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  1. My computer is behaving better, but I can't wait to get the new one. I may or may not still be around. It depends on whether or not the computer lets me.
  2. It did, but it has to go back. Didn't work out. 😞
  3. My babies were nicknamed: Brittan was Boo (not too weird) Kenny was KaBoo Bobby was Bobo Jennie was Jennieboo But the weirdest I've gotten was our dog Blackjack (RIP). His nickname was a combo of his name and puppy. I called him Buppy.
  4. Today my daughter and I are going to meet a dog that may or may not come home with us.
  5. My computer is acting up. I will get a new one in a couple of weeks, but it's hard for me to get on DM now, so I'll be sporadic.
  6. So..... we got the garage cleaned out enough to get one car in there. Turns out, our HOA wants us to get two in there. *sigh* Saturday morning, we're going to try to see what all of our stuff will fit in the built in cabinets. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?
  7. I have gotten the Pufferhead pack for the Sims 4, but that's all. Oh! I have the HP Trivial Pursuit game too, but my kids kick my butt every time.
  8. You got: Pukwudgie This house is similar to Hufflepuff. It represents the heart. Members of this house are healers. No surprise here.
  9. Today, I cleaned my garage in 1 1/2 hours (everyone pitched in) and bought and installed a new shower head, plus made a trip to the grocery store. I'm done.
  10. Good going, Via! Today I am going to clean out my garage and get one of the cars into it. The HOA wants me to. 😛
  11. I can't read the Baby Yoda expressions either. I'm feeling a little wistful. My oldest has a birthday today. He's 35. Where did my little boy go? He was such a joy when he was young! Not that he isn't now, but you moms know what I mean.
  12. *Notices she is being stabbed. Slowly and lovingly stabs her bonded sister*
  13. LilyElizabeth Green Sitter 444 Cheesecake year round, although I'll steal some of Arie's strawberry shortcake.
  14. Thank you. It was. Both strange and beautiful.
  15. Ryrin, I hope you feel better soon. DJ, I'm also glad you chose Green and glad you agreed to become by Souvra.
  16. Today I slept in. They're married!!! And I cried.
  17. Ryrin, I hope you are okay. Thanks for all the congratulations. Today is the big day!
  18. Today I am going to watch my daughter get married.
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