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  1. You can’t touch the source without reaching through the taint.
  2. While Rand was in the worlds of If, how did Ishy enter Rand’s dream (or draw him into a dream)? Sleeping people in the entire universe have their dreams in a starry dream space. But only people of our own universe. If the worlds of If were accessible in the starry dream space, you would never be able to tell if you are getting your Rand or a Rand from a parallel universe. Also Selene is talking as an authority on the Ways, but the Ways were invented by men after she went to sleep. I’m going with these were mistakes. Change my mind 😜😂
  3. Book 2 he tries to channel, the nausea and scum feel is there.
  4. jsbrads

    Breeches= trousers or underwear?

    Hard to explain, but I’ve been working out in the field shirtless and women have come up to me and I felt no discomfort. Same at a beach or pool. When I go into town... 7-11 policy, shirt and shoes 🙂On a hot summer day walking in a city, I kept a couple buttons done on a shirt. A bare chest is perfectly natural in one place and aggressive in another.
  5. The Blight border won’t have peace for many years. And that peace won’t just eventually happen on its own. Randland needs to be unified to accelerate technological advancement and channeling ability. And only after significant advancement, a unified Randland can begin the multi-decade project of cleaning the Blight. 1. Military, kill all the major populations. 2. Sterilization, systematic destruction all plants, bugs, etc. 3. Supernatural cleansing, power based.
  6. The dark side won hundreds of years ago, the land unified under one ruler, the Dark One, technology advanced. Forsaken, now free, were flying around in their G6s. #Contrails The laser damage is a bit more confusing, fired from a satellite? They are all east-west... The Seachan returned sooner, lost the war, but they brought an invasive species, the Grolm. The Grolm eventually destroyed all life in Randland, even Trollocs. The surviving Grolm continued to feed on each other. And as to Lanfear, she did not care who Rand was. She wanted to turn Rand to the dark side. She wanted to use his power ability to draw Saidin. She wanted to dominate him to repay “him” for leaving her. She gave up when Rand slept with Avi.
  7. Spoilers Avienda’s future vision means it is possible. Tuon could maintain the peace her whole lifetime. As in the “dream”, it is her child, or their grandchildren that take Randland down that path. All the power in Randland means nothing if it isn’t unified. Galad’s death means Berelain won’t marry into Trakand. Any Andorian alliance with Saldea cannot involve Saldea leaving the border to defend Andor. The only true Alliance that can survive a generation is the Andor/Cairhien super country. Avi’s vision is telling what will happen, not because it must happen, but because it always had. Hawking’s death lead to the collapse of Randland. For the Wheel of Time to turn, society must collapse or the Wheel will stop turning.
  8. I never liked Asmodean. He never converted to the light. At the end of the second to last book, (Spoilers) when Rand has a dream with Meirin, I believed her.
  9. I think Sanderson only flubbed part of the first book he wrote. When he first tried to write Mat, it sounded a lot like his fun/silly Librarian books. After that book it was much better.
  10. She was 16-17. Short sighted, yes. They were both flustered, out of their depth, in a foreign land...
  11. Didn’t miss those the first time. he experiences the other sensations of channeling, but not the taint/nausea.
  12. I’m reading book 2 and the aes sedai are talking about punishing Moraine. This just seems so much like The Rickest Rick vs the Citadel of Ricks.
  13. jsbrads

    Morgase’s Justice

    And I think the judge should have recognized that even if Perrin poorly argued his case.
  14. jsbrads

    Easter Eggs

    *** Spoilers Beginning of book 2 Moraine says Egwene will be amyrlin one day And Siuan predicts she be overthrown by Elaida and stilled.
  15. jsbrads

    Morgase’s Justice

    I can accept that Perrin didn’t do a very good job defending himself. The actual facts of the case were that an army chased a few people because the army was scared? They demanded he disarm with drawn weapons. They commanded him to come out. Even the Westwood local had more basis to question the stranger and we all understand the local has no right to draw on the stranger and demand he disarm. And if he did, the local would be responsible for the results, not the stranger.