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  1. Kara J, Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah English, the Queen's English that is raised little pinky and everything
  2. You're very welcome. I will pass that message on to her as soon as I can.
  3. Update Elgee has contacted me to say that the hospital tests have discovered 3 Gallstones over 2.5cm each! She'll be going into surgery to have her gallbladder removed as soon as they have a slot free for her. I've no idea whether that'll be today, this week or otherwise. As you can imagine, Elgee's texts are short and to the point, but as soon as I know anything, of course, I'll pass it on.
  4. IMPORTANT! Elgee has just texted me to pass on that she's currently in hospital for tests regarding her stomach problems. I don't have any more info as yet but as soon as I do, I'll let you all know. Here's hoping she can find out what's wrong and get it sorted stat!
  5. Congratulations Mirsh! You'll do a sterling job! *pulls the new Keeper to one side to whisper advice about how to deal with Elgeekins*
  6. Snuff was, last I heard, almost finished. Not sure about the other one though. Apparently Terry's new voice to type program is a much faster way of writing, once he's taught it all the discworld vocab that is, so it wouldn't surprise me to hear that he's already working on the next one. The Discworld Convention (UK) was absolutely AWESOME btw ;)
  7. Kara J - Aes Sedai - Green Ajah (Kara J - Knackered - Working too hard) :P
  8. I am ecstatic to announce that the Greens have a new member. Please give a warm welcome to Kathleen, who has consented to join into the mad-cap world of the Greens! :D Welcome Home Kathleen :-* *hugs tight* ;D ;D ;D
  9. lol Working, working and more working. Lots of RL stress atm, mainly to do with work, though it looks to be coming to an end *raises eyes to the heavens and prays fervently* Hopefully I'll start to be around more soon. Yes, there's a discworld convention this year in birmingham, UK. The tickets have already sold out and the convention isn't until the last weekend in August. I booked my ticket in December and I was number 746 I think.... there was only a 900 capacity! It looks like it'll be so much fun! There's going to be Masquerade comps, a play (Rocky Horror with a Discw
  10. From outside the Hall there comes a sound of running feet, a brief sliding noise and a short pause as if someone was trying to hastily catch her breath and repair the damage that the dash from the Green Quarters had caused. Then the door opens and Kara glides elegantly into the room, head held high and only a tinge of high colour in her cheeks that belied her graceful gait. She smiled winningly at all present and turned towards Adella. Taking a deep breath, Kara is just about to launch her speech when Elgee clears her throat in a meaningful way and raises an eyebrow whilst looking po
  11. Yep, it'll be shown 30th of May as far as I'm aware. :) I've received all the info for the Discworld Convention I'm going to in August. It looks like it'll be AWESOME!! ;D
  12. I wasn't ignorant of this....honest! I was delayed on important Head business..*shifty* *steps forward and drapes the Green Shawl around Charis's shoulders then kisses her on the cheek* Welcome Home Sister, We have waited long for you. :-* Double Yay!! ;D
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