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  1. When you said black, black, black, green I was drawn back to my childhood playing duck duck goose. Not even sure why, but it made me smile. Thanks.
  2. Hello, Blues. Popping in to say hi. Not working on a re-read, but finally on Book 12 of WoT.
  3. I'm going to have to check out this site. Sounds intriguing. I've always wanted to learn Russian.
  4. Hope it is a productive weekend, Lily. Try to have a little bit of rest too. This is the last weekend before school starts.
  5. Hoping everyone is doing well. It's certainly been a long week. Happy we've reached Friday.
  6. Far from the capital and really cold. Ugh. Not sure. If different planet, Hoth. If same planet, oh wow. I'm trying to think...
  7. Today I took off work to spend the day with my son. He starts 10th grade on Monday.
  8. Halfway through the week. Taking tomorrow off work to spend the day with my son. Tomorrow evening is the open house at his new school. Praying this year is better than last year.
  9. Kaylee, good luck with the real life stuff, and be here when you can. Congrats, Nynaeve.
  10. That sounds like a reasonable guess.
  11. You've got such lovely treats at your home warming. Those brownies just look so enticing.
  12. Welcome home, both of you. (Sips some warm green tea.)
  13. Mmmm.... Pecan pie is tasty. My favorite pie. So if I like tgat, sounds like it's probably like that tart too.
  14. Mother, thank you for the Ajah boards. It is wonderful to have a place that is of the Ajah, yet we can still mingle.
  15. Oh, so lovely to be able to relax in the Green Ajah home once again. (Sits out refreshments.) Feel free to join me fellow Greenies.
  16. Going to the movies was a bit more affordable when I was a kid. Still, it's a fun experience, or can be, and I definitely use it for those special movies.
  17. There definitely needs to be time and participation to allow one to truly decide where their home should be. I liked the process we had, but obviously with the new circumstances, that needs to be rewritten. Are we still keeping a class and a mentor? Those were a good introduction and provided contacts for questions.
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