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  1. *passes two more liquid taints along* here you both go!
  2. Hmm, need some liquid taint *weaves a gateway to the local pub* here we go... Anyone else want one?
  3. Lol *waves hand in a force-like manner* you will go to California's Disney parks instead 😝
  4. Nikonis of the Archers (Do want to go through RR when/if it comes back and see if I still end up an Archer but until then was an archer pre-SS so should still be one now.
  5. Lol, I seem to remember she was the SGL back when I first joined DM many moons ago...
  6. c u t t i n g /t h e / c l o u _ s  No R, A
  7. _ u t t i n g /t h e / _ l o u _ s  No R, A
  8. _ _ t t i n g /t h e / _ _ _ _ _ s No R, A
  9. _ _ t t i n g /t h e / _ _ _ _ _ _
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