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  1. Naaahh. It's okay. As long as there's spoiler tag (and if possible the book), it's fine.
  2. I would look for Lan. That's certain. I would bring the children with me, teaching them how to channel along the way, while setting a false track for Darkfriends to follow. I would change all our clothes and horses and send the old ones away in another direction. Is that good enough?
  3. Is it TBH I don't have the courage to open the hidden comments for fear of spoilers. So sorry if someone has answered that before. *sigh*
  4. No, no.. I'm not very familiar with WoT characters anyway, being halfway through the series. I'll just have fun with guessing. 😄
  5. My goodness, I didn't think of that at all.
  6. @LilyElizabeth Sedai, I hope you feel better now. *hugs mother warily* May better light shine on you next week mother. This week had been extra busy, as the next one will be. *sigh* I need extra coffee.
  7. Question: What kind of danger is there for the women? I mean, trollocs or them running away?
  8. TBH in TEotW, I was as suspicious of Moiraine as the kids. But I guess by the second book it was hard not to sympathize with her. I never thought of Moiraine as mother figure until Mother mentioned it though. That actually makes sense. But I really appreciate the "whatever it takes for the cause" attitude that both she and Siuan had. It's so refreshing to me. Also, I don't mind reading short stories about Lan and Moiraine just travelling around doing whatever it is, seriously. Yes, I like them that much. ❤️
  9. Me, me, Cross Sedai! I want to me Moiraine after Aman. 😄 Thank you~ (Hopefully I don't accidentally deliver the Dragon to Baalzamon.)
  10. Sablesage, Shadow, Soldier (Three Ss by the way.) This far into WoT, I'd say LotR. I love how it feels very much like a mythology instead of usual narratives (with poems and songs and all the jazz). It feels like King Arthur and Faerie Queene and Illiad/Odyssey so to speak. I like the ambience very much, even though it's not as heavy as WoT in terms of politics and cultures (which I also like in fiction). I listen to "Song of Beren and Luthien" in the shower so often that it topped my Spotify list last year. And Aragorn/Arwen love story is definitely one of my favorites in fiction.
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