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Luin, Thayetta - White Tower (Novice)


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Name: Thayetta Luin

Age: 14

Place of birth: Four Kings, Andor.


Physical Description

Hair: Light brown, chin length bob.

Eyes: Blue, large and wide.

Skin: Fair, with a sprinkling of freckles over her nose

Height: 5’1”

Voice: quiet/timid


Other: Dimples in her cheeks and ‘Crow’s feet’ wrinkles at the corners of her eyes when she smiles.




Thayetta is inherently brave, and has a strong inner will and sense of duty, but outwardly she is quiet, gentle and shy to a fault. This is partly due to age, and partly due the fact that she has been raised a protected, only child. She may develop a stronger outward attitude as she grows, although it is likely that she will always prefer sidelines to centre stage. She loves children/babies and small animals and, oddly enough, fire. It is likely that her love of fire will show/grow with her as she learns to channel.


Special Skills: Quick reader, almost photographic memory, especially for faces and names.


Knowledge Weakness: The grown-up/real world. Thayetta has been rather sheltered by her parents and has spent most of her life with her head in a book.


Physical Weakness: Height, or rather, a lack thereof.



Thayetta Luin was born the only living child of Amelie and Joem Luin, in Four Kings, Andor, and it was not for want of her parents trying. Raised in the background of the inn and alehouse that had belonged to the family for generations, her childhood was (purposefully, at the wishes of her father) very different from that of the girls in the family before her.


She never wanted for attention from her parents, but she was very sheltered from the life that broiled on around them. The alehouse was off limits on pain of scolding - or worse, bringing her father a heavy sadness - and she was strongly encouraged by both her parents to keep away from any guests of the inn. She was not made to work in the kitchen, or tasked with the cleaning out of rooms. Rather, she was in charge of mending drapes and cushion and odd things here and there, all in the privacy and shelter of the master house – the floor above the entrance to the inn.


Oddly, somewhere along the line she picked up on a natural talent for recalling the names, voices and faces of others, clear as day in her own mind, even when she had only seen or heard them for the slightest of seconds. To keep her occupied whilst they worked (her mother in the inn and her father at the bar) Amelie and Joem taught Thayett to read at a young age, and from there bought and traded her books whenever and however they could - adequately censored and innocently appropriate books, of course. As a result Thayetta developed into a bright, well-spoken, but timid and quiet child, with an inordinate sense of right and wrong.


From the age of five or six years old, her duties expanded to minding the children of her parent’s staff. She developed a natural affinity for babies and young children. At night once the young children were asleep and her chores were done, Thayett’s favourite thing to do was sit at the table, a book in her hands and lantern burning bright within her reach, and read, or stare studiously into the flickering flame until she fell asleep.


A month before her fourteenth name day, Thayetta half sat, half lay at the familiar, worn oak table, doing exactly that - staring at the flickering, dancing, dimming flame, her head resting heavily on her outstretched arm. Her book lay closed on the table beside her. It was late, and she was almost asleep. Her mother would be up from the inn soon, she thought, since no further guests would be likely to arrive tonight.


Or would they?


The cadence of two ‘new’ voices drifted upwards from amidst the quieting mumbles of guests downstairs. Thayet stared intently into the flame and strained her ears, trying for a moment to match a face or name to either of the two voices she could hear conversing with her ma. Nothing came to mind. She dismissed them as strangers she had yet to meet and went to sleep.


She did not hear the new voices - or even glimpse the faces they belonged to -  at all during the next day. Until early evening, when there they were again! Talking to both of her parents this time. A man, mostly silent, and a woman - with a strangely calm but strong, authoritative, voice. They didn’t speak long, but as they – and their voices - faded into the quiet din (likely heading to the dining room for supper, Thayett thought), she caught the words ‘Channeler’, ‘search’ and ‘Tar Valon’ coming from her father’s lips. She shivered, although she wasn’t really - or even remotely- sure of the reason why she should.


At dusk the next evening she heard them again, the voices. This time quietly accompanying their owner’s footsteps up the lane towards the inn. Curious, but careful not to be too obvious, Thayetta paused briefly in her task of lighting the lanterns at the door, and looked carefully down the lane towards the sounds. The pair belonging to the voices looked normal enough at a distance, but even from where she stood, solidly perched on an ale box, she could tell that these guests were like none she had ever met before. Again she shivered slightly without really knowing why.


The man was huge, and muscly, and had the presence of a rolling mountain. The woman was average in height and build, but somehow she seemed stronger even than the man. It was the woman that made her… nervous. Quickly, Thayett turned her attention back to the lantern immediately in front of her as the pair approached. Not really wanting to be noticed, she lit the wick and deftly coaxed the flame, staring at it momentarily to calm her nerves before jumping down and walking smartly to the box and lantern on the other side of the door. She kept her head down, lit the second wick and turned up the flame. She was almost done. Almost finished. A second more and she could dart unnoticed back inside to her books and flames...


Except, of course, she couldn’t. The woman spoke. Thayetta was encouraged to look into a small jewel, which glowed. Then she was told that she had the ability to 'channel', and that she would be going to Tar Valon to be trained as 'Aes Sedai'.


And from there, Thayett learnt, it was only the beginning...

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9 hours ago, Jagen Sedai said:

I like it! May I assume from this bio that Thay is a novice in the current timeline or will you advice her?

If she is an Accepted or even a Sister by now, can you add a section about her character reputation? 🙂


Happy to leave her as Novice, didn't get too far in, and think I'm going to make it as if neither her nor Calia are aware the other is there at this point in the current timeline...

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Please respond to this thread by January 31, 2024 or this character will be moved to INACTIVE.

You can reactivate this character at any time. Just PM any member of the RP Staff!

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