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  1. Ah, a new tavern... Wonderful! Shots please!
  2. Sitting at work with a headset over one ear listening to the brand new Blink 182 album, Nine.
  3. **Sees Cairos busy at the pub and lenda a hand by posting the notice on the board for all band members** Sign in for September 2019 by stating your name and regiment!
  4. A lIttle older band song... Infantry can sing alpng if they know.it ?
  5. *wanders up to the bar* could I get a Flight of beer... One from each regiment please! And hows everyone?
  6. Yes, do tell us... Inquiring minds would like to know... And welcome!!!
  7. Welcome!!! **grabs a brownie and replaces it with some A Tainted beverage for the newcomer and one for himself** Tell us a little about yourself!
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