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  1. Gah! Oh for pete's sake. Here I am trying to be all cool collected, what with all the fun introduction and proper grammers. Then I go off and misspell my own signature. Ok ok. Announcement. Let's all pretend the new girl didn't just goof up and make a fool of herself in her first post. ^_^ Also, hi, thanks for the welcome. You killed me on that one!! Welcome to DM BPV!!!! You are going to be an awesome addition I think. *grins* ARe you having fun? Oooh, new Crayola color Mumzy!!!
  2. BridMorgan


    Welcome to DM hun! Glad you joined! I've not finished the last 3 books and am re-reading the series and am only on the 3rd book. so we can share notes. LOL
  3. Welcome to DM Fell! Looks like all of your questions have been answered, but keep asking if you find you have more. *grins* I do hope to see you around the Social Groups, they are a blast and you can and will make some great friends there.
  4. Welcome to DM hun. I love the name. *g* Hope to see you around the social groups. They are great places to relax and meet WoT fans.
  5. Hi Dave and welcome to DM. And don't forget the Marines! *g* I know we have at least one. *laughs*
  6. Welcome to DM Scott!
  7. I did post earlier, but didn't save. I completely understand love. Nothing we can do to make it better, but know we are ther for you when you need us. *hugs*
  8. I'm sorry hun. I completely understand. *hugs*
  9. *waves* Welcome Staven! I see you started an intro thread, good stuff. *g*
  10. Welcome to DM Staven! Always love getting new fans here! I look forward to seeing you around the boards, and feel free to join as many Social Groups as you want. Each one has it's own theme and some even have themes inside of themes. *winks*
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