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  1. Very much so! And he gets away with it because of that angelic face *grins*
  2. Aaakkkk .... 😲 *hides in her Warder's quarters*
  3. I watched the 1st few episodes of that but then the family wanted to watch something else in that timeslot so none further 😞
  4. Just after I posted that, I thought "GoT" and then wondered if it was such a good idea ... rofl.
  5. *Twaps* 😛 Yah the only reason I'm sometimes nice is because I have Cairos in my head. His niceness oozes through the Bond.
  6. LoL I usually don't get further than looting the local dried fruit shop before I fall asleep.
  7. I'm watching a local spy thriller type show called Trackers, which is based on a novel by local author Deon Meyer. He's actually one of my favourite authors. The director of the series is Finnish, which I find quite interesting.
  8. Maybe you should contact the nearest army training base? I can find out from my nephew if you want - he's an officer in the British Army.
  9. Happy Birthday, Blank! Hope you had an absolutely fabulous day 🙂 Since this is day 2 of your birthweek, I have 2 dresses for you as a present *grins*
  10. Interesting topic, Calindra! I still have my story in my head - the one that I'm going to write. My thing that I do when it's the quiet time of the night and I'm awake, is fantasize a story thread. I don't know how else to explain it. It's like day-dreaming, in a way. Currently I will like there and plan what I would do if some massive disaster struck, like a world wide ice/snow storm that kills off most people. Survival strategies. This was brought about by the series my sister is writing, and which I help edit.
  11. Oh Lily I'm so sorry ... it's a horrible situation to be in, but I believe you made the right choice. Nothing and nobody should be forced by others to suffer. *hugs*
  12. Oh yeah ... you guys haven't experienced a Prettying. Haven't had any Warders wander in here accidentally in a while.
  13. I actually often think about what all I would like to do differently. Unlike Cross, and a few others, I'm not happy with myself or my life. Stupid choices and laziness (there are always so many interesting books to read) were major contributors to this. If I had to pick one thing to change, it would be to study harder and get my degree.
  14. The poor thing is still being kept in a very secluded cottage out in the back of nowhere. With softly padded rooms and only soup in a cup for food. We're thinking of introducing something like sausage soon.
  15. You can post as often or as little as you like. The LoA thread is mostly for staff members, or when you're supposed to be doing something but life happens. Generally if you are going to be away for more than a few weeks, post an LoA if you're able. It's not a train smash if you don't, though, other than for those mentioned above.
  16. I was exactly the same. I only stumbled upon Dragonmount because I was looking for information regarding the release of the next book. Yet here I am, over 13 years later.
  17. You tell 'em, Lava! Guac. If you're especially good, I'll make you the bestest ever Machos Nachos.
  18. No one ever lets me have any fun! *sulks*
  19. But of course! There would be no point to it otherwise. And that way you can safely hit aspies over the head without the M&M getting all gnarly about it.
  20. Sheesh I told you not to use that Weave where people could see!
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