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  1. So there is a moment when Avienda and Rand jumped to Seachan. what is inexplicable is how Avienda describes the Suldam. Egwene started training with Moraine and Elayne was around Elaida for years, then they train in the tower, but when they are standing next to a woman with the spark born in her, like Avienda, they like her, but they don’t recognize her talent, etc. This talent recognition seems to get refined over time. however, when Avienda sees a suldam for the first time from 100? feet away she is describing how the suldam aren’t born with the talent, but they can be trained, but it’s really weird because they are old but never channeled before in their lives. What??? maybe she has a talent...
  2. It should be noted, no society actually allowed blacksmiths to go to war. Their benefit to war effort by producing armor and weapons outweighs any benefit they may contribute on a battlefield. just learned this yesterday, but it is so obvious...
  3. You can’t sense the Source in the Stedding. Also pretty sure a severed woman can be held by an Adam. Joline couldn’t wear the collar while that severed held the bracelet.
  4. This definitely comes from a level of hindsight more than anything else, but Rand flubbed his instructions to the Aiel before entering Cairhein. Rand should have told the Aiel that despite the Cairhein’s failure to save the tree, they were still humans. And they weren’t darkfriends. As such, prior to the last battle, every single human should be considered as if they are the same Clan. The larger Clan of non-darkfriends ultimately to fight side by side to defeat DO and therefore even insults can be ignored. The only killing must be in self defense or the defense of another non-df.
  5. It is clear from Mat’s Adventure that both live on one world, in one building and they are the same species. He walks from one to the other. The doors bring a person from our world to their’s. One doorway dials into one receiving room, the other doorway dials into another receiving room. The tower is a third access, a third door. How one chooses to where it opens is less clear, tho Mat was close to where he wanted to be, so intent might take someone to where they want to be.
  6. If Ogier had any tech, they may not have lost it, having long memories. In the Age of Legends Ogier May have used an Aes sedai traveling gate, or ride one of the winged crafts. But they probably would be uncomfortable using coal fired power.
  7. Dragonmount certainly looks closer to the dragonwall on the map, but is even closer to Kinslayer’s Dagger. Also Yellowstone isn’t a short walk from the Rocky Mountains.
  8. The only place that makes sense to me is Yellowstone. while the creation of dragonmount is part of our future, it is also a part of our distant past. Since dragonmount doesn’t exist today, it must have blow up. yellowstone is also close to the Rocky Mountains, like the dragonmount is close to the dragonwall.
  9. Yes, they are both the same species and only a slight cultural divergence.
  10. It seems from the description of cuellidar creation that someone chooses a point on a piece of iron and starts channeling. Not sure where LTT got a woman to create the white half. And even if he did, ignoring all the other problems, wouldn’t the discs be like a Black and White cookie? Not the YinYang symbol. Other problems include but are not limited to, a man and a woman can’t channel the iron at the same time, it would be impossible to get the discs exactly half/half.
  11. Their basis for Siuan was treason. Questioning is easy, I think they do that for someone who they think is a street thug/thief, that’s why there aren’t any. The timeline is vague. Alric was dead when Siuan walked out of her office. Secret Hall meeting of only people who supported Elaida. Presuming they walked out of that meeting with no one knowing what’s up. The construction workers mobilized and Elaida walks to Siuan’s office. Alric senses something is off as Siuan’s shock enters the bond over being shielded. Alric walks into Leane’s office (probably without murder on his mind, because why would he suspect anything like that). Alric is stabbed in the back... Also was there a reason for Leane to be stilled?
  12. There was definite gap that glossed over the change.
  13. No one goes near Rhuidean. Rand battles Asmodeam. The cloud dissipates and the underground lake spills out... And instead of people living near the new lake, they are like, okay, let’s live in the city!
  14. Far Madding has 3 terangreal. the largest cuts men from the source. the second largest cuts women... the inner most creates an artificial stedding, where even a well would not allow channeling. we need to understand the mechanics of 4 separate states before we can conclude on any of these. There is a power which can disrupt access for both men and women to the Source. Imagine access to the Source requires a given frequency to access it, then a Terangreal that prevents you from accessing the Source may produce a frequency that cancels out that ability to access the Source. The frequency would be different for men and women. An artificial stedding would not only block access to the Source but would even prevent the use of a Well. Presume a more invasive frequency, but again, this seems targeted at humans and should not prevent Terangreal from working. So an Adam would still “work” in Far Madding, even tho neither person can Channel. The Stedding may function on the same mechanics as an artificial stedding, the localized frequency generated by natural phenomena. Or the Stedding could be magical. I prefer the first option. Even if a Stedding excludes magic completely, an Adam could still continue to function as the stimuli of nausea is a psychological trained response and could continue to operate without reinforcement. The Male Adam uses force rather than training, so I would infer it would be less effective inside a stedding than an Adam. Luckers about the Ogier, they functioned as police in the Age of Legends. Ogier’s function in Seachan is more consistent with an integrated society. The Ogier from Seachan are also unhappy tough guys, it doesn’t appear to be just an act. I inferred they are the survivors of a larger Ogier population, whom the majority died without a stedding and the minority survived (but it is a half life...). Perhaps until the Ogier recovered, the Empress cared for them, had them fed while they invalids. Once they recovered from a life without a Stedding, they became the tough guys they are today in the Black Guard, making them perfectly loyal to the Royal family.
  15. DemFO spoilers! some books are great, some stories get a little slow at times. the last books aren’t as consistently good as the first books, but there are still great stories inside the books. The Rand arc may drag a little, but then gets really interesting before the end. Mat has some great chapters and some bad ones. Perrin has lots of development before the end too. Worth reading.
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