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  1. Ok so it looks like with the move to the Clubs and the redoing of req information to point to the right threads, some bits of the process fell out. I for the love of me can't recall exactly what the prior to this one said exactly. We're reworking the reqs at the staff board at the moment, but for anyone ready to be raised at the moment, it should still be this: Once the Ajah / Disc you have aspired to has accepted you, the Ajah Head / Disc Leader must let the MoN/MaA know and then posts the announcement at the Hall. The MoN/MaA will then send an email to the Accepted /
  2. I think that might have referred to being a mintee of a Green? I know I was a Green Novice but that's what it meant.
  3. I'm thankful that I survived Covid 19 and that my friends and family did too.
  4. Lovely to see the Warders growing! Congratulations on your graduation, Asha'man Shar'aman!
  5. You're the best! *Beams and plops down on the Don's lap for more cherries*
  6. You can pick: either towards your reqs, or towards the yet to be announced points system.
  7. There are various ones, like the White Tower & Warders, The Black Tower, Shayol Ghul, Ogier, etc. It's very difficult to explain to people what we actually do here. I'll quote the WT/W blurb for you - maybe that will help! The term "Aes Sedai" means "Servants of All" in the Old Tongue. The White Tower and Warders Social Group has used the philosophy of Servants of All to create a social setting based on the hierarchy, purpose and set-up of the White Tower and Warders in the WoT series. This inspires the way in which we interact and some of the activities which we organize,
  8. Or you can actually just hang around. Usually we only pay attention to you if you actually signed the WT 101 thread *grins*
  9. Isn't that where the Brazilian Grand Prix is?
  10. I can't find the "new" reqs anywhere! Can you point me to that, Phae? As far as I can recall, lately it's been that you could aspire to your chosen Ajah/Disc after you've completed a certain amount of reqs (as Accepted / Manshima). I believe there would be only 1 req left after that, which would be to lead an event for your chosen Ajah/ Disc.
  11. Aaah yes of course. I think we're in some kind of time warp this year - things FEEL like they either go much more slowly or much faster
  12. Anything I pour is usually quadruple 😉
  13. I'm curious, Aman - you seem to love the Asha'man, so why did you pick the White Tower instead of the Black Tower? Or are you a member of both?
  14. Welcome to Dragonmount, Ranadin! Which part of Brasil are you from? I'm from Cape Town in South Africa. Hope we'll see you over at the White Tower and Warders Social Club!
  15. You're still senior so you can make him gofer all you want, JB *grins*
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