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  1. I want a garden and will pay with points.

    Yup, leaving the rest at zero is the easiest way to do it. It's not a requirement if you look at the rollers themselves instead of the damage number you get out of it, though.
  2. I want a garden and will pay with points.

    Yup, old rollers are working, so you'd need to manually insert all stats.
  3. I want a garden and will pay with points.

    Uhm... How many spikes did you have again?
  4. I want a garden and will pay with points.

    Hmm... Did the rollers get fixed yet?
  5. The Tainted Times - January 2018

    They're on the off-site boards. I'll find them and post them soon. Just like the promotions, which I totally forgot about in the recent busy weeks (or did someone else do them? I only checked the main board so far). Edit: Quick update on the promotions, I didn't have everything correct in my mind, and it turns out that there is no exact list of who are up for promotion (like I thought there was). Additionally, I want to discuss with the other staff members about simplifying the requirements for promotions, as right now they're so complicated even I barely get them.
  6. Roll Call: January 2018

    @Niniel Have you calculated the points? Because if so, it can be unpinned. (also, I like how staff powers now allow me to reply to locked threads without having to unlock them and relock them after)
  7. Hmm... So the spambot post got hidden by someone in the meantime. I know I'm supposed to be responsible and all, but why don't we just leave it be, as it adds to the goal of this thread?
  8. I want a garden and will pay with points.

    Green > Blue. Fite me.
  9. Welcome Faile! I'm gonna start confusing all the new faces.. Oh well.
  10. Welcome to the Black Tower Terra

    I am away for a bit and hordes of new members are joining! Welcome Terra!
  11. Welcome to the Black Tower jbarlow1

    Oh, and I almost forgot! Welcome to the Black Tower, Jbar. My name's Leyrann and apparently I am in charge of the Light Faction, though I'm still unsure how that happened. Something with an administration error, I believe.
  12. Welcome to the Black Tower jbarlow1

    Lies being told about me in my absence! ...Okay, I may have cheered as he fell into the hole, but I surely didn't push him! And I masked my weaves. They'll never find me.
  13. The Way of Kings

    His own works, in my opinion, are much better than his Wheel of Time books (even though the last three WoT books are still my favorite!) because he gets to write in his own world, with the characters he designed. You're probably best off starting with Mistborn, or maybe Elantris. Stormlight Archive is his best work, but has a very high bar of entry (first five chapters have 5 different point of view characters, the whole world has a different ecology and climate from earth, etc) so may not be the best starting point. Start on Stormlight Archive when you think "I want to read more of this guy!", but once you think that do it as soon as possible to not miss out on greatness.
  14. The Tainted Times - January 2018

    !!! We're gonna keep the rules in place (except for considering a simplification), but expect some promotions to appear this weekend. I'm gonna see if I can come up with anything. (don't expect it though!)
  15. Roll Call February 2018

    Thanks Nikon, now I don't have to think of two questions this month (one was hard enough already...). Favorite game is a hard one. For computer, it depends on wheter I just played League of Legends or not. If I haven't, it's that game, if I have I'm typically fed up with the attitude of the average person and I go for Civilization VI instead. Also, I'm going to play Dungeons and Dragons for the first time just this evening (excluding a session to make a character), and I am really looking forward to it.