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  1. Those were banana nut and lemon poppy seed. I'm heading out to get ingredients to make lemon cranberry scones.
  2. (Hugs Sooh and lil bean) Congratulations, dear. He is so cute. Praying for both of you. Wishing you love and health.
  3. (Stabs Lily to welcome the new year)
  4. Stay safe everyone dealing with the weather. I know it's been a roller coaster. Been sick, but I'm a little better. Just hoping for a better year for us all.
  5. I am here. No resolutions, per say, but goals. Among them, to finish reading WoT, continue to walk everyday, and to try to write more. Just hoping this is a better year.
  6. Hope your foot us healing, Ryrin. Glad your coughing is better, Lily. I'm "better", but still not well. Some improvement is better than none.
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