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  1. Maybe she wasn’t an actual dark friend, but dark friendly... yes those POVs do make it hard, it was just so excusy when she was refusing to swear, it felt like she was looking for excuses more than she had legitimate concerns.
  2. No, being born at Dragonmount is unrelated to looking different from all the other people in Two Rivers, so it isn’t even a hint. Moraine didn’t need to consider Rand more than any other teen and she had no reason to presume Rand over Mat and Perrin once the targeted attacks happened. The first clue she gets is Bela not being tired. And even that isn’t enough, it just meant Rand could channel, not that he was the Dragon Reborn. Moraine is looking for The DR, the DO could have just been targeting men Terminator style who would resist the DO and help the DR.
  3. Prophecy means fate that can’t be stepped aside. If Tigraine was kidnapped by friends of her husband, and he took the throne, leading to disaster in Andor while Tigraine would have played a similar arc to Morgase... stay away to stay alive. Freed by the Aiel from her kidnappers and no way to return, she joins the Maidens, births Rand on Dragonmount... Or she waits until Laman’s Sin, the fighting goes thru Andor instead, she ends up leading an army against the Aiel, gets captured, falls in love with Janduin, refuses to leave him, he doesn’t know what to do, in a moment of weakness he falls for her too, the fighting continues all the way to Dragonmount where she is lost on the mountain, shortly after joining the Maidens.
  4. The good guys don’t always win. The good guys see many failures. Besides think of every story backwards, the story is always told by the survivors, everyone else can die.
  5. LoL, y’all acting like Moraine had one lead. She had thousands of leads. How many babies were born near Dragonmount in a period of time? How many rumors as to who took which child? Where did they go? Moraine’s lead to Tam wasn’t marked with an * indicating this one was the Dragon reborn. Rand was baby 1857th on a list of thousands. Tam married a redhead, no one in TR had any reason to believe Rand wasn’t Kari’s child. Moraine didn’t have Tam’s name and home address on the back of a postcard. Any outsider would have assumed Mat’s father was the one who had a son born outside. If Mat’s mom and dad had gone to Dragonmount during the Aiel war, Abel could have had Mat there and then have a bunch of other children who look just like him and his wife and Mat could be the Dragon Reborn.
  6. Much like Tigraine had to go to the Aiel Waste, Luc had to go to the blight. the alternative would have been far less pleasant to both and to everyone else around them. If Tigraine hadn’t gone to the Aiel, the Aiel would have come to her. Or she would have been kidnapped in some plot and tried to be sold in Shara, only to be captured by the Aiel... If Luc hadn’t gone, trollocs may have invaded south and keeping him for a later snack which never happened...
  7. But if the Dark One was Rand, he also took on the warded bond with the women and love of the women... then living a happy go lucky life from this point on, he would love his children, and fake it until he made it with everyone else, so DO would become the good guy. meanwhile Rand would be in The Box for 3000ish years and want to end the world when they try to open the Bore...
  8. The bore wasn’t drilled into a weak prison, but drilled into the pattern aka “perfect” prison. The perfect prison doesn’t age. Only the patched bore ages because its seals are only interwoven with Cuellidar and can be corrupted and damaged by evil.
  9. So Nynaeve is swearing on the oath rod and Elayne is making excuses how she can’t. Is Elayne part of the Dark One’s long game to taint the next generation if the DO doesn’t win?
  10. That must be a mistake, last I heard Casting is end of 2019 with shooting to begin in 2020...
  11. I noticed some similarities between the stories of Neo and Rand. simple beginnings, doubt, but by the end nature shapes to his will.
  12. Confusing battles and wars. DO was winning battles before Dragon raided in AoL. When DO wins, he will destroy the wheel of time.
  13. It just seems encouraging competition among darkfriends will guarantee the Light will always win. Also, since time is a cycle, that means the Dark One never wins in the future, because the future is part of the past.
  14. By the time Faile pulled that crap with tricking Loial, Perrin had already saved her in Telrhoid when they first got to Tear. Until that point, I saw no real interest on Perrin’s part (other than some physical attraction). Once Perrin sacrifices for Faile, that is a very binding experience.
  15. Seanchan new the Dragon was reborn, and they also have the prophecy that the Dragon would bow before the Empress, may she live forever. No one knew how Turak died. Hawkwing fighting for Randland is a good question. Tho it isn’t clear how many people saw Hawkwing. The threat to Sandar may have been form of speech, not a real threat.
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