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  1. Moghedien for the pure sneaky sneakyness of it all - I'd love to be behind the scenes, prodding people along.
  2. August 2018 Roll Call

    nope. no school here
  3. omg I love aquariums! I don't know what it is but I get so excited! I love the the one in the Calacademy is San Franciso - natural history musuem and aquarium in one building, its awesome. I wonder can I upload photos from my phone?
  4. Hello and Welcome to Shayol Ghul Want to join this select membership of shifty, sneaky, devious posters? Of course you do! Then just pop a post reply to this thread saying you want to join, and someone will be along to …….. see to you…… shortly. What is Shayol Ghul about? Letting out our evil side of course, in a PG13 sorta way. If you are suitably evil and impress more senior members they will give you points. The first thing you should do is sign into monthly roll call, as that will start you off with a lovely 5 points. Some members will announce when they are giving away points, some will not, so you never know when you might earn yourself a little something. You’ll get a welcome PM with some more info, and some insight into the secret inner workings of Shayol Ghul. Thankandar is the board where we hold mafia and other games, so be sure to check that out to. The Powers That Be (our Social Group staff) LilyElizabeth – The Dark One – Social Group Leader and She Who Must Be Obeyed Verbal - Shadowspawn Faction Leader aka Shaidar Haran - watches over Thakandar Nynaeve - Shadowspawn Chosen – writer of the Gossip Ghul Killashandra - Black Ajah Faction Leader aka Cuen’Shaidar– administrator of Grayman Tasks Elaevia - Black Ajah Chosen – wrangler of newbies ed2funy - Dreadlord Faction Leader aka Moridin – recorder of points and manager of the Wiki Adella - Dreadlord Chosen – controller of Caption Faction Competition Please do not SPAM or welcome in this thread, I will happily delete all posts I deem irrelevant! (I quite like deleting and editing posts – you never know what words I might put into your mouth - you have been warned!)
  5. Welcome! a pm will be with you later today
  6. SuperCon: Cosmere Hangman

    K (I know the event is over but I really want to know what it is, lol)
  7. SuperCon: Cosmere Hangman

  8. Gardening with Lily

    I will test your tea, see if it meets the high standards of the Black Ajah. Do you trust me enough to pour for you? *evil snicker*
  9. Gardening with Lily

    and if there are no biscuits I would think you are aiming to be the Dark One's new favourite, it being so evil not to offer snacks with the refreshments.
  10. Gardening with Lily

    what sort of tea? Bad tea is ruder than smashed gnomes.
  11. *waves

    and also a wolf dragging the embodiment of evil leaves tracks all the way back to its den.
  12. Gardening with Lily

    *enters garden, scowling at the 'guards'* You have someone of ours. You going to give The Dark One back or am I going to have to start smashing pottery?
  13. *waves

    wolves aren't quite as sneaky as they think they are....
  14. I heard a rumor...

    In that case...... *twitches fingers*
  15. Supercon - Discworld

    oooo, Unseen Academicals is actually my least favourite, except for one small cameo. The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic have a different feel for the rest, and for me he starts to hit the tone that carrys through the rest shortly afterwards and certainly by about ummmm ....... Guards Guards. OMG you have sooooo much to look forward to James Brown, if only you knew! :) A Quirmism might be.... 'the floor dirt sucking machine that socks get stuck in' (and the your husband cuts it apart to get the sock out so then it won't suck any more. not holding a grudge.)
  16. Supercon - Discworld

    Hi all - welcome to the Gray Ajah's Discworld thread! There are many things that I love about this series (one of the many things!) is B.. S Johnsons' ability to make things that don't work the way they are meant to and similarly Leonard of Qurim's inability to name his great inventions. One of my favourites is the 'Going-Under-The-Water-Safely' device because it submerges on a marine environment. Do you have a favourite? Could you name something in a Quirmish way?
  17. SuperCon: Cosmere Hangman

  18. SuperCon: Cosmere Character Discussion

    I love Wayne: he's got that whole seeking redemption thing going on, but it's also intriguing how he's smarter than others give him credit for, particulary when comparing to Wax, and I think he uses that to his advantage. And Steris has really grown on me as well.
  19. I heard a rumor...

    We will - but will we have to be nice to them when we get you back? Could be dangerous for them.
  20. June 2018 Roll Call

  21. March 2018 Roll Call

    something chocolaty. or a really really nice vanilla.