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  1. *gets pulled in by Tress* Welcome to Dragonmount, Kinslayer. Stormlight Archive is my personal favorite series at the moment! The world is totally different from our world, with a different ecology, climate and everything, worked out super well, with magic ingrained perfectly into it and the characters are absolutely amazing. Fair warning though, it's got a very high learning curve because of how much worldbuilding there has to be done, so you need to be ready for that. As for wheter it's a good idea to start Stormlight Archive, if you're absolut
  2. Thanks for the welcome, Elgee. Maybe I'll come 'round some more in the future. Of course, right now I have to focus on the quest.
  3. *creates a small Gateway to home and picks up the cup of kaf left at home as it falls through the Gateway* Androl taught me some tricks... *hands the kaf to Elgee* Here you go. Nice tower by the way. Might have any chance of rivalling ours if not for the fact that black, not being a mix, is so much more beautiful than the white that is a mix of everything. You'd start wondering why many consider white to be "pure"...
  4. Egwene for sure. I read like 20 pages through the tears in my eyes after that. Afterwards I started thinking about it, and I couldn't think of anyone - Rand, Mat, Perrin, anyone else - whose death would have felt worse for me. And I think it was also worse because I had trouble not crying already when thinking of Siuan and Bryne. Oh, yeah, and HOW DID LAN SURVIVE??????
  5. If you mean Dragonmount forums in general - the Social Groups will live on as long as I'm alive. :) And maybe longer.
  6. I'm really not going to do anything else until I've finished it...
  7. I really hope that, in the epilouge of AMoL, we "zoom" out, and the whole pattern, with what happens in every age and such stuff, is all told... I want to know!!!!!
  8. Rand has turned to the Dark One at Veins of Gold and is hiding it from everyone, so that he can destroy all armies at once at Merillor.
  9. ^You know how it is with all those mindless Egwene haters... Sense? No, never heard of.
  10. Well Ive thought for a while now that the Hundred Weaves amplified by Callandor might repair the thinness of the Pattern at Shayol Ghul, that do anything for you? Speculation of course. If they were a way to strengthen the Pattern it maybe explains why they are required in the test, even if the knowledge behind it was forgotten the weaves have survived. I think Nynaeve will have the idea after the main event. Epic theory.
  11. May I point out Hinderstrap was for sure not caused by Mat's Ta'veren? It was already going for weeks.
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