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  1. Welcome to DM! All the Social Groups have their own structure that distinguish them. If you want to dive in the Social Groups a good strategy is to peek in and participate a bit in all of them (or in the ones that caught your attention) and then join then ones that you like the most. Personal suggestion: visit The Band of the Red Hand (Social Group). We need more new recruits to do all the washing. It usually goes in this order: we offer you drinks, food, music and games; you realize how awesome is the Band and decide to join; then the fun ends for you and beggins for us; you end up re
  2. Welcome to DM! The Social Groups are a great option to start knowing awesome people that share your love for WoT. Don't forget to stop by the Band of the Red Hand and the Aiel too!
  3. Oh, I forgot about one thing! There are groups for rping, if that's what you're looking for :) The Wolfkin group I posted was the Social Group one, not the rping one *blushes* Have a look.
  4. Welcome to DM! If you are considering joining Social Groups, you should pay the Band of the Red Hand a visit! By the way, the sticky that Ryrin told you about is here.
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