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  1. what did you do with all your lemon juice @Ryrin? Today I signed another 12 month tenancy, which is a relief as our last agreement had actaully expired at the end of last week, and I was a mite worried they wouldn't want to renew.
  2. I think for me, what's difficult about eating vegetarian / vegan is the hidden ingredients. I have a family member who gets ill when eating red meat or red meat products, and it's surprising the things that have geletin in, or beef stock, or something. So it's easier to look for vegetarian or vegan foods sometimes.
  3. Glad to here you are doing better Cairos *hugs*
  4. Today I went on a run for the first time in months
  5. nooooo I love looking at pictures of brownies almost as much as I like eating them! 😄 and it's great that you could put them together in just that extra ten minutes - sometimes baking / cooking can be offputting because it takes so much time, but it doesn't always!
  6. you can send me the cake of you like @JamesBrown lol this is what going to a workplace used to be good for: you could have all the fun of baking, keep a bit for yourself and then give the rest to the ever-hungry people in the office.
  7. ooo, that's a great idea! it's great to see people using what others have shared in the receipe book 🙂 I do both, but baking is more for pleasure, to make something that's a treat and a bit different.
  8. yes, that was so cool. plus, this week I went from awwww to yay to noooooooo to ooooooooh
  9. oh god, my mind has gone complelty blank!! I can't remember what this was!!!
  10. Yes! nom nom nom nom nom. Time for one more? yeah, let's go! _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _
  11. It's just a little thing but right now I am Thankfull for my bed. I was hunched over the computer at work all day and back / shoulders were aching (I know! bad posture!) but my bed is very comfortable and despite that I got a great nights sleep.
  12. yep you got it! I love mine with chilli. this next one might not strictly be Thanksgiving (I'm not sure) but it's one of my faves. _ _ _ _ / _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  13. we are celebrating Thanksgiving in the Gray Ajah, it would be Grayt if you could join us! 😄
  14. oooo those look interesting. Does it come out very liquid? Like is it 'soup with some potatoes' or more 'potatoes with the soup flavour'?
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