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  1. Ah, a new tavern... Wonderful! Shots please!
  2. Sitting at work with a headset over one ear listening to the brand new Blink 182 album, Nine.
  3. **Sees Cairos busy at the pub and lenda a hand by posting the notice on the board for all band members** Sign in for September 2019 by stating your name and regiment!
  4. A lIttle older band song... Infantry can sing alpng if they know.it ?
  5. *wanders up to the bar* could I get a Flight of beer... One from each regiment please! And hows everyone?
  6. Yes, do tell us... Inquiring minds would like to know... And welcome!!!
  7. Welcome!!! **grabs a brownie and replaces it with some A Tainted beverage for the newcomer and one for himself** Tell us a little about yourself!
  8. Here, as for building things... I made some props for some costumes and custom build computers but not really anything too big or intricate in terms of building things...
  9. Welcome to the BT! Have some brownies and embrace the taintedness!
  10. Wow, sorry to hear that... Hopefully things will become much more routine as time goes on for both you and the rest of your team.
  11. Mistborn was a great series, need to read the most recent two in the series still but haven't done much reading in a while.
  12. *passes two more liquid taints along* here you both go!
  13. Hmm, need some liquid taint *weaves a gateway to the local pub* here we go... Anyone else want one?
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