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  1. Hello. Alive, but very sluggish. How are you? Good to see you. You have been missed as well.
  2. Mostly daily. After having long term plans dashed way too often, I tend to focus on the immediate. I do make "to do lists" to stay organized and focused. It is nice to have a larger goal to aim for, but generally plan daily, except for appointments that I have to make arrangements for, but that's why having a calendar is so helpful.
  3. No particular plans. Hopefully take some day trips with my son as we're able to.
  4. No vacation plans. Will try to do day trips as able to.
  5. _ _ _ /_ _ _ _ _ _/_ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _ No: B
  6. Sorry it's late, but wanted to get a roll call up for the Black Tower. Who is here? Got any plans for May?
  7. May 1 was my birthday, so that was nice. Another thing I'm looking forward to, the baby geese and ducks at the pond at the cemetery where my son and I walk. It's always a pleasure to watch them grow up.
  8. (Sips a cup of tea slightly sweetened with honey.) There tends to be engaging conversation here. And I am always inspired by literary pursuits.
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