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  1. OMG!!! Kris!!! *tacklehugs* Lanth loves me too, but can't take credit, he's been around, but I have only seen him since I've been back so I will take credit. =0p Besie...*huggles* missed you too!
  2. *thwaps Lanth* He gives me Toms, he is the man. *tacklehugs and smooches Dice* *huggles Sooh and Chae* Missed you both. Chae! I see you are UC! If anyone deserves the job being revived, it is you!!!!!
  3. I did hear....I am hoping it will take on GoT, or at least Shannara.
  4. Good Nikon. Thanks. See you worked your way up in the Band world. *winks* How are you doing?
  5. Thought I might poke my head in here and say hiya.
  6. They had to retire the UC because they couldn't find anyone more awesome than me. I am going to get in so much trouble!!!!
  7. WOW!! I did not ever expect this. *flyingtacklehugs Horn* Thank you so much, but you know you didn't need to do this. The Band is my home and I will always give it my all when and how I can. Thank you!!!! *huggles her fellow Banders* You guys rock! *blows a kiss to Dice* Nikon,....it's perfect. *grins* *eyes her Bro* Hmm...where have you been young man? *flyingtacklehugsandsmooches him* Must be enthusiastic...never know when I'll get another chance.
  8. Bro..seriously...I never have work for you...unless you mean tacking up my horse and worshiping me. Which you have denied doing for years. *grumbles* *tacklehugs and smooches her May* Hiya love!!!! Missed you so much!
  9. 10. Yeah, that was a pretty major achievement I'd say. Scared the living crap outta some of us. Absolutely!!!!!!!
  10. They must have been on FIRE sis. Nice to know it takes OG to bring him back.....know where we stand.
  11. Welcome back....although I've been gone just as long. Ha ha! And congrats on finishing your degree and making 10,000 posts.
  12. Well, well, well. That cat sure has been busy dragging people in. Good to see ya OG. *huggles May* Hiya love! *tacklehugs and smooches her Bro* Missed you!! Now my poor laptop is in danger. WTF. I've gone through so many of them in the past couple of years. I'm doomed!!
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