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  1. Happy Birthday, Millon!

    LoL ... go you, Mills! And I'm glad you like your bacon desert *grins*
  2. I've found my new goal

    Were they the only runners? LoL ... well even if they were, kudos to them! They'd beat me regardless!
  3. Jason has asked that we give him 1 list of the problems we are experiencing with this board. To that end, I will post a list of things we've come up with so far. If you have anything to add to it, please post here within the next 24 hours. Please only post here if you have something to add, or want to correct something I or someone else has posted here, or you need clarification. Do NOT spam this thread - I don't have time to wade through spam to gather the needed information. Please tell all DM members you know about this thread, so they can post here too if they can think of anything to add. 24 hours! Go!
  4. @Arie ... I also had one but the wheels fell off ... But reported up to here ... LoL
  5. The Warder Field Trip

    You'll find the Bonding rules in post 3 of the WT/Warders 101 pinned topic, at the main WT board. For more guidelines (like stop with the flaming RPing), you'll find some information at the Hall, in the Purpose and Rules of the Hall pinned topic, particularly in this and this post.
  6. Arie, please be a bit more specific about what exactly the problem is?
  7. Yes that drives me nuts! Happens on some threads too, but ALL the pms.
  8. Aah ok. I didn't get the notification of a tag, just that you quoted my post.
  9. Happy Birthday, Millon!

    Happy Birthday, Millon! Hope you're having a fabulous one :)
  10. Do you mean that some people don't "get tagged", or that they are unable to tag others? I don't even know how to tag someone, to be honest, or what it then does.
  11. IWW - Dancing floor

    I like that!
  12. Thank you, Jagen - I'll add that to the list.
  13. IWW - Dancing floor

    Women can do all kinds of things - even Afrikaner women: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2aUNIdjaIs
  14. IWW - Dancing floor

    Those are so diverse, but both so lovely! I've never seen that instrument, Myst, but I must agree with you - very soothing!
  15. Highlights and Lowlights of the Past Year

    A highlight for me was that I could also say "me too". That might sound strange, but it was the courage of others which gave me the courage to speak out. It's also encouraged me to not just shut up and take things anymore, but to rather stand my ground no matter what. Hopefully it will be a tide that sweeps around the world, so that more and more women gain that courage. When such a thing gains momentum, it comes to a point where there is no longer any way to stop it.
  16. IWW - Small Steps to Progress

    DJ has put my thoughts into beautiful words. Thank you :)
  17. Songstress said: * Extremely slow response when posting, especially in larger threads but even in small ones * Missing the feature to click on the number of posts in a thread and see which users have posted/how many times (we love this for tallying roll call points) * Unable to search for all posts by a specific user name without a search term (which makes ISO in mafia impossible) * Unread content does not include threads from private boards I'm not 100% clear on all the notifications issues because I don't request notifications for many threads - but I know those who rely on notifications to keep current on threads they follow/new threads in forums they follow/etc. have serious problems with it. I do know that I used to be able to have a regular site notification when a new thread is posted in the forums I follow (Introduce Yourself, for one), and now it sends me an email instead. Edited to add: * Unable to view/edit BB code - that was a feature of the old site that I used a LOT when I was formatting a complex post. * Unable to see post numbers in a thread (i.e. this is post 2 in this particular thread) - used a lot to refer to a specific post in a mafia game without having to quote it I added: To expand on the Notification problems which Tress mentioned: The biggest issues with this board is that a) Trying to figure out how to set notifications is extremely difficult. I've tried several ways, and not managed. It's not user friendly. b) It seems to be inconsistent, in that it will only notify me of SOME new posts in SOME threads I follow. No clue why this is, but it renders the whole notification system basically useless. c) When you click on the notification drop time menu at the top right (the image of the bell), it only brings up the latest however-many, not ALL unread posts / threads. I'm not sure what the cut-off date or amount is, but if it's been a busy day or I've skipped 12 hours, I miss out on the earlier notifications. d) also re above menu: When using that, you can't really tell which notifications you've clicked on, and which not. Again, renders the system useless. Cannot get email OR board notifications to tell me just ONCE that there's a new post in a thread I follow - it gives me an email / notification for each post. Clicking on "go to first unread post / message" doesn't always work. Especially in private messages. Trying to format a post is an absolute nightmare. It just inserts random spaces, you can't indent, there's no undo button, there's no "remove coding" button (looked like a capsule on the previous board), and inserting anything from something like Word makes it go haywire. But you HAVE to write up a long report in something like Word, because you can't format it on here. Catch 22. You can't quote quotes.
  18. And if anyone can post a link to this thread on the various Facebook groups, or wherever else people will see it, please do so. For some reason I can't post on FB today.
  19. Image by our own Cross Welcome to the White Tower and Warders Social Group! A bit about us: The term "Aes Sedai" means "Servants of All" in the Old Tongue. The White Tower and Warders Social Group has used the philosophy of Servants of All to create a social setting based on the hierarchy, purpose and set-up of the White Tower and Warders in the WoT series. This inspires the way in which we interact and some of the activities which we organize, although we are a social community and not a role playing group. We offer people of varying common interests - related to the books or otherwise - a chance to find their niche with like minded people in one of the Ajahs or the Warders guild. Whether you become a Warder or an Aes Sedai (here males can be Aes Sedai and females can be Warders), at the White Tower and Warders Social Group, you can live out that philosophy and have fun doing it! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You will start your journey at the White Tower and Warders as an Initiate. After completing a class (see more later) you may pick your path, ie either Warder Path or Aes Sedai Path. In the Warder's Guild, you will start as an Algai, then progress to Manshima and finally to Der'Manshima. As a member of the Warder's Guild, you can choose to join one of three disciplines of like-minded brothers and sisters in battle. You may instead choose the path of Aes Sedai. You will start as Novice, then progress to Accepted and finally to Aes Sedai. When you have reached the rank of Accepted/Manshima, you may state your intent to join the Ajah or Discipline of your choice. Please be aware, however, that MOST of the Ajahs/Disciplines have an application process and must ACCEPT you as an Aspirant before you can declare yourself. Familiarize yourself with these processes in advance and you'll help yourself out a ton. :) How will YOU choose to serve? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you are a new member: To join the WT&Warders, 1) Read all of the information contained in this thread 2) fill out This Simple Form 3) post here saying that you have: a) Read and Understood and Agree to Abide by all the rules and b) Filled out the form. Your information will be added to our spreadsheets, from which the Mistress of Novices (Kaylee / Chaelca) or the Mistress at Arms (Aiel Heart) will email the Admins to add you to our usergroup. They will also send you an email containing more useful information. They attempt to do this as speedily as possible, but please be patient for a few days as this is not an instant process. If it has been more than a week, please post here again - sometimes slips happen. Once you have been added to our main usergroup, you will be able to see a whole new set of boards. One of them will be the Aspirant Common Room and sub-forums. Please head over there first thing, and read all the pinned topics you can find. This will be your home until you one day join an Ajah or the Warders. If you are a returning member: Please post the following here: Your full and correct Handle (DM Display Name). Remember that you must use the Handle (DM Display Name) you were known as when you were last here, unless you have received permission to change it. Read more about this HERE. Your path (Warder or Aes Sedai) Your rank (novice, algai, Accepted, Manshima, Aes Sedai, Der'Manshima) Your affiliation (ie member of the Ren'Shai Discipline or of the White Ajah, etc) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ People join DM in general and the White Tower & Warders in particular to relax and have fun. Different people have different ways of relaxing and having fun, though. Here are a few simple rules to ensure that the majority of our members can do that - please read and adhere to them: The Dragonmount Code of Conduct The Signature and Avatar rules The PG13 guide (post #2) The Bonding Rules and Guidelines (post #3) The Rules for Changing Ajahs/Disciplines, Paths & Handles and making new accounts (post #4) Spam, Thread-Hijacking and Off Topic (post #5) General rules (post #6) Staff Structure: HERE (post #7) WT Org Info: Official Email : dmwtorg@gmail.com New Member Sign-up Form: HERE Returning Member Sign-up Form: Forthcoming Anonymous Suggestion Form: HERE Do not spam this thread. Spam will be deleted with no explanation or warning. Spam is anyone who doesn't have a legitimate reason to post in this thread.
  20. Oh my word ... welcome back! It's awesome to see you again *grins* You should still have access to everything, according to my google docs, but let me know if you can't access the Ajah boards or the Warder private boards. Or the Hall.
  21. Long Time No See

    :P *Pushes Damon into the Moat* You stink *grins*
  22. Long Time No See

    It was a lot of fun! *grins* Good girl! Mommy's proud of you *nods* Mother's batsh*t insane. Bonding him only made it worse :P Mind you, he just told me I was Bonding him as soon as I turned Accepted. I was so stunned I agreed.
  23. Long Time No See

    ROFL! Love it *grins*
  24. Long Time No See

    Haha sucker! Ermmm ... *wanders over to DJ to check if she's dressed correctly* Don't get suckered in by Damon's innocent face, dear - he's very appropriately named! And then he just got worse when we Bonded :P