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  1. As far as books go, there’s no way in hell I would’ve been in green. I am so afraid of conflict verbally, emotionally, and physically. I could not handle any kind of actual battling. On the other hand I am super big into good/bad, right/wrong, justice, laws, order, Clerical work. My day job is literally a legal assistant. I would be gray ajah 1000%. Period
  2. Technically speaking the hierarchy would put it at my feet but admin can do anything I can do and I’m not offended in the slightest. I’ll kick it over to tay if she wants to rock it.
  3. In my accepted days I was very much split between Red and Green. It seems everyone I knew had no doubt I was green but I certainly did resist. I really enjoyed the reds and spent equal time between the boards and really dreaded the decision of which one to pick. Eventually I had a moment where it settled comfortably when I was faced with two very simple questions: 1) if I could only ever post in one board again which board would it be. 2) which board do I post in first when I have something important to share like Good news or bad news. The first question seemed impos
  4. Critique board was a huge deal previously. Private helped the copyright issue and the public fear of feedback when people knew it was being shared with a very small intimate trusted group. I’m sure a good case to add a private club ruled over by the writers group can be made from these points alone despite the “small numbers.” *attempts to fade into the background so you can continue to rebuild in your image*
  5. *pats Tay on the noggin* it’s ok...we all have bad days ? If the roster isn’t getting too full I would be interested in getting my green or yellow involved. Depending on timeline the yellow is black. Current is black, retro is straight up yellow.
  6. I am so sorry for your loss and all the struggles that have come with it. Anything we can do to help I am more than willing to do. I know this goes without saying but with people jumping in I trust everyone will respect that this will be yours to lead how you want. If you ever feel like it’s getting out of hand or going in a direction you don’t want it to go let me or Tay know ASAP. This is meant to help you and if it starts to hurt you, I will step in.
  7. Congratulations and welcome aboard (moreso/again/continuous....). You are perfect for the task!!
  8. I parrot tay in full. It all sounds great to me and my only real question was about the source. Your answer works for me. Tay we can work on a master list of items from archives and or start a new one now.
  9. *hugs Elgee so so tight* I’m so sorry to hear that. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. *offers all kinds of distractions* let us know how we can help you through this difficult time.
  10. I’ll have a read through of what you already have when I get a moment, but I have an aiel, a child of the light, and two Aes Sedai (one black) who are all available to play with. Though I can be slower to get replies up.
  11. Sounds like a really interesting character. I look forward to seeing where it goes! Consider this CC'd by TV
  12. Kathleen wished she could stay and investigate that cave all night. She was sure there was more they were missing that could help them with their current mission and she was even more sure there was things deep in those tunneling halls worth her further study. The structure itself was interesting and the various marking and treasures would prove informative too. She regretted how little attention she had paid to the subtleties of the place when they been there. She had been singly focused and had hurried through. When Elessar had called her back having found the box she had wanted to hesitate
  13. Kathleen checked on the captive when she awoke in the morning and was pleased to find he was in exactly the condition she had expected him to be. There had been a small part of her that feared the bag would be empty and the man would be gone. Finding the weave in tact and the man out cold but breathing, Kathleen freshened herself up and headed down to meet Elessar. The headed out into the city streets and were having a pleasant time until the carriage they rode in suddenly and harshly swerved toward them in the street. It was a series of strange incidents after another after that. Kathleen wi
  14. Danger on the Horizon Part 2 – Revisited As Elessar was securing the suspicious man in the alley Kathleen thanked the blacksmith for his assistance and secured his silence and the keys to his supply cellar. She joined Elessar with the unconscious man and was pleased to see how swiftly and thoroughly he had contained the events. There didn’t seem to be any suspicion from passersby and as Elessar hoisted the limp but otherwise uninjured body to his shoulders Kathleen was impressed, but not surprised. She had expected this skill from Elessar, but she enjoyed seeing it. She
  15. Danger on the Horizon - Part 1: Revisited The High Lady was off the hook sooner than Kathleen would have liked, but it appeared clear she had not arranged for the knock that came announcing the young Andorian who summoned Elessar away. Kathleen gave a consenting nod of allowance and Elessar left with the nobleman. The conversation with Lyndelle renewed but Kathleen was not fully present; she could sense something happening outside of their meeting. She believed Elessar could handle anything the boy might try, but the bond was new and the threat was suspected; Kathleen k
  16. Bathed in the Light of Whitebridge Part 2 - Revisited Kathleen folded the letter and placed it back in the envelope as Elessar lightened the mood with his easy jokes at High Lady’s allegiance. She allowed a smirk for a short moment, but the underlying truth of it kept a chuckle at bay. “Somebody obviously observed us when we entered the town”, he continued. “And the High Lady wishes for your presence, no doubt to increase local prestige and gain a little added power and influence as all Nobles do, here as everywhere else.” Kathleen nodded, but considered ano
  17. Bathed in the Light of Whitebridge Part 1 - Revisited The ride from Dayton was largely uneventful and the pair rode hard until they neared the smaller towns near Whitebridge. Kathleen had been there once before, but she found herself just as taken with the ancient bridge on the clear afternoon as it crested the horizon coming in to view as she had the first time she saw it years before. By the time they reached the imposing glass-like structure she had centered herself and shaken off the nerves that had tried to invade her mind. The mission began the moment the hooves hit the bridg
  18. The world faded in and out of focus as the days came and went and the miles passed beneath the hooves of the horses Kathleen and Elessar rode atop. The city was incredible and a great distraction, but it was that - a distraction. She had wanted it, encouraged it, and enjoyed it, but the further it fell behind them the more the Green focused on the mission. They were getting closer with every step and though she had sent messages ahead she had received a reply to less than half. She had hoped there would be more news, something more to plan ahead for, but she had known it would be unlikely. The
  19. The city was everything Kathleen had anticipated and more. The ancient structures, some Ogier built some just maintained throughout the years, were so enchanting they threw her back in time to when they were first erected. The history radiated off of them into her soul even as the people moved ordinarily through the streets completing their menial daily tasks taking more time to notice the presence of the Aes Sedai and Warder among them than the built in beauty surrounding them. She knew that people coming to Tar Valon must feel the same way about the people frequenting the markets there as sh
  20. Kathleen lay in her makeshift bed long after sun was down and Elessar and she had said their good nights. Their conversation had stayed with her and infiltrated her dreams. She found herself back in the tower standing deep under ground facing sisters of every Ajah but the shall that draped around her shoulders was brown. The scene shifted to the library where Kathleen found herself behind the private door in an imagined room filled with ancient books. She was sitting among them, devouring information that was held back from the rest of the world. Everything shifted again and she s
  21. The Green sister usually had little trouble sleeping while traveling, but this trip was different. There were quite a few factors that were weighing on her and making sleeping on this trip more difficult than any of her many others. Firstly, she didn't have Neveul watching her back. She wouldn't admit that stressed her, but she was only now realizing just how much she relied on him and blindly trusted his judgment. She knew his habits and they had a rhythm that eased her. She had lost that and it was hard to find a new rhythm. Secondly, she had been shut up in the Towe
  22. The ride to Stounton was smooth and almost enjoyable. She fell into a rhythm trotting down the road behind Elessar. She let herself get lost in thought again as the pair made their way toward the tiny village. This time the thoughts stayed closer to her, not turning to her distant warder, but to the possibilities of all that could happen between here, the mission, and the return to the Tower. The sun was low as they made their way to the Wild Boar Inn, as Kathleen dismounted she began to feel the aches and pains that had been building on the long ride. She watched Elessar as he lead the horses
  23. Kathleen moved slowly and silently through the trees as she made her way out of sight of her camp. She made sure to stay well inside of the perimeter that Elessar had scouted the night before, but she had to get some distance. She hadn't slept well and she knew the warder hadn't either. When she woke he was still resting but she knew hadn't been down long. She had sensed him up around the camp through the night. She had momentarily thought there was an ambush but there was no urgency in the bond and no action came. She had debated getting up with him, but decided against it. If he wanted to ta
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