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  1. Id say poor Tom, but I am sure he still has plenty of Myspace millions to enjoy. Still, I cant help wondering if he feels intimidated when he runs into Zuck at the grocery store
  2. My favorite chapter would be the Trolloc raid on the Stone in TSR. I know it's not the best part of the story, but I started the series with a copy of TSR someone left on a take a book/leave a book table, and that was where it started to get good for me. Before that it was just confusing, cause I didnt know what was going on, or weird like with the cards and axe and mirror, but that Trolloc raid chapter with its straight action let me see how enjoyable Jordan's writing could be when you aren't confused about everything. I was just about ready to put the book back on the table before I got up to that.
  3. Is Egwene as Dragon a thing which has even been hinted at? It wouldnt necessarily be terrible, or even out of linec with prior worldbuilding-Jordan did once say there is also a female Dragon soul-, but from Dragonmount to the Eye, and everything afterwards, so much would have to be changed that it wouldnt really be the same story anymore and Rand kind of becomes as narratively pointless as the 4th boy on the cover of TEotW.
  4. The percentage of Trolloc births which are Myrds matches the percentage of human births which are channelers. Two, we know being able to use the Power opens people up to vulnerabilities others do not experience. No Myrds cannot channel as they are, but being able to touchh the Source leaves them open to Shadow warping in the womb. Myrds are Shadow warped Trollocs, how you missed that I do not know. Three, if Shadowspawn can spawn outside of the Blight, then why have they not overrun every ecosystem?
  5. No, I dont know what you mean. Ogier are exceptionally polite and I am sure they only kill Trollocs cause Trollocs do Trolloc stuff, not cause they are Trollocs. If one came to a Stedding and was all "I just wanna have a baby" I am sure the Ogier would be accomodating. I dont think you followed my reasoning. Myrds are the result of Trolloc fetai which can channel. We know being able to channel leaves one open to effects of Power(Turning, extended life span, Rand's kids able to channel since the womb being super good at it). In Myrds case it is the TP making them Shadowmen. But there is no power accesable in the Stedding. So no causative source of change from Trolloc to Myrd. Toothere is the question of whether Shadowspawn can even spawn outside of the Blight. There are plenty of nasty critters in the Blight which could be ecosystem wrecking invasive species, but they never leave the Blight. And thats just on land. Now imagine the Oceanic Blight, and yet the seas are not filled with such horrors as born of that area.
  6. @szilard The Dragon Reborn may(or may not) always be male, but the Dragon is not always male. Jordan explicitly stated there is also a female Dragon soul. And of course Rand was not the DO, he was a PoV character for crying out loud. As for who won the Last Battle, I would say Fain. We know a bit of him was absorbed by Mashadar, and we know Mashadar has learned to exit the ways, and we know it lives in a seperate world where removing the DO's influence does not remove the product of that influence, and we know not even the entire Tower could be certain of destroying it. Just a matter of time until the Wind gets out and starts doing Fain stuff.
  7. I think, to depict channeling, they should just duplicate the origional Super Mario Brothers star effect. Just have tbe character star flashing crazy colors and play the star tune.
  8. Well that settles that, even if it is a Sandersonism. Thanks for the research. It still leaves the narrative question though of why, once it was decided Taim was not Demandred, Perrin smelled such odd emotions from him. But there's probably no more answer for that then there is for the early bookisms.
  9. I know it almost certainly wont be done this way, but couldn't they just hanlde thisproblem by having a narator explain "and then Perrin was shocked to find himself dancing with the intimidating Aes Sedai"? Just have it be the same voice which does the "Some wind blew around and stuff hasppened" intro narration. Also, am I the only person who thinks it'd be nifty if they used an older sounding version of Loial's voice? Not sure how you make an Ogier sound older, but that just allows for more creative freedom, and Loial did write the book on the WoT so using an altered version of his voice to narrate would track thematically. Wait, what did I just write? "And he did write the book on the", oh my, might Loial have been a however stylized Jordan self-insert? Hardly tracks with what he shared about his younger days, but everyone has deeper thoughts, and even Loial had a scary place one best not take him.
  10. As an aside, most shoes are bad. Look at the grotesquely curled and bent knuckled toes common among folk in well-shod cultures and contrast them with the finger straight toes of the sandal-folk. No your Big Toe and it's buddy Index Toe are not meant to bulge at the knuckle and slant outwards as though they were following the contours of a shoe. And the less said about the horrors wrought by pointy toed shoes the better.
  11. Where would they have had opportunity to figure it out? The Black Tower Turnings were discovered only because some were observed being done, Taim's would have been long before that. As for reversing? Why, because the Blight got better and Shadowspawn died? It's pretty clear those things weren't part of the world, at least in the same way Stedding are not. They can't be entered from TAR. So in a sense they can be seen as needing the Shadow to hold down a dead man's switch upon the pattern to keep them going. What if the turning though requires no maitenance in order to keep up, rather its just a one time recajiggering of some things? In any event what does the nature of the Turning have to do with what we saw of Taim considering that if he were Turned he would have been Turned before we were introduced to him, and Egwene slew him before the Bore was Sealed?
  12. Yes, but we still first meet him after his rescue by the Black Ajah That almost smirk from the begining can be read as written to show Demandred's contempt for the primitives around him, but after the plot swap it could be argued that smirk and Perein's later thinking he smells like a nutcase could best be read as showing the side effects of a Turning. Or it could just be a dude who has been channeling way too long but still made his own choices freely.
  13. He was rescued by the Black Ajah, had originally been intended to be DemandredSurprise when he showed up, and those he promoted mostly showed all the characteristics of being jerks. My only question is whether he was always a DF, or he got turned himself.
  14. I like idea of an epilgue 5 years later. What would you think if it went something like this? It begins by explaining that early on in his travels Rand decided to see whats become of the Ways. Unfortunately it slipped Rand's mind that The Black Wind has been known to wait for him near Waygates, learned to exit the Ways, and might have survived after the Last Battle. Unfortunately after opening up one for a jaunt he was taken by surprise and became the Black Wind's very first victim as it began to spread across the world. As Rand was still the Dragon, and the Dragon is the Land, the Land began to sour and darken and grow barren. Meanwhile as the darkwind spread and fed on so much food, it grew. Oh how it grew, and strange fell twisted beasts and foul blights and vermin began to emerge from it. But worse, oh so much worse, just as there was a bit of the Black Wind left in Fain, there was a bit of Fain left in the Wind, and the Wind began to collect an army of those with taken souls and send them forth to spread the hate plague of Aridhol and as the wind grew the mind of Mordeth began to awaken. And so our epilogue shows our heroes struggling to survive in a hunger filled world of frequent drought(the bowl of wind helps, but not enough and as Fain grows stronger it gets harder to accomplish any good through it) filled with dangerous fiends twisted by the madness of Shadar Logoth, mindless hate plague spreaders wander the land and corrupting all they touch, and army of undead thralls led by the Wind, and the Wind itself scouring villages and entire cities clean of life as it feeds and grows. Oh, and of course, all the nasty diseases beasts and creepy crawlies. And while perhaps a concerted effort of song and chanelling might have beaten the terror back if undertaken early, by the time it was discovered what was happening the Mordeth tainted had already begun too many wars to allow that kind of organization. No force ever mounted at once was enough, and at this point not even a force as large as those first efforts could be fielded even if everyone worked together. As for Blackwind Fain? Will it ever become what Fain sought to be in AMoL? That's just the question the epilogue leaves us on after explaining where all of our heroes find themselves in the current world. How would that be for an epilogue? Yay or Nay?
  15. I do not care for that combination of flavors and textures. Strangely though, I have found that powdered garlic added to milk is not actually unpleasant.
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