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  1. I"m not sure exactly how many classes I still need, but I think 9 or 10.
  2. Hi Cross! I don't know if you meant me, but I'll answer anyway. Still working and uni is back in session. I don't like the class I'm taking right now, but it's required and sometimes you have to take stuff you don't like. It's a class designed to teach one how to write a paper. So, it's necessary. I'm also still trying to sort out my credit so I can buy a house. That's pretty much it for me. What are you up to?
  3. For me, it's a 3-day weekend, too. Today, I'm going to meet my boyfriend's mother. We've been together almost 2 years, so I guess it's time.
  4. Oh, no! No storms here yet, but if you have them, we'll get them.
  5. Congratulations to Taymist and the Reds! Good choice, Mother!
  6. I'm glad you're safe, Lady and that sure looks pretty!
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