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  1. His heart could have stopped for a second or two or something. Al la Mat or some other thing like balefire.
  2. There are definitely huge tangents that started in LoC, Saerin in the Tower one example to cut to simplify the story, being introduced to almost a dozen new people without advancing the story and in no way critical to the story line? To tighten the storyline, there were a number of things opened which never got tied in the end. So Habor, Hindersnap? Remove. Need to close, Seanchan. Fix Mat, yes.
  3. I’m basically gonna disagree with everyone on the size of apartments. People don’t seem to recognize how wealthy we are today. Novice quarters were twice as big as Harry Potter’s room under the stairs. A bed much more narrow than our twin, more like a prison cot. Imagine a footlocker for storage, a few hooks on the wall, an elementary school sized desk/table and a chair and very little floor space. Accepted, 20-30% larger. And while the Aes Sedai’s bedroom may be bigger, since she has a second room, it doesn’t need to be twice as big. Her public room may sit three or four people around something the size or a card table. A comfortable chair, room for a couple of chests a few bookcases and just enough room to walk by their poor standards. The Tower is round, two people mentioned square. The 7 pie sections make sense. Each Ajah has access to the lowest living quarters floor and the highest. Stairs... while younger, I occasionally enjoyed running up the 10 flights at my first office job. That said, going up or down 22-44 ish stories is insane even expecting that people in those days walked everywhere. The Stone of Tear isn’t as tall, but the Stone is much wider.
  4. Granny’s Favorite, pretty sure the punishment for murder is execution. Black Ajah killed babies, we saw that starting in New Spring. Red Ajah’s error was stilling Owen, Thom’s nephew, and leaving him in “the wild”. A violation of due process (no trial) deserving a slap on the wrist, but when Owen was defenseless and lynched by townsfolk, it kinda got elevated to a weird almost 3rd degree Manslaughter, so some of those women got blamed, and got the book thrown at them. Witless, yes the king commanded the tree get cut down, but the people listened and cut it down. And in Aiel history the trees are more than sacred, countless Aiel lives were sacrificed to save the tree. I have a whole theory about the trees were the purpose of the Aiel people, and the way of the leaf was constructed to allow the Aiel to protect the trees, we know the obedience to Aes Sedai was only added later at the end of the AoL.
  5. Tinker children removed from their culture do seem to lose that culture. The White Tower being the strongest childhood culture eraser in the world. Yes, women most often choose to wear the clothing of their home country and hair, but beyond that, there isn’t strong ties to the way they grew up. I’ll admit, the last Ajah I expect to find a tinker is the Green, but to spend her life searching for the song sounds wrong too. The sea folk women live in the Tower, far from any sea port, tho admittedly, they do keep the secret until their deaths. As to Agelmar, for someone who often sees the Aiel in uniform, seeing a group of similarly dressed boys from a village, the might override the recognition. As Gawayn calling him Aiel, that makes very little sense as his family and Tigraine’s family have coloring like Rand.
  6. Yes, but it stretches the imagination that a farming village would include a family with only one child, that child is male, generation after generation. And although not as close a relation, his grandmother and great grandmother were only children as well?
  7. Sorry it wasn’t clear. Even if Tam was an only child, he would have had cousins, those cousins would have had children that Rand could have interacted with even on the off chance they lived far away.
  8. Even if Tam is an only child, where are all the other AlThors?
  9. I’m not sure exhaustion is a motive for entering slavery. Debt used to be. Maybe to get away from it all/ disappear from the face the earth/ do the impossible: I want to sail across the Aryth Ocean.
  10. Obviously, the Kin and Ebou Dar wasn’t written when the girls first arrive in the Tower as novices. Also, the girls spent so little time in the Tower that there was little time to explore that world. There should be an expression of frustration against the Aes Sedai, particularly among novices, something like: I’m so tired I wish I could get as far from here as Ebou Dar. phrases which the novices themselves don’t fully understand the meaning. I’m sure y’all can come up with better phrases, let’s hear ‘em.
  11. I know it doesn’t make sense, but a blacksmith fighting is the worst thing a nation can allow. every minute he is working in the forge he is creating the weapons and armor that multiplies the effectiveness of warriors. Arrowheads and spearheads, long knives, other accessories.
  12. After Faile’s kidnapping, Sulin tells Perrin that everyone would pick up spears if needed except for the Blacksmiths. This doesn’t contradict what Rand said when he first saw an Aiel Blacksmith hefting a newly made spear.
  13. It is very possible because everyone hates Shaido, that Shaido men have a much stronger in clan preference than typical Aiel. And Aiel are known for their in group preference. Many Maidens stayed with the Shaido and Maidens have a immediate family group preference for Rand (especially after Couladin died). Family before Clan, Clan before Nation, Nation before Wetlander, Wetlander before OathBreaker.
  14. Rand is a parallel to the Messiah and I have heard multiple religious people who are supposed to be moral people say things like everything will be permitted after. Many people didn’t like what the Shaido were doing, but were willing to overlook horrible behavior because of what Rand said about the origins of the Aiel (also paralleled today).
  15. Yoniy0 I think Faile is older than Perrin. She is slim and short, that is what Davram is referring to when he says weak. Farmers breed out slight, weak bodied in a way that Royalty can’t (unless spouses are chosen for physical robustness versus political connection, also men sometimes prefer petite women). Lucky I hate manipulative people like Faile. We never were told why she liked him. Perrin being insecure around her is unattractive of him, but telling of her, even after marriage. Rereading the books I noticed Min loves horses like Perrin does. They share upsetness over horses being caught up by men’s schemes (Perrin at Dumai, Min at The Mist cameo in Cairhein hills). I know Perrin isn’t Min’s type either, but it would have made more sense Min to fall for Perrin, his gentleness in general, she could have seen him caring for his horse... Perrin and Min could have ended up on a Horse ranch in the Westwood at the end. It didn’t make sense for Rand to have unlimited promiscuous sex with Min for the second half of the series which is a complete dismissal of Rand’s upbringing and dismissive of his relationship with the other two women. I know Elayne is white trash, but she could have married Rand in a small private ceremony with Aiel wise women. Berelain is all wrong for Perrin, she never loved him. There was a physical attraction, but that came after.
  16. Yeah Sabio, Shaido were always like that. First meet with Couladin? He was their chosen leader, not some rando. Yeah, Chad some people on the light side are annoying. I’m guessing you never read any of the Darkies talking? They are all annoying. #TeamNarg 😉
  17. The are countless herbal remedies and many drugs today originate from herbal remedies of yesteryear. Lavender was used by Native Americans for fever, Willow bark is the natural form of aspirin, pain killers come from poppies, toxic plants are uniquely used to kill diseases as well without poisoning the patient... Silver, mint, eucalyptus, blueberries, olive oil and many other things have some antibacterial properties. Also remember with no drug company antibiotics, there are no superbugs. Presuming cancer comes from pollutions, Randland should be fairly safe. And if an Aes Sedai were to get cancer, there is an easy fix for that, Saidar based healing. What is interesting is that a more orderly combination of two genes can’t combine successfully, but a more chaotic weave can. You can’t shuffle in two different genomes to get a living creature, but if you allow life to coexist with Chaos, life tries to build while chaos tries to disrupt and presuming many many attempts, something living should result. All the other evil creatures in the Blight may have been failed attempts. Fades, by contrast seem externally human-like, but deep inside they are different. It would seem that the animal genomes were completely suppressed. The Fades don’t attain animal abilities. Their abilities seem specifically to do with DO. So it would seem that the True Power itself displaced the animal’s dna and created new information, the result being that they are more magical than typical carbon based life forms. Hazarding a guess, Fade’s teleportation can be the wolf’s ability to touch the dreamworld only the Fade can instantly travel. The Shadow slip allows them physical access to the dreamworld, they just think where they want to go and seamlessly slip back into the real world in one thought/motion. Isam/Luc can slip into the dream, though it doesn’t describe him doing a full Fade Shadow slip teleportation, the dual personality may slow transitions, or Isam/Luc hasn’t mastered the ability. How Isam/Luc was formed? No idea.
  18. The funny thing is, there was no reason for Rand’s body to die. I think his body disappearing and him living on in another body is some Prophet Elijah/Jesus stuff. The prophecy only said his blood on the rocks. At some point his wound could break open one more time and Nynaeve could heal him fully this time, end of story. That body swapping is something weird.
  19. Is RJ/BS saying that a man can heal himself if he is mentally ill?
  20. Yeah, the problem is Ashaman don’t seem to wear traditional clothing. All about that unrelenting black. Mustache will pass tho. Was gonna say Eastern Andor has some blondes, redheads, but Mae beat me to it and has a more extensive list, didn’t know Tarian.
  21. Rereading now, almost halfway thru
  22. Nynaeve channeled inside Far Madding outside the innermost circle. Anyway, the Far Madding Terangreal works inside its own stedding, that is not proof, but...
  23. Far Madding proves that you can’t channel inside a Stedding even with a Well. Outer ring men can’t sense the Source. Second ring women can’t sense the Source. Inner ring is like a stedding where no one can channel even with a Well. An Adam once put on outside the stedding, should prevent the capturee from opening the catch inside a Stedding, because it is a sort of conditioned response, nausea, not magic. Since the Adam is like Linking. Ask yourself what would happen if two women Link, the one controlling the Link stays outside the Stedding and the second woman steps into a Stedding. The books never explored this type of exercise. Logic dictates they would still be linked, she can go to the other side of the world and the link wouldn’t break... But the woman outside would be unable to access the inside woman’s power.
  24. Everyone knows so much was lost after the Breaking. I think Nynaeve rediscovered some things thru unconscious use of the power and genetic memory like her 5 Element use which is far better than the 3 Element simpler weave more suited to weaker women with less talent. But Nynaeve also discovered new things two, most obvious, healing stilling, a function of being too old to conform to Tower rules, general headstrongness, etc.
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