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  1. *grins and snugglebites Malone* Yes, that you are!
  2. Well we are BT/Warders, me and Van...always gotta be prepared... However, I still don't think that was a knife.
  3. Because I am a man myself, and saw right about where you were sitting...
  4. You are either a brave man, or a stupid man, Van. But congrats anyway. You take care of them girls else I'll have to hunt you down!
  5. I'm all right. I had some pretty cool guys in the cell with me. We played rummy for like 3 hours until breakfast was served. And, actually, I have 3 sisters Jhae, but the order wasn't against me, lol. She ain't that dumb.
  6. Yeah, that's right. I was arrested Wednesday night at 10PM. So here's the story: My sister went to file for a restraining order on some dude that has been calling her and threatening to shoot her and the rest of my family. Well they found that she had warrants for not paying her fines and arrested her. I get the bond money and go down to bail her out...where they find that I have warrants for not paying my fines...So I got arrested. Spent nearly 24 hrs in a prison cell before finally getting released on my bond. So, for those of you that are curious here are a few facts: Prison food SUCKS! Sitting around for 24 hrs with nothing to do is boring! Orange jumpsuits are uncomfortable...especially when they take every article of clothing that isn't plain white! But I'm out as of 16 hrs ago, and I've finally slept so...it's all good.
  7. Thanks everyone. And, Van, did ya seriously have to invite Demi to my bonding party? Talk about a buzz kill...
  8. Mark today a day of days. A joining of two close friends, a pledge to forever be there for each other. By the Light and my hope of rebirth, and salvation, I shall always find a way to be your Light in the shadow, to assist you in all things to the extent of my abilities. Let no harm come to you that has not passed through me first. I shall serve as your Warder, until Death take me or you release me.
  9. There are a few things that could be greater, though they are rare indeed. I lay this promise to you: I will always give all I am, and ask only the same as you. Our interests, though similar, will never be more important than my own. I shall continue to be everything that I have, to continue to keep things interesting. Who I am shall be clear, and precise. We will be as we always are, friends til the end though the worst of the worst and best of the best.
  10. Dressed to impress he strode the Tower halls. Black coat decorated with his Sword and Dragon pins, black trousers, calf high polished black boots, twin knives hung on either side of his belt. Over it all he wore his color-shifting cloak, his body seeming to vanish into the walls with each step he took. The past few weeks had been interesting, to say the least. A second chance with an old friend. Coming out into the gardens he approached the cherry tree, seeing Malone and the crowd that had gathered around it. Approaching the bench himself he knew exactly why he was here...something that he had been waiting for. Long weeks, and discussions, had gone into this decision between them. Neither was all to ready to run headlong into things, but there was something about her that made this decision seem right.
  11. Well sorry I missed the festivities, but congrats you two!
  12. Yeah I shoulda known, lol. And depends on the day and if laundry needs to be done. Though I gave up briefs when I was like 7. ...Is it just me or are we running out of questions?
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