Tower coffers. But most likely it would be distributed as expected. She decided to nominate a Gray for such matters. They liked that sort of thing. So he was a noble after all, as the father's title confirmed, and he indeed had an Andoran noble's accent. At hearing he'd wanted to visit the Tower since he was young, she looked at him with piqued curiosity. That would have been at least one reason the M'Hael chose him to come today. And a man interested in reading, it seemed. "The White Tower Library, it is indeed the largest in the world. It is in its own building on our Tower grounds," she offered. "Some manuscripts, they go back to a hundred years after the Breaking." She lead him up a spiral staircase to the second floor, and they moved off of the main hall into a large side one, and into the first lounge there. There was a fire going and it was appropriately empty as Jagen had requested--and the fine wood table, made a hundred years ago in Saldaea, sported a tray with wine pitcher and Sea Folk porcelain cups. "Do have a seat," she said politely as she took her own. She did not smile, however; this was business time. "You mentioned your father's given name," she began by way to continue then casual conversation, "but not his family name, yes? My travels, they have brought me through Andor many times. Perhaps I know your House?" Pleasantries first; then they would need to discuss the Asha'man coming to the Tower--and the requests she needed to present to them today.
  11. The Accepted who walked toward the Asha'man had a heart-shaped face, a tiny mouth and big, naturally buggy eyes that made her look startled regardless if she was or not. But she certainly looked it now. The young woman knew well what he was, with the black coat and pins on the collar--none of that could be mistaken for anything else. Moreover, the Sisters made sure she knew--for the Reds were expecting them, and like other visitors to the White Tower, they might show up at the front entrance's domed main hall. She had been ordered to immediately take any Asha'man straight to the Reds' Quarters, regardless of what else she was doing or who else she was talking to in the welcoming hall. She hesitated as she got closer, seeing the floating chests behind him. The girl realized she had no idea how to address him, and began her usual, "Welco--" "I will be taking this from here, Neilla," a smooth, commanding voice said. The Accepted squeaked, blushed, and dropped a curtsy all at once before moving off, eyeing them both over her shoulder as if she wanted to see how the encounter would go down. Striding up into the hall, going past the Accepted to stand before the visiting Asha'man, was a woman just several inches shorter than he, her long red hair in beaded braids. Her silken, deep maroon dress was in the clinging Taraboner style, showing off a tall, lithe physique, and a shawl with long, bright red fringe sat nestled in her elbows. "I am Jagen Sedai." The Taraboner Aes Sedai looked him over. If she had to guess, he came from Andor or perhaps one of the Borderlands. His dark and simple style really did not give much away, but she did notice some of the more subtle details of his clothes. She took her time looking him over before having her gaze settle on his. She did not want to appear as if she needed to challenge him, but if he took the look over as a size-up, so be it. But she noted the touches of lace, the tight pants and very neat appearance. She wondered if he was a noble, or just dressed like one within the confines of Black Tower "style". "You must be Merdyn." She eyed the chests behind him. The man didn't even have the courtesy to let go of the Power. A man holding saidin, here. Well. She had had some time to get over that, but she still didn't like it. And she would have to talk to the Highest about this. There needed to be rules put in place when the Asha'man visited. Moreover, exactly where did they get their hands on that amount of gold? Surely it wasn't his... "When I visit your Black Tower, Asha'man, I do not hold the Power. Servants will carry the chests to the Red quarters. A gift, I suppose?" Her eyebrows raised slightly. "You don't have anything to fear here," she went on somewhat dryly. "If you can enter the White Tower and stand as you do, then there is no reason to keep clinging to saidin." As discussed with the Highest, Jagen would lead him not to the Red Quarters, but to a meeting room nearby, where, like any other important guest, he would be served refreshments in a private setting to discuss business. Jagen realized it rather quiet for the amount of people in the large hall; Accepted, other Aes Sedai and visitors alike had lowered their voices as soon as the man had come in, and many stood warily in silence now, watching. The Red did not bother to acknowledge any of them. Let them see her handling this man, she thought. As Reds would do. Servants did appear, two of them, but it was clear they wouldn't be able to do it alone, and so one bounded off to get others. Jagen told the other the chests were to go into the Reds' Quarters. "Come. They will be safe."
  12. Yesss! Please do it!! No reason not to. I did it for the WT.
  13. I could just move all that info to a sticky thread on the board like I did with the other groups... I feel maintaining and updating a thread is better than having a whole separate site for it, or even a wikia page. *_* I'm kind of debating doing the thread at all since all of the information is there. I would guess maybe @Taymisthas access, at least? Maybe? If not, I can do a thread and control of said thread can probably be passed to whoever heads the BT OOCly. (By which I mean they can copy/paste it as new thread and then delete my copy of the thread :P)
  14. I just have a couple >_> Missing Events: "998 NE - False Dragon Dramon Calgar founds the Black Tower in Saldaea." This is listed, but I thought we should add a bullet point for the BT headquarters apparently being moved to Tear when the DR took Callandor. (But in actuality it's secretly near Caemyln). The Cleansing. While we at some point started claiming ICly that this occurred, it seems to be missing altogether from the Timeline spreadsheet. I know it was never RPed out, so I think we're free to place it somewhere convienent--it must've been recent because the White Tower just learned of it, right before the Asha'man and Reds' Bonding. Perhaps it should be number #63, and the Bonding should bump up to #64. Never RPed Out / RPs Non-Existent? (Yet I can find much older RPs very easily). Bowl of the Winds, #60 & 61. The only RPs pertaining to it were that a couple of Sisters were still trying to find the Bowl; nothing was RPed after that; why is it considered concluded? Any chance others can RP this out? [Part 1] [Part 2] [Side Thread] #57. The Windfinder's Secret - 1000 NE (Late). Aes Sedai approach the Sea Folk vessels in Ebou Dar to discuss a possible co-operation concerning the Bowl of Winds... Another Missing/Unknown RP/ Wasn't Actually RPed Out? Should all of this be removed altogether? Or who may Retro RP it? Asking cause I'm very interested in making a Sea Folk character. There is a reference, #58, "Kin: The WT Knows"; I cannot find any RP about this anywhere. A search of Kin characters, including NSWs, resulted in nothing. Possible Moves: Seanchan take Bandar Eban is listed as #25, but the post where Nana and Elnora encounter the Seanchan in Bandar Eban is #22. I think the Seanchan Invasion should be #20, immediately after #19 "The Eye of the World". #53, the DotNM is kidnapped by Calder & Band. As far as I can tell, this just happened as Seanchan houses are just learning of it, and is not as old as the Timeline might imply. Should it be moved up? Also, I have researched extensively about events pertaining to the White Tower, and while my dates don't add up with the Spreadsheet dates at all, I'm 100% confident that everything I have listed is in correct chronological order.. I just removed the dates after Karana's Raising: White Tower Timeline. I think it would be good to add certain things from the WT to the Spreadsheet, such as who was Amyrlin (Raising dates only) as important reference points.
  15. Edit to Update: I have revised the Tower Timeline a bit towards the top. It is now much more accurate, and as best I can fits with the Official PSW Timeline.
  16. Another question; we had a Dumai's Wells but is there a thread for that anywhere? A copy we can repost?
  17. I've never watched Little House on the Prairie... OR the Sound of Music, for that matter.
  18. Anyone know about this, or does it sound familiar? I found this blurb on the PSW's official timeline but I am turning up noooo RPs about this, even though I found the Bowl of the Winds RP thread. Which, admittedly I must be missing something there too, because finding the thread where the Bowl was actually used, and people attacked after, seems to be missing as well.
  19. I would like to ask any qctive BTers to help me with the “Black Tower: Master Thread of Information” post. Like I did for the Sea Folk and Seanchan, as well as all the Ajahs, I want to do a post like this for the Black Tower, but I need help with things like the names of all your ranks and what they mean, who your leader is, etc. Anyone want to assist?
  20. Hello all! It is very important for members of the White Tower to make sure they are at least semi-familiar with our timeline. We have had many different events than those that take place in the books--there is no Tower split, for example, and the Shadow seems to attack us a lot more often! You may be surprised at some of our differences, and where possible all major event RPs are linked. To keep things simple, the timeline will not be directly copied to the boards; however, I am linking it below! Click Here to Read the White Tower Timeline
  21. Hmm, is Kathleen on an LoA? I haven't seen or heard from her in soooo long. I did want to request a change that will happen ICly--my Red Jagen, and I'll just say the Ajah Head will agree with her, wants to make it a rule that any Black Tower person visiting in the city of Tar Valon must be accompanied (escorted) by a Red sister. Can I do that? :D The Reds wanna make sure these guys are handled--er, watched--or, well... yeah. >_> heh. In other news, I'm still doing Info gathering projects, cause I have too much time on my hands. And it makes me happy. I'll be doing the BT or the Aiel next, or both congruently. Depends on how complicated each is. Hmm, should I get temporary access to the BT prviate OOC board for that (I'm assuming they have one)? Or I could ask a BTer to help me, though I think I can get a lot done a lot quicker on my own. Up to you, of course, and whoever heads the BT. Also, can I possibly get this thread pinned on the WT board? Lastly, can the Seanchan Information thread be unlocked? I have stuff to add but can no longer edit my own post.
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