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  1. After Faile’s kidnapping, Sulin tells Perrin that everyone would pick up spears if needed except for the Blacksmiths. This doesn’t contradict what Rand said when he first saw an Aiel Blacksmith hefting a newly made spear.
  2. It is very possible because everyone hates Shaido, that Shaido men have a much stronger in clan preference than typical Aiel. And Aiel are known for their in group preference. Many Maidens stayed with the Shaido and Maidens have a immediate family group preference for Rand (especially after Couladin died). Family before Clan, Clan before Nation, Nation before Wetlander, Wetlander before OathBreaker.
  3. Rand is a parallel to the Messiah and I have heard multiple religious people who are supposed to be moral people say things like everything will be permitted after. Many people didn’t like what the Shaido were doing, but were willing to overlook horrible behavior because of what Rand said about the origins of the Aiel (also paralleled today).
  4. Yoniy0 I think Faile is older than Perrin. She is slim and short, that is what Davram is referring to when he says weak. Farmers breed out slight, weak bodied in a way that Royalty can’t (unless spouses are chosen for physical robustness versus political connection, also men sometimes prefer petite women). Lucky I hate manipulative people like Faile. We never were told why she liked him. Perrin being insecure around her is unattractive of him, but telling of her, even after marriage. Rereading the books I noticed Min loves horses like Perrin does. They share upsetness over horses being caught up by men’s schemes (Perrin at Dumai, Min at The Mist cameo in Cairhein hills). I know Perrin isn’t Min’s type either, but it would have made more sense Min to fall for Perrin, his gentleness in general, she could have seen him caring for his horse... Perrin and Min could have ended up on a Horse ranch in the Westwood at the end. It didn’t make sense for Rand to have unlimited promiscuous sex with Min for the second half of the series which is a complete dismissal of Rand’s upbringing and dismissive of his relationship with the other two women. I know Elayne is white trash, but she could have married Rand in a small private ceremony with Aiel wise women. Berelain is all wrong for Perrin, she never loved him. There was a physical attraction, but that came after.
  5. Yeah Sabio, Shaido were always like that. First meet with Couladin? He was their chosen leader, not some rando. Yeah, Chad some people on the light side are annoying. I’m guessing you never read any of the Darkies talking? They are all annoying. #TeamNarg 😉
  6. The are countless herbal remedies and many drugs today originate from herbal remedies of yesteryear. Lavender was used by Native Americans for fever, Willow bark is the natural form of aspirin, pain killers come from poppies, toxic plants are uniquely used to kill diseases as well without poisoning the patient... Silver, mint, eucalyptus, blueberries, olive oil and many other things have some antibacterial properties. Also remember with no drug company antibiotics, there are no superbugs. Presuming cancer comes from pollutions, Randland should be fairly safe. And if an Aes Sedai were to get cancer, there is an easy fix for that, Saidar based healing. What is interesting is that a more orderly combination of two genes can’t combine successfully, but a more chaotic weave can. You can’t shuffle in two different genomes to get a living creature, but if you allow life to coexist with Chaos, life tries to build while chaos tries to disrupt and presuming many many attempts, something living should result. All the other evil creatures in the Blight may have been failed attempts. Fades, by contrast seem externally human-like, but deep inside they are different. It would seem that the animal genomes were completely suppressed. The Fades don’t attain animal abilities. Their abilities seem specifically to do with DO. So it would seem that the True Power itself displaced the animal’s dna and created new information, the result being that they are more magical than typical carbon based life forms. Hazarding a guess, Fade’s teleportation can be the wolf’s ability to touch the dreamworld only the Fade can instantly travel. The Shadow slip allows them physical access to the dreamworld, they just think where they want to go and seamlessly slip back into the real world in one thought/motion. Isam/Luc can slip into the dream, though it doesn’t describe him doing a full Fade Shadow slip teleportation, the dual personality may slow transitions, or Isam/Luc hasn’t mastered the ability. How Isam/Luc was formed? No idea.
  7. And her future knowledge from the rings in Rhuidean.
  8. The funny thing is, there was no reason for Rand’s body to die. I think his body disappearing and him living on in another body is some Prophet Elijah/Jesus stuff. The prophecy only said his blood on the rocks. At some point his wound could break open one more time and Nynaeve could heal him fully this time, end of story. That body swapping is something weird.
  9. Black Cuellidar is made by men and White Cuellidar is made by women. Can you think of a method of making the seals? I have thought about it and I’m pretty sure there is no way Did LTT bring ready made seals to SG? Or did the weaves of the prison pass thru the iron discs and then they were converted into Cuellidar? When making cuellindar, the weaves starts at the point you choose and then spreads out evenly in all directions until the entire iron item is converted. When a weak person starts, the converted part is very small at the point they started the weave. Even a weak person just maintains the weave as long as necessary. Some of the novices would work on a cup for a period of time, then they would go to their lectures and come back later and finish one item.
  10. Nynaeve was only fighting one of the women. The other woman was just contributing power. No Black Ajah sister is in the same league as Moggy. So either Nynaeve can’t fight Moggy, or she can fight a Black Ajah. Sabio, I meant attack the connection to Saidar, not the link between the two women.
  11. So I had an insight. Verin doesn’t understand why her compulsion doesn’t work well on men even tho the weaves she uses were extracted from weaves used by girls who compelled their fathers or boyfriends. My Theory 1 The men are in a close relationship with the person creating the weave. 2 The girl is weaker physically, socially, less experienced, etc. 3 The girls asked for things that the men could provide, money, dress, other. Scenario, teen girl hugs dad’s arm and looks up into his eyes, expresses excitement, says she really wants a nicer dress, argues it is only a little more than the dress he would have bought her, perhaps she agrees to do more chores, then thanks him profusely, more excitement, a big hug... Why would the dad be suspicious if he spent more than he was planning? He knows [wrongly] he has only himself to blame.
  12. They were linked. Nynaeve could have attacked their connection like she did with Modhegien. With the Amber turtle Elayne can channel 2x what Nynaeve can handle, but she doesn’t mention it being a particularly strong angreal.
  13. Now I’m up to the Fight in Rahad, Nynaeve says she needs help, she can’t fight Fallon and Ispan alone... 🤦‍♀️
  14. I’m pretty sure in New Spring they mentioned lots of girls were raised young. And while Anan wasn’t in the Tower during the Aiel war, she should have heard of they were raised young as she associates with the circle. It funny, but by bringing up that Nynaeve slowed and looked younger than she really was, you actually supported my point Nynaeve could have started her training at 15, and be well over 25 while still looking like a twenty year old. That other Accepted the girls mention in Crown of Thorns is supposed to be over 40, but Nynaeve never knew how old she was. Nynaeve could be 35 and still look as old as she does. Your average 17 yr old looks just like any other healthy adult woman who hasn’t shown any signs of aging. Sometimes it is easy to confuse a 17 yr old for some in her mid 20s if she is dressed and acting mature and the reverse if she is wearing cloths expected on a younger girl. Another factor supporting Anan may be Elayne’s pale complexion. As royalty, Elayne would have had lots of indoor time compared to a commoner who would even as young girls would be helping in their mother’s garden, laundry, and other outdoor chores.
  15. Why did Mistress Anan think Elayne and a Nynaeve are fakers? She was probably burnt out before Siuan and Moraine were raised young during the Aiel War, but no one said Siuan was the youngest woman ever raised to Aes Sedai, and she was 20. What age is Elayne when she was raised? 19? Not a big difference. And this is after the Dragon was declared. Anan must have known that during times of trouble, women are raised younger than times of peace.
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