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  1. Today is the first day I've done anything other than work and sleep. I think I'm getting over this finally. I took a COVID test and it came back negative, but I'm not convinced. I think it may have been a false negative. Anyway, about the class. So far, it's been pretty boring. We've been covering the history of Asian immigration to the US and (the not so boring part) Asian attitudes towards how to be a "good Asian girl or boy" growing up. Did you know that Asian girls in many cultures aren't allowed to associate with males other than their father? Many men view Asian girls as des
  2. Right now, I'm struggling through the first week's writing with the flu, so I can't say it's been very interesting yet. lol
  3. LOLA for the next 7 weeks or so. This class I'm taking is going to be brutal! 3 papers!
  4. That's definitely a good thing, but also a future issue. Getting into a routine of walking is good, but having to change/break it in the summer is not. I'm one of those people who examines a whole issue, and I need to just do it!
  5. I just read the syllabus for the class that starts Monday. It's going to be a brutal 7 1/2 weeks (3 papers!) so I won't be around as much as I have been lately.
  6. Thanks, Phae! It turns out that my dog needs to lose another 10-15 pounds and I don't feel comfortable giving him less food than he is getting now (I've already cut him back) so I guess we'll be walking now. That will be good for both of us.
  7. And I had planned to kiss you on the cheek. Your way is better.
  8. WE FOUND A CAR!!! Actually a van. It's a 2017, and they were able to get financing. What a relief!
  9. I'm grateful that I have a God who is so good to me. In the frustrating times, I know God's got this. I'm grateful for my amazing family, my beautiful home, a dependable car, and a job that I love. I'm grateful for my pets. My cats are 16 and going strong. That's pretty amazing. My dog is such a good boy!
  10. You look really good! I think it's wise to take some time deciding whether or not you want to go through it all again. We're here for you, whatever you decide.
  11. Yes, exactly those changes. First, I pretty much eliminated soda. I have maybe one a week. I cheated a bit over the holidays, but I'm back on track. I know I'm never going to give up chocolate, but I'm using portion control there. The change I'm working on now is to eat veggies every day. That's harder than it sounds, when nobody else eats them in my house. I think my next attempt at this one is going to be bagged salad with some added veggies. The funny thing is that it doesn't really run in my family, but both my brother and I got it.
  12. Awesome thread! I've recently been diagnosed with diabetes. I'm trying to adjust my diet, but eating well is more expensive, and the rest of my family doesn't want to change with me, so I'm doing this alone. My approach is to make small changes, a little at a time. Medication is helping a lot, too, but I know I could do better with my diet.
  13. It certainly will. We've been trying to finance a car to replace the one that got totaled. We found out today that it's not going to happen, no matter who we try to go through. 2021 is not off to a great start. 😞
  14. Happy 2021! I know it will be a better year for my family because we have a baby coming!
  15. Congratulations, Piper! I wish I had more time to spend at DM to get to know you better. You seem pretty amazing.
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