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  1. By the way Talm, did you check out Epicrockradio?
  2. Leyrann

    I have a serious problem.

    Same here. I'm not much for Black Metal, but Woods of Trees are an exception.
  3. Leyrann

    I have a serious problem.

    You should check out their other videos as well. Woods of Trees are amazing.
  4. Leyrann

    Favorite foods

    I live a few km from the border with Germany. If you'd drive west for two hours you'd probably find yourself in the North Sea. Maybe somewhere around Amsterdam. North-south is a little longer, something like three hours from one side to the other.
  5. Leyrann

    Favorite foods

    So probably at least as far as the other side of the country for someone like me who lives in the Netherlands?
  6. Leyrann

    I have a serious problem.

    I was first.
  7. Because I know you're gonna spam the roll call thread otherwise.
  8. A new month, a new roll call. 5 points for signing in, another 5 points for answering the question. What's your favorite food? Mine is spaghetti.
  9. With the lottery I always think "they wouldn't do it if they wouldn't get money from it, the only money they get is from people buying tickets. Therefore, you will on average lose money."
  10. Leyrann

    The Way of Kings

    If you read it that much you should really come to the 17thshard and theorize with us Talm. Also we have some absolutely crazy stuff going on in the social groups as well at times... Seriously, the amount of intrigue is insane.
  11. I've decided to stop playing mafia games. Last game I found I had to drag myself into reading the thread every time. It's fun, but I just don't enjoy it enough compared to the time I put in.
  12. Leyrann

    The Way of Kings

    I've never managed to get a Wheel of Time reread in while I did finish my first Stormlight Archive reread two weeks ago.
  13. Leyrann

    The Way of Kings

    It's also the one where the Cleansing happens though.
  14. Oh, wow. That's before my time. Here's your welcome back thread: https://dragonmount.com/forums/topic/105993-welcome-back-mirshann-uuranor/