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  1. Regular work is great. I'm enjoying my clients again and my co-workers. And best of all, my supervisor is back from maternity leave!
  2. I love that, Lady! Very cool.
  3. I guess Ryrin didn't make it last night. DJ's explanation was really good.
  4. Some of us have raised our families. It's more about being a family amongst ourselves. You made me laugh with the "eating your greens" bit. Ryrin says it best, so I'll let her tell you. She should be along shortly, in about 10 hours.
  5. I don't knit. I only crochet. Sorry. But I learn new stitches on YouTube and they are very good at explaining things. You might try looking for beginning knitting tutorials.
  6. I can't think of any penalties, but I think this trial is a very good idea. It will make others think twice. *nods*
  7. Zander, please edit or remove that last post. We don't use the 'N' word here. I know it's not meant insultingly, but still, it's not okay.
  8. Thanks, Tay! I thought Dwyn was awesome, for the little time I got to know her.
  9. That would be an awesome job! I love shopping. The only problem is that I would buy as much for myself as I would for my clients. I have no self-control when it comes to boots, especially.
  10. I was assigned a Blue for a mentor (Polara, or something like that). She wasn't very active, and I was, so I asked my sister Minuet all my questions. So, I have no idea what mine is.
  11. 15 more points to Zander for having a good sense of humor and stabbing everyone.
  12. Well, that was a correct response. Thanks for having a sense of humor about the pity point. 15 points.
  13. I can personally recommend this woman as awesome at details and stuff that she will need. Great choice, Mumsy! Just as long as she doesn't neglect Shayol Ghul, cause I sure can't replace her. Congratulations, Cross!
  14. I did okay on the midterm, but procrastinated big time on the rest of my school work. I needed a mental health day and some retail therapy. I bought three pairs of boots.
  15. Gives Zander 1 pity point and instructions to earn more.
  16. It's over. I miss my clients, so as much as I enjoyed training, I'm ready to get back to normal stuff.
  17. 25 pts to Lava for coordinating a Thanksgiving feast.
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