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  1. Yes, definitely back, may need some prodding once in a while. 😜
  2. Bridmorgan - Cav Just continuing my weight loss journey! Sis, @Taymist I was thinking of doing the same! I have been doing it inadvertently the past couple of months and noticed the difference.
  3. *wakes up from behind the bar* Oooh, chocolate coma! 😉 Sorry, end of year, holidays, beginning of the school year stole me for a bit!
  4. *hands Tom HiddlestonE back* can you kidnap Tom Hiddleston instead? ? Been good, Tay got me to come back. How have you been? Missed you guys!
  5. @Zander? Is that you?!? *flyingtacklehugs* Been a while. ?
  6. ?????? *gets hit by the chair* ouch! *notices what is stick to the bottom of her boot and flings it at @Jeannaisais* I was visiting Aragorn. ?
  7. *chases after ducked schooner* Guess I better get my contact prescription checked. Could have sworn it was a boat.
  8. *ducks the schooner* How the hell do you throw a boat that big? BB!!!!! *supertacklehugs @The Bard Babe*
  9. *laughs* Oh yes, of course. *comes out from behind her Sis* Not sure what came over me for a second there. ;)
  10. @Maera I haven't read the books in years and *runs from @dicetosser1* still haven't read the last of the series. *Hides behind her sis.*
  11. Thanks Cairos! And @Jeannaisais absolutely! I just have to catch myself back up to speed. ?
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