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  1. Hi Oscar! It's good to see you back!
  2. Good luck to both of you on your surgeries!
  3. Now accepting applications for Shaidar Haran – the faction leader of the Shadowspawn. Duties include – Leading the Shadowspawn and promoting activity Participating in group decisions Helping place fuls in factions Run Thakandar, including the cookpot thread, but not the Greyman tasks, and monitor the Nae’Blis thread. (When we bring these things back. See the wiki for more details. http://shayolghulsg.wikidot.com/start) All members of Shayol Ghul may apply, including someone from a different faction or a lightful. To apply, please PM me the following: Why you want the position Why you think you would be good at the position – prior experience, etc. What changes you would like to bring to Shayol Ghul in general Anything else you’d like to add
  4. Hi Lady! That sounds like a lot of fun! It's good to get together with your co-workers, especially when you don't see them often. I'm glad your kitties are settling in. I'm on PTO this week, and enjoying my time off. I'm getting a jump on the new semester and relaxing. I'm also spending time with the family. I'm only on day two but it's going well. How is everyone else doing?
  5. I have the urge to adopt another kitten, but my cats are 17 years old, and deserve peace, not being harassed by a kitten.
  6. I had a nice, normal week at work. I am feeling a bit burned out, so I'm going to schedule a vacation for August. Just time off, not going anywhere.
  7. What a lovely idea! *Also stabs Arie, and then Dar'Jen for good measure (or maybe that's evil measure)*
  8. Yes, I feel better. Thank you, Sable. One more week, and then things should settle down at work. Yay!
  9. My week was supposed to be exhausting, but I ended up working from home on Thursday, because I was too ill to go in and then I got better as the day went on! That gave me the energy to get through an exhausting day today. And before anyone says anything, I could have taken the day totally off, being ill. I chose to work from home, close to the bathroom.
  10. That's beautiful work, Lady! I'm glad you won!
  11. I just sent you a message. I'm using my real first and middle names now.
  12. It wasn't mine. I thought it belonged to the male aspies, but I could be wrong.
  13. I believe the accident happened when you and Crystal Tipps were doing the laundry. But I'm sure you were quite innocent of any wrongdoing. Do you remember whose laundry it was that it happened to?
  14. Of course it was an accident! Innocent novices would never do such a thing on purpose!
  15. I've never left, although life is busy and I'm not around every day anymore. It's so good to see you again. You bring back memories of my Aspie days. I vaguely remember something about pink laundry?
  16. Hi Wren! I don't know if you remember me or not, but I'm glad you're back.
  17. That's so exciting! Please take it as easy as you can. I wouldn't want your injuries to get worse.
  18. I bend over, knocking Lii from my shoulders, stand and wave my flag above my head.
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