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  1. Hey there, Kara here. Became a member in 2006, I believe - or thereabouts. One time Green Head. :D I keep forgetting to check in more.
  2. Snuff was, last I heard, almost finished. Not sure about the other one though. Apparently Terry's new voice to type program is a much faster way of writing, once he's taught it all the discworld vocab that is, so it wouldn't surprise me to hear that he's already working on the next one. The Discworld Convention (UK) was absolutely AWESOME btw ;)
  3. Wants all of DM to know that Kara is an amazing and wonderful woman <3

  4. lol Working, working and more working. Lots of RL stress atm, mainly to do with work, though it looks to be coming to an end *raises eyes to the heavens and prays fervently* Hopefully I'll start to be around more soon. Yes, there's a discworld convention this year in birmingham, UK. The tickets have already sold out and the convention isn't until the last weekend in August. I booked my ticket in December and I was number 746 I think.... there was only a 900 capacity! It looks like it'll be so much fun! There's going to be Masquerade comps, a play (Rocky Horror with a Discworld theme :P) and various guest speakers etc. *bounces* I cannot wait! ;D
  5. Yep, it'll be shown 30th of May as far as I'm aware. :) I've received all the info for the Discworld Convention I'm going to in August. It looks like it'll be AWESOME!! ;D
  6. Deanne sighed loudly and then noticed Coreena Sedai watching her with disapproval written all over her face, so Deanne smiled her very best smile at her and hastily opened the book Esther had put in front of her and made a show of studying it deeply. Stupid Aes Sedai! Stupid Esther! Stupid pregnan.... Deanne's train of thought wavered as the contents of the book finally registered. Esther's droning voice about studying some daft book was at first ignored and then muted as Deanne started reading in earnest. This book was GOOD! Why had no-one showed her this type of thing before? Deanne eagerly turned the page becoming oblivious to the world around her and was soon deeply engrossed. Lunchtime came and went and Deanne was only vaguely aware of eating something and Esther's prattle about keeping her strength. This was something she could study! This was wonderful! She continued to read avidly about a famous Green who’d achieved great acclaim during the Trolloc Wars. The book even had basic information on tactics used in each of the battles that the Green Sister had been involved in. Deanne found herself nodding with each mention of troop placement and attack strategy and she grabbed some parchment and made notes for future reference. This made sense! Why couldn't anyone have taught them about this kind of thing before? Deanne felt sure she would have been much more attentive if this kind if thing had been in the criteria instead of long lists of names droned on repetitively and the history of things that should have definitely been left there - at least in Deanne's considered opinion. After a while she felt a bit cramped, so she sat up and stretched and yawned and looked around her. Then she saw the expression on Esther's face.... Deanne This studying lark is quite fun!
  7. Aislyn blinked as she tried to recover her scrambled wits. Eat human flesh? But why?? What had this poor girl been through that had driven her to something so horrid? Coming back to her senses Aislyn realised that she'd been asked a question. Focusing on answering that seemed to help her gather her wits a little. She would have to deal with Daciana's, or rather this Hunter's, revelation in a little while, though how she was going to do so she had no idea. Clearing her throat, she began to explain "We are known as the Wolfkin. We have the ability to speak to wolves and we share some of their attributes. We can see in the moonlight like they can and we have higher senses than most humans." she paused a moment to consider what to explain first. Experience had taught her that a generic 'this is who we are' type speech didn't help. Most people had a different expectation/knowledge/fear of the Wolfkin and so Aislyn had learned to tailor the explanation according to her audience. "This is a Stedding, where Channelling isn't possible. Most Aes Sedai seem to think we are something to be studied, most other people seem to think we are to be feared. Here we are protected and our presence here protects the wolves as much as they protect us. As I said earlier, we can speak to wolves and they to us and, as is usual when two societies begin to communicate, after a while friendships occur. The kind of friendships we have with the wolves differ from person to person. Some have a playful relationship, others a respectful one. That is why they are here and why we co-exist well. Some wolves treat us like the people do - with distrust and suspicion but on the whole Wolves are more accepting of us than people are." Aislyn stopped there and decided it was her turn for a question again. She swallowed hard and forced herself to ask the question and mentally braced herself for the answer. "What...what made you eat human flesh?" Aislyn Awaiting the answer but not sure she's ready to hear it
  8. The Void? What in the light is the Void? Raslyn thought as she tried to regain some semblance of calm and poise. She patted her bun in an absentminded gesture of self-assurance and spoke, "I..I don't know what would be best." Her brow creased as she admitted her ignorance and she tried to recover some sense of authority. Raslyn realised suddenly that she wouldn't know if he was in the Void or not, not knowing what it was he spoke about nor having anything to compare it to..and she certainly wasn't going to begin this charade by asking him to explain! Maybe she'd enquire discreetly of her Sisters later, but not now. Putting some command into her voice she added "Best you release the Void and then we know where we stand. Agree?" The last word had a both a tinge of an order and a question in it... Raslyn disliked not knowing things and disliked this situation even less. She would have preferred to study a little beforehand, then maybe she wouldn't feel like a fish out of water now! Taking a deep breath she watched Martyn anxiously and focused on the feelings inside her mind for an indication that he was releasing this Void. Raslyn Needing explanation but refusing to ask...
  9. Edalia waved when she spotted Zoe looking about for her and tried, somewhat unsuccessfully, to stifle a yawn at the same time. She dearly would have loved to be curled up in bed right now, but one can't have everything and if this was going to be part of her training then she was going to have to lump it. Resisting the urge to link arms with Zoe and suggest they visit the nearest tavern - just to check for Darkfriends of course - she stood looking for Sylos amongst the recruits splitting up for their patrols. Whilst they were waiting, Edalia turned to Zoe and spoke quietly, lest she bring the attention of Evelyn upon them. "How are you? I haven't seen much of you since that night..." she trailed off knowing there was not much point describing which night when they both knew which one she meant.
  10. Aislyn smiled gently. "We will begin in earnest tomorrow, that I can promise you. Now, however, we need to get you cleaned up and get you some clean clothes, not to mention a room for you to rest in. Rest is important now, I'm sure you can understand and agree with that." As she spoke she stood and gestured for Zippo to follow her. Leading the way down to the baths she pointed out where Zippo would be staying, where he could find the facilities and the kitchens. Once they'd reached the bathrooms she showed him where he'd be able to leave his old clothes and where he could find new ones to fit. "I'll leave you here to bathe, I'll go and make sure your room is ready. Will you be able to find your way back?" Leaving him to bathe Aislyn hurried to make sure his room would be ready for him, the smile leaving her face to be replaced with a worried frown. How in the Light was she going to be able to handle this? Aislyn
  11. "Er, but of course" Aislyn replied, a bit unsteadily. There'd been something in that gaze that...she shuddered and tried to pull herself together. She wasn't one for childish fancy and jumping at shadows but this girl had her on edge. She tried again, a bit more steadily. "How long have you..two..been like this? Are there more of..you..in the poor girl's head? Can you tell me more about your condition?" Despite herself she began to lean forward with interest showing clearly on her face. Now she might get answers and find out how best to help this girl. Aislyn Wanting answers but not thinking about whether she'll like them!
  12. OOC: No problem love :) *snuggles Jehaine all better* :-* IC: Raslyn forced her hands to unclench on her shawl when Martyn mentioned the differences between how Asha'men and Aes Sedai bond. She'd heard rumours of how they bonded their Aes Sedai and had, until today, dismissed them as horrific trouble-stirring rumours. Now, after witnessing the chaos, she was certainly grateful that she wasn't going to be the one Bonded....but did he know that she was going to be the one in charge? She thought she'd best make that clear, just in case...she'd never been kissed and certainly wasn't going to start now! Clearing her throat would possibly make her sound uneasy or uncomfortable but was far better than having a croaky voice in her opinion, so she cleared the lump in her throat as delicately as possible before speaking. "I shall Bond you as my Warder." she said, before hastily adding, "You needn't do anything special." She emphasised the last word so he would hopefully get the hint and not try and kiss her. Once she was sure he'd got the message, she opened herself to Saidar, though before she actually embraced it she eyed the room and spoke aloud. "I am about to embrace Saidar - just in case some of you get jumpy!" She eyed those Asha'man paying attention with a stern look which promised much worse than what Larindhra had given if they so much as twitched in her direction, and then proceeded to let the sweetness of Saidar flow through her. Replacing her stern look with a smile, which was much easier with Saidar coursing through her, she stepped closer to Martyn and spoke gently. "I will begin the Bonding weave now." Putting the words into action, she wove the complex weave, a slight frown of concentration marring her features, and placed them over Martyn's head. Watching them sink in she anxiously studied Martyn's cold expression for any response as she suddenly felt a cold distant knot form inside her head. Raslyn Not sure what happens next...
  13. Deanne sighed and pressed a hand to her aching temple, her other hand was gently stroking her now large and rotund belly. Honestly, she'd been glad when her grip on Saidar had begun to falter. If Esther had made her go over one more weave she'd have screamed! Over and over Esther had made her do weave after stupid weave, under Coreena Sedai's watchful eye, of course, and Deanne had even begun to dream about it, waking up with a cold sweat and Esther's gruff voice lingering in her ear, demanding it be done over. But now, thankfully, her pregnancy was interfering with her ability to grasp the Source much less do anything with it and Deanne was extremely grateful for the respite....but oh no...Esther wasn't going to give up that easily! No way! The very next morning she'd thumped into Deanne's small room where Deanne was attempting to have somewhat of a lie-in, bustled her out of bed and downstairs and sat her down in front of a large table that was now groaning under a huge stack of books. History, Mathematics, Royal Lines, Trading Agreements, you name it it was on that table and Esther was practically drooling over the sight, Deanne was certain she would have started stroking them if it weren't for Coreena Sedai hovering with a sharp eye. Soon Deanne was wishing desperately that she could Channel again...if only to smack this wretched book over Esther's head! Who in the Light would willingly want to learn about the The Laws pertaining to fishing rights of the River Andrielle?? Deanne Wishing she could Channel reliably again...
  14. He's working on the third Tiffany Aching novel called I shall Wear Midnight and apparently is on his second draft. At the moment it's not his health that's preventing him working - at least not directly. His writing time has been cut into cruelly by Alzheimer's, that much is true, but not due his physical condition. Rather he's had to take time out from writing to do talks and interviews on Alzheimer's and living with the condition. It would seem that he has become the "face" of the disease and as such is called on whenever anything new (or old) about Alzheimer's hits the media. Most recently he's done a talk on his opinions about assisted suicide. Although he has alzheimer's, his strain is a rare variant, if I recall correctly, which mainly affects his visual processing. Individuals with his variant tend initially to have well-preserved memory but instead show a decline in vision, and experience difficulties with performing skilled movements and with literacy skills. This has affected Terry's ability to type his novels but not his ability to think them up, so he has resorted to dictating his novels to his assistant or to a voice/text programme (which apparently has great difficulty in recognising the Discworld words :P) I have a sneaking suspicion he'll be writing as long as he possibly can. I seem to recall reading somewhere that his condition hasn't progressed much since diagnosis and that he is on the best medication available, so we can expect a good few books out of him I reckon ;) well provided people stop asking him to appear on tv/radio so often :P
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